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Thou Shalt Practice the Primitive Annually

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Jason Hartman preaches the mantra of self sufficiency. Another word for that is ‘primitive’. Do you know what it means to live primitively? The time to experience primitivism for the first time is not when the you-know-what is rolling down the hill towards you.

That’s why we at Holistic Survival suggest you practice the primitive annually. An easy way to do this is go camping. Intentionally deprive yourself of modern conveniences and see how you do surviving with nothing more than what you can stuff in a backpack and carry into the wilderness. Please don’t go TOO far into the wilderness and require the services of a rescue team. That sort of negates the whole point of the exercise.

Here’s another idea. Go to the main breaker box in your house and shut the power down for 24 hours. Consider turning off the water too. Do you have the tools or expertise to create fire on your own? Can you light candles? There’s a chance that during an emergency you could be without phone, internet, and radio. You should learn about alternate communications that don’t require satellite technology to work. We’re talking about devices like short wave radios and walkie-talkies.

In future editions of The Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman will be interviewing various experts on topics like this and more. For now, make it a habit to practice the primitive at least once a year.

The Holistic Survival Team