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What’s up? Unemployment, for one thing.

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Whether you consider the current state of the economy a recession, depression, or full-bore financial apocalypse, there is one persistent feature that is hard to ignore – unemployment. One year ago, in 2008, all 100 of the largest labor markets in the United States had single digit unemployment.

Twenty-five markets had a rate below 5 percent and the highest was Fresno, Calif. At 9.6 percent. A year later, having passed the midpoint in 2009, Fresno has topped 15 percent and Detroit is over 17 percent.

People without jobs become desperate. Desperate people tend to not be quite so concerned with obeying laws. Law enforcement and governments grow edgy at the threat of civil unrest, which is another word for outright riots.

Riots in the good old U.S.A? It’s happened before, like every time Detroit or Los Angeles wins a major professional championship – okay, that’s not exactly pertinent.

Those of us old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s (single term) presidency are familiar with skyrocketing unemployment rates. One thing you can be sure of is no one knows exactly what could happen if it hits 20 percent or more.

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