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When It Comes To Emergency Survival Skills, Spread The Responsibility

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HolisticSurvival.comSometimes it’s tough to get everyone in the family motivated towards emergency survival skills and the necessity of functioning as a well-oiled machine in the unlikely event of a natural or societal disaster. Some might take exception to the word “unlikely.” Fair enough but the truth is that preparing for a worst case scenario is all about anticipating the unlikely because, even though it will probably never happen, the unlikely can ruin your day for a good, long time. Bet there are a lot of people in Japan right now who wish they had stocked up on potassium iodide pills.

* By the way – do your research before you start loading yourself or family up on iodide. There is such a thing as too much.

But back to the point. The serious business of preparing to be alive “the day after” becomes an imminently tougher goal to achieve if only one person in the family is devoted to developing the sorts of emergency survival skills and level of preparedness to really be prepared when It goes down. Here’s a typical scenario. The man of the house is motivated to do everything he can to protect himself, wife, and kids in the event something goes wrong on a large scale. He has a food cache, weapons, bugout bag, second vehicle full of gas, medical kits. There is literally nothing that will catch him off guard.

The problem is that he’s the only one in the family being proactive on the topic and, without a little help, all his preparations will be for nothing if something happens to him and no one else in the family has been paying attention. That’s why it makes sense to bring the rest of ’em on board. It might take a little while and you should proceed slowly, especially if you have a recalcitrant spouse who finds it difficult to focus beyond keeping clothes on the kids and food on the table.

Don’t blame her. Most people live in the here and now and her concerns are legitimate. Your best approach might be baby steps. Like Bill Murray in the hilarious movie, “What About Bob?” keep in mind that a sequence of small steps adds up to a big step. Start off small by teaching everyone a house evacuation strategy. Then move up to a central rendezvous location of something happens during the day while dispersed at work and school.

Don’t pile on all the info at once. Ration the teaching over time. Before you know it, you’ll have a family with the critical emergency survival skills to survive while the rest of the populace is dropping like flies.

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