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U.S. Food Prices Positioned to Sky Rocket in 2014

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Rising Food PricesThe headline “U.S. faces higher food price inflation in 2014” is big news.

This came out last Friday, May 23rd and very few news agencies picked up the headline. Friends, this is HUGE news. Why? The feds have been doing everything in their power to change the numbers so they are more attractive to those on Wall Street as well as Main Street.

Here is the problem.

Main Street is waking up to this fact and they are starting to realize that they have been duped these past few years. Do you know that the feds decided to not count food and energy in their cost of living reports? Who really uses food and energy in the first place, right?  For years the feds have been hiding this little fact, and the food industry has been helping them by keeping prices low.

Here is the news flash, the flood gates are now officially open. What does this mean?  It means that food industry now has an official scape goat. They do not have to keep prices low anymore because the government has announced that prices will go up.

Get what I am saying here? Food prices are getting ready to skyrocket in the next weeks to the next few months.

What To Do?

First of all you need to look at food as an investment. Prices are going to go up, this is a fact.

So you want to buy low now so that you do not have to buy high later on.

Here is a post I saw on Facebook.

 “Every week groceries are higher, and there’s less to pick from.”


I do not want to sound like a sensationalist, but it is going to get far worse.  Sure there will be food on the shelves for you to buy, the question will be can you actually afford buying the food?

From Jan 2014 to March 2014 we saw an approximate 25% rise in food prices. We are already seeing prices creeping towards another 25% and they will be there plus some by June / July 2014. Why? Because the food we have on the shelves now is being shipped in from south of the equator.  June / July we in the states are coming into summer. South of the equator is going into winter. That means that no more food is coming from south of the equator.

Harvests in the US have been dismal. California is not producing due to droughts. Midwest the snows have been killing crops, and south west is suffering droughts as well and this has been going on now for the past 4-5 years.

Food is an investment, by stocking up now you are investing in cheaper food rather than paying the higher prices that will be taking place in a few months.

How does this help?

Money saved is money earned. While everyone else is buying high priced food, you can use the money you are saving to help you produce even more money in the long term.

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