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When the going gets tough…

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Anyone remember the rest of that famous saying? All together now:

“The tough get going!”

This is not just some drill sergeant rhetoric designed to boost morale in the flagging troops. This is for you and lots of other people who plan on living into the very uncertain worldwide future we’re facing. When we say Holistic Survival is about “protecting the people, places, and profits you care about in uncertain times”, there’s an implication there.

The implication is you’re going to have to dig down within yourself and find some leadership qualities, even if it never goes further than being able to calmly reassure your family that the world is not actually going to hell in a hand basket.

Henry Ford said, “Don’t find a fault. Find a remedy.” Good advice. It’s easy to sit there in your spiffy recliner and point out what’s wrong but what’s the point in doing that? If you see a problem, why not focus on the solution and then take active steps to make it happen?

Problems don’t always yield themselves to simple, easy solutions, so learn the definition of tenacity and make it part of your psychological profile.

The Holistic Survival Team