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Too Late to Stop the ACLU?

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Have you heard of the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU as it’s called for short? The very name conjures visions of baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Founded in 1920, the organization has spent nearly a century fighting the good fight for the little guy, right? Turns out, the truth is a far cry from that. According to a new book by Alan Sears, a former federal prosecutor in the Reagan administration, the ACLU intended to destroy America from the start.

In case you’re interested, the book in question was written with co-author Craig Osten and is called “The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values.” Conventional wisdom, even from the liberal point of view, are beginning to recognize that the ACLU went astray at some point, believing it was founded on good intentions that spiraled out of control.

According to Sears, that’s not the case at all. It intended to destroy America from the beginning. As far back as 1931, a Special House Committee tasked to investigate and report on communist activities stated:

“The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States, and fully 90 percent of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law. It claims to stand for free speech, free press and free assembly, but it is quite apparent that the main function of the ACLU is an attempt to protect the communists.”

Another interesting quote from the Sears book comes straight from the mouth of Roger Baldwin, one of the ACLU founders, and goes like this:

“I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself…I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

Well, you can’t really state a political position much plainer than that. It turns out that one of Baldwin’s heroes, and apparently a role model, was a well-known anarchist by the name of Emma Goldman (Red Emma). In addition to her anarchist tendencies, Goldman was an admirer of the Soviet revolution.

For a more in-depth and somewhat shocking expose’ of the ACLU, please read this article from World Net Daily. Suddenly the organization’s support for same-sex marriage and Planned Parenthood makes a lot more sense (Top image: Flickr | dannybirchall).

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