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What does China need us for anyway?

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It’s official. China blew past Germany to become the world’s largest exporting nation and is nipping at Japan’s heels for the status of the world’s second biggest economy. Last year they passed the US as the largest auto market in the world. Anyone see a pattern here? All of this begs the question: “What does China need the United States for anyway?”

The United States and other governments around the world have long complained that internal market manipulation by the Chinese government give the communist superpower a competitive advantage over foreign powers. Currency manipulation and improper subsidies are the usual charges.

So what are you going to do about all this? Stand idly by while America slowly slumps into Second World status and we all end up on the welfare line? There’s still hope, you know, even though our feeble-minded politicians seem intent on driving our formerly stellar currency into the poorhouse. But that obvious knowledge and $6.95 won’t get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You need to plan ahead for your family’s continuing good fortune by investing in assets that aren’t devoured by an inflating US dollar. Head for inflation friendly investments like real estate. We like to call them “packaged commodities.” After all, that’s exactly what your house is made from – copper, wood, metal, bricks, etc.

The rapidly expanding Chinese middle class is going to drive the price of basic commodities through the roof. What better place to be than holding the title to a portfolio of investments built from all that stuff? That’s how to make a killing off the Chinese economic explosion without leaving your front porch in north Kalamazoo.

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