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Thou Shalt Think Independently…

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Let’s get this show on the road with a series dedicated to The Ten Commandments of Holistic Survival. You need some background, a foundation in our philosophy in order to benefit from the flood of critical survival information that will be coming your way.

Let’s tackle commandment #1 – “Thou shalt think independently, understand the threats, and become educated.”

If your entire outlook on the world is supported by information gleaned from sources like the “Big Three” evening news reports and the Entertainment Channel, we’ve got some work to do expanding your horizon. If your primary source of societal knowledge is derived from American Idol and watching re-runs of Cops…oh, boy.

Think independently. Don’t take what the talking cable channel heads say at face value. Explore alternate channels of information that allow you to corroborate what you hear from the Prozac Media. Get as close to the source as you can. Seek unbiased opinion or even biased opinion as long as you consider both sides. The trick is to get at the truth however you can because without truth you can’t understand the threats.

Become educated. In a future rife with economic chaos and deteriorating standards, Jason Hartman reminds you it will be your education that allows you to survive. Ignorance can kill you or, at least, make your life very miserable. Will you know how to barter for goods and protect your family from pandemic disease? Purify water and protect your assets from financial collapse? These and dozens of other topics will be explored in depth here at Holistic Survival. Next time – commandment #2.

The Holistic Survival Team