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Trump’s Plan to Save America: A Q&A with David Horowitz

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Q&A with David Horowitz – Founder & President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Editor of FrontPage Magazine, author of the New York Times bestselling books The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left, Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey, and the new book Big Agenda: Trump’s Plan to Save America

It was a privilege for the Hartman Media Company to welcome leading conservative David Horowitz for an exclusive interview on the current political landscape.

We sat down with David Horowitz (DH) to gain additional insight on President Donald Trump’s policies and the future of the bipartisan system.

Q: How has Trump already jump started the U.S. economy?

DH: Trump had added $3 trillion to the U.S. economy within five weeks of his inauguration by being pro-business, where Obama and the Democrats were anti-business. This was partly accomplished by his promises to bring jobs back to America and cut fair trade deals, but also by removing onerous regulations and announcing plans for a dramatic corporate tax cut.

Q: Is Trump entering a peak in the economic cycle?

DH: I am not an economist, but I suspect not.

Q: What role has Attorney General Jeff Sessions played in the growth of the David Horowitz Freedom Center?

DH: Jeff Sessions is one of the most decent human beings in public life, a civil rights champion who as attorney general in a deep south state prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan, and desegregated the schools. That Schumer and the witch from Massachusetts who seems to specialize in character assassinations called him a racist is disgusting and disgraceful – worse than anything McCarthy was ever accused of. While the Center was honored by Senator Sessions presence on several occasions he played no role in the growth of the Center, nor did we ask him to.

Q: Why did Sessions defend you in his Senate confirmation hearing?

DH: Why wouldn’t Sessions defend me against the malicious and ignorant distortions of Senator Blumenthal? This is what Camille Paglia – not a conservative told Salon.com about me: “[David Horowitz is] one of America’s most original and courageous political analysts… As a scholar who regularly surveys archival material, I think that, a century from now, cultural historians will find David Horowitz’s spiritual and political odyssey paradigmatic for our time.”[1] So why shouldn’t Sessions defend me?

Q: You are Jewish, yet people call you anti-Semitic. Why is this?

DH: Because I left their ranks – though a long time ago – hate-filled leftists regularly distort my work and portray me as the opposite of what I am – a defender of Jews, blacks, minorities in general, and an advocate of equality and freedom.

Q: Tell us your remarkable story from liberal to conservative…

DH: I have described my odyssey from left to right in my autobiography Radical Son. I was never a liberal and neither are the people who today call themselves liberals. They are leftists and so was I. I left the left when the Black Panthers murdered a friend of mine and the left denied and defended the murder. This took place while the Watergate class of Democrats betrayed the Vietnamese and pulled U.S. aid from South Vietnam. This was a victory for the so-called “anti-war” left, which was anti-American not anti-war. The Communists then proceeded to slaughter two-and-a-half million Indo-Chinese peasants without a single protest from the left. That was it for me.

Q: How have liberals been so successful driving anti-Trump protests?

DH: It’s leftists and left wing fascists who are behind the anti-Trump protests. Among the leaders of the Women’s March for example were Stalinist, Jew-hater Angela Davis, Hamas fanatic – also a Jew hater – Linda Sarsour, and convicted terrorist and murderer Rasmea Odeh (she blew up a supermarket and killed two students). They are successful because the anti-American left is recruited by our schools and universities, funded by Soros and the government unions, and has been organizing quasi-fascist riots in the streets since the “anti-globalization” riots in Seattle in 1999 which metamorphosed into the pro-Saddam Hussein/anti-Bush, anti-American demonstrations during the Iraq War and then into the anarchist riots of Occupy Wall Street, and the racist demonstrations of Black Lives Matter. So, the left has been building this offensive for a long time, and it is supported by millions of dollars from the billionaires’ club.

Q: Do liberals have a “fatal flaw” that Trump and his supporters can use to win hearts and minds to bring country together under Trump?

DH: The Democrats have two fatal flaws. First their anti-Trump hysteria has separated them from reality so they can’t make the political and policy adjustments that would win back the constituencies they lost. Second, as I describe in my book Big Agenda, their Achilles heel is their monopoly control of all the major inner cities in America, all the killing fields – Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis. Democrats own these inner cities and have for fifty to a hundred years. Everything that’s wrong with them, every oppression that black people and other minorities suffer, that policy can affect, Democrats and progressives are 100 percent responsible for. Until now lame Republicans have been too polite to notice this, but Trump has already made it a priority calling for a New Deal for Black America. This will blow up the Democratic voting base. Trump is a patriot. Democrats are sympathetic to our enemies abroad and domestic criminals at home – if they’re the right color. This kind of racial politics will be the downfall of the Democratic Party.

Q: Trump supporters love Trump’s “say it like it is/anti-political correctness” – why do liberals not see Trump speech as free speech and how can Trump counter this perception?

DH: Liberals are not liberal and want to suppress free speech – particularly Trump’s free speech – because it gets in the way of their plans to create their fantasy future called “social justice,” which is just an updated version of communism. This is a delusional belief and is the reason they are totalitarians the minute they get the power to suppress their opponents.

Q: Why do Democrats win even though their policies have been disastrous?

DH: Democrats win because they demonize their enemies who until Trump were too scared to fight back, and because a leftwing media covers up their failures and crimes.

Q: What can Republicans learn from Democrats?

DH: I always tell Republicans to study how Democrats fight the political wars and then to throw their weapons back in their faces. Fight fire with fire. The Democratic Party is a party of racism and hate, and it’s about time Republicans told them that.

Q: Was the effort to remove the Saddam regime first supported and then cynically abandoned by the Democratic Party to paralyze the Bush administration?

DH: The Democrats betrayed the war they authorized three months within three months of its onset because an anti-American “anti-war” leftist from the Sixties named Howard Dean was running away with the Democratic presidential primary. That’s when Kerry and the Democrats did a 180 and began a five-year campaign to sabotage the war. I’ve written about this in Unholy Alliance and Party of Defeat. Yes, it was an effort, once it got started, to paralyze the Bush administration and stab our troops in the back. Its upshot was Obama’s betrayal of all those who gave their lives to keep Iraq out of the clutches of the terrorists and Iran – a betrayal that led directly to the emergence of ISIS and the slaughter of half a million Christians and Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

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