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What is survival anyway?

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Holistic SurvivalOf course, survival means staying alive but that simplistic definition doesn’t help us much. We could also incorporate the Boy Scouts motto of “Be prepared.” Sometimes it appears that the fabric of civilization is on shaky ground, with possible disruptions coming from a dozen different sources. Environmental disaster, terrorism, infrastructure failure.

Any of these could place demands on your ability to provide the basic necessities of life for yourself and family when you can no longer rely on “the system.”

The term “survival skills” encompasses the techniques needed to provide water, food, shelter, and habitat. It also includes the ability to think straight. Charles Darwin spoke of survival of the fittest. Call it the Law of Jungle or whatever else you please. What it means is that those who are smart and prepared will survive. For the rest…the future’s not looking so rosy.

Our ancestors were survivalists and it would only take a flick of the switch or tremor in the earth to rip away the thin veneer of civil behavior and plunge us back into every man for himself mode. Face it, we’re not as civil as we like to think. Every civilization eventually fails, and when it does, there are a few left to carry on. The rest are swept into the dustbin of forgotten history.

HolisticSurvival.com is here to help you make sure you’re one of the survivors. It’s not difficult to prepare but you must tear yourself away from the mind-numbing complacency of round-the-clock television now and then. You can do it. We believe in you and your ability to develop the necessary survival skills.

The Holistic Survival Team

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