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Which Gun for Home Defense?

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While we at Holistic Survival think owning a gun for defense of your home us a great idea, please don’t head down to your local pawn shop to buy the biggest, baddest on the block just yet. There are a few factors you should take into consideration before purchasing a handgun, especially if you’re unfamiliar with weapons.

Local Jurisdiction Laws
Some areas are quite oppressive when it comes to regulating what type of gun a citizen may possess. Not to name Orwellian names but the average citizen can’t own any type of handgun in Morton, IL. And states like New Jersey and New York aren’t much better. While the moral quandary of whether to ignore local laws is one you must resolve alone, the real issue is how can you practice with the darn thing while living in constant fear about being caught with an illegal weapon. Might be a good time to move to a place in America that still upholds the Constitution.

Social Environment
It makes a difference whether you live in a rural farmhouse or skyscraper apartment building. In the latter there is a real danger of over-penetration if you choose the wrong weapon. No one wants the bullet to go through the intruder, out his backside, and through the walls of the next three apartments down the hallway. A gun for defense in an apartment needs maximum stopping power over a short range – like a short barreled shotgun loaded with large birdshot. Excellent stopping power for close encounters but it disperses quickly and isn’t likely to injure innocent bystanders. In the boonies, where you might be apt to engage human or animal predators long distance, a high-powered deer rifle is a better choice.

Level of Experience
How comfortable are you with firearms? This is a critical question. If the answer is, “Not very,” consider buying a gun for defense with a minimum of controls and doesn’t require precise aiming to do the job. A double-action revolver or pump action shotgun is simple…dead simple to the would be bad guy.

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