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Welcome to the New Dark Age

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With modern American society so reliant upon our electronic conveniences, terrorists may no longer be content to sit back and blow up a few cars or buildings. Even nuking us back to the Stone Age has lost its panache. It could be so much more satisfying to the extremist mind to fry us back to the Dark Ages. We’ll call it the New Dark Age. The frying would take place in the form of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warhead detonated in the atmosphere above North America which would in one fell swoop:

1. Knock out lights, telephone, internet, radio, and television.

2. Most vehicles would be useless, their electronic fuel injection systems fried.

3. ATM’s would be inoperable, banks closed, grocery stores looted, police and law enforcement immobilized because none of their electronic stuff works either.

Zip! Pow! Bam! We’re back in the New Dark Age without the opposing side having had to mount a large scale invasion. Experts say a single blast from a nuclear weapon or EMP warhead at a certain altitude would fry the cobbled together power grid we rely on. All non-shielded electronic equipment within hundreds of miles would be gone as well. Think about what would be interrupted without electricity – food, water, heat, transportation, and communication.

Not a rosy picture, hmm? Think the terrorist mind bent on bringing down the western way of life are spending much time figuring out how to generate an EMP pulse over here? Bet the farm on it. The time to prepare is not as the lights are flickering off for the last time. The time is now!

The Holistic Survival Team