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When Does A Survival Hatchet Come In Handy?

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HolisticSurvival.comPerhaps a better question is when does a survival hatchet NOT come in handy? A multi-purpose hatchet is an excellent tool to consider as a basic part of your gear collection for WTSHTF (acronym for When The S!*& Hits The Fan). It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading for Unabomber land out in Wyoming or simply trying to make preparations for city survival in the event of disaster, a survival hatchet is a really good idea, and cheap too.

For the survivalist, multi-purpose tools can be a blessing and a curse. The problem is that some manufacturers incorporate so many tools into the design that not a single one of them functions very well. Keep an eye peeled for what appears to be flimsy construction. If you can wiggle things around too much during first inspection, there’s a good chance it’s not going to last long in the field and will invariably fail when you need it most. Online survivalist forums are a good way to find out what has worked for others in the past.

Some name brands have been around for generations and can be trusted. Swiss army knives are a good example of this. Gerber is a company well known for creating functional, sturdy camping supplies like hatchets. One we found on Amazon not only has a nice ax blade, but built in crowbar, hammer and nail-remover, all tucked into a modestly sized tool and sold for eight bucks. If you ever need to dig, chop, hack, pry, break, pound, lift – you get the idea – this is a solid, inexpensive way to fill the bill. Consider the occasion where you might be on the move or need to make a quick grab and dash. A simple survival hatchet tucked into your belt could replace an armload of tools.

Urban survivalists, often apartment-dwellers with a minimum of space, should especially appreciate the way this could be stored in your bugout bag and barely noticed. Generators, fancy GPS devices and and a tasty food stash are high on every forward thinker’s list of survival items but, for the money, it’s tough to beat a cheap, sturdy hatchet for value and utility.

When does a survival hatchet come in handy? Now!

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