Holistic Survival


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In a pinch, wash your clothes at home.

No matter what sort of emergency you might find yourself in the midst of, there’s one thing for sure, everybody likes clean underwear! Clothes too. There’s no sour outlook that can’t be improved by putting on fresh smelling garments. Let’s say the power grid is down because the state forget to...

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How long will canned meat last anyway?

Everybody likes a good canned meat joke, right? You know, Spam, stuff like that. But determining how long a shelf life you can expect from your food provisions is deadly serious business to the modern survivalist. The short answer is “a heck of a long time.” More than 100 years to be precise. ...

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Self defense for your lifestyle.

Do you think self defense means being a trained martial artist who is determined to be the number one bad-ass walking the street, prancing around like a peacock ready to fight at the slightest perceived provocation? Sorry, Charlie, that’s not self defense. It’s more like a death wish if you run i...

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Average people ready for anything.

It used to be that the word “survivalist” conjured up images of crazed, camo-clad citizens skulking around out in the woods outside their cabin, eating MRE’s and waiting for the next poor sap to stumble into their razor wire perimeter. These days things are a little different. Sure, there are ...

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Karen Varner

HS 4 – Emergency Food Storage Preparedness and Management

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Food storage is a wise investment for future individual and family stability. Many believe the idea of food storage is fo...

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A bankrupt state will be no walk in the park.

Though still a chilling thought, the prospect of a state(s) in the United States of America declaring bankruptcy is not as far-fetched as it used to be. What if it’s your state? What would the immediate aftermath look like? For starters, you can expect an immediate shutdown of state-funded ser...

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What if Wall Street took your nest egg?

It’s one thing if you’re a young whippersnapper in your twenties when the Wall Street crooks came pillaging in the night for your money. Sucks to be you but chalk it up to a life lesson learned. You’ve got time to recover. We’re talking about an entirely different scenario if you’re getting on in...

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Raw land is good but self storage is better.

Old time investors used to say that the best thing to do during lean times was buy raw land and just hang onto it. Can’t burn down. Can’t be stolen. Don’t even need insurance on it. Just hang on and wait for it to increase in value. While that’s a much better idea than playing Wall Street Roul...

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When in doubt, ask Mr. Trump.

The following Economic Survival tips were posted by Donald Trump at www.TrumpUniversity.com. Since they reflect much of what Jason talks about at Platinum Properties Investor Network and Holistic Survival, we thought it would be worth a look for our au...

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Time to get food thrifty.

Most of us have an inkling that we may not be getting the best bang for our buck when it comes to the choices we make in spending that ever-dwindling paycheck. But an inkling is about as far as it ever goes. Ever stop to really think about how much money could be saved by making a few thrifty cho...

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