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When in doubt, ask Mr. Trump.

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The following Economic Survival tips were posted by Donald Trump at www.TrumpUniversity.com. Since they reflect much of what Jason talks about at Platinum Properties Investor Network and Holistic Survival, we thought it would be worth a look for our audience.

Here’s Mr. Trump’s list:

• Pay attention to national and international news and finance coverage at least several times a day, preferably hourly. In volatile times, vigilance is necessary.

• Absorb, assess, and then act. Knowledge without action is impotence.

• When a tsunami hits, there’s no time for procrastination. Keep your momentum in tune with the times.

• Avoid your comfort zone–it’s probably outdated anyway.

• If you’re honest, you should know the questions that should be asked, as well as the answers. That’s probably why there’s so much confusion out there today.

• Remember The Blitz. That can put things into perspective. Things may be tough and getting tougher, but we’re not being bombed day in and day out either. If you don’t know what The Blitz is, use your time wisely to study WWII to find out.

• Is your life half empty or half full? Half is better than zip. Count your blessings.

• Realize that fear is the exact opposite of faith.

• Resolve to be bigger than your problems. Who’s the boss?

• Don’t negate your own power. Whatever you’ve been dealt, know you can deal with it.

Our thanks to The Donald for his insght.

The Holistic Survival Team

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