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Thou Shalt Maintain Control

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The third commandment of Holistic Survival is “Thou shalt maintain control.” Who would you rather hang out with during a crisis situation – Chicken Little running around screaming about the sky falling down or Captain Picard making calm, rational decisions? Jason Hartman tends to side with Picard. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by freaking out. If you have properly prepared and are ready for any eventuality, it should be much easier to stay positive.

Don’t panic. You don’t have the luxury of losing your head. A common by-product of stress in humans is uncontrolled eating, spending, or other destructive behavior. This means no drugs or alcohol! You want to survive, right? Don’t mess up your head with that stuff.

Backtracking slightly, the importance of a positive attitude cannot be emphasized enough. This might be the most important factor of all. Sliding into despondency or depression is tempting and human but, once again, there is no time for that. Remember, throughout history people have made it just fine through tough times before and so will you if you’re prepared.

Maintain control like you are Mr. Spock.

The Holistic Survival Team