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Biological Warfare Through the Years

What exactly is biological warfare? A common definition of a biological weapon is any organism found in nature that can be used to injure or kill. And we’re not limited to toxins, bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Many people mistakenly believe biological warfare is a scourge of modern man that was...

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Is a Government Promise Worth Spit?

If you're talking about the United States government when you ask that question, the answer is probably no. Politicians and bureaucrats would have us believe that FDIC protection gives us ironclad access to the money we store in banks, no matter what, up to $250,000. Is this an adequate form of a...

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More on the Barter Lifestyle

Contrary to popular perception, there is no evidence that any society throughout history ever relied exclusively on barter as a means of exchange. Let’s back up for just a second and define what we’re talking about.

According to Wikipedia (an unassailable source of truth and veracity) b...

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Thou Shalt Have a Support Network

The last commandment Jason Hartman mentions is “Thou shalt have a support network”. Rugged individualism aside, your chances of surviving a crisis go up exponentially if you have taken the time to develop a network of trusted friends and allies. Do you live in the suburbs? Do you know...

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Thou Shalt Protect Your Own F.I.R. (Finances, Identity, and Resources)

During uncertain times, the possibility of identity theft rears its ugly head in different ways. During the best of times, we still have to worry about nefarious characters obtaining our Social Security or credit card numbers, and perhaps withdrawing money or opening accounts in our name. What...

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Thou Shalt Possess and Control Universally Needed Goods and Resources

In 1971 Nixon took the United States off the gold standard and effectively killed the concept of currency as money. It only continues to function as money because we trust the government will back it, but what if that changes? What if we were to have a Zimbabwe style currency flameout and suddenl...

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Thou Shalt Defend Yourself

Holistic Survival commandment #7 is “Thou shalt defend thyself.” What this means is don’t be a sitting duck for the first apocalyptic bully that waltzes past. If you’re a home or business owner, there are three lines of defense you should consider implementing. The first line of defen...

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Thou Shalt Control What is Put Into Your Body

Bet you never thought you’d be harangued about your eating habits here on Holistic Survival. Sorry, but…wrong! Health and physical fitness are at the very foundation of surviving in a crisis situation. That’s why Jason Hartman says commandment #3 is “Thou shalt control what is put into you...

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Thou Shalt Practice the Primitive Annually

Jason Hartman preaches the mantra of self sufficiency. Another word for that is ‘primitive’. Do you know what it means to live primitively? The time to experience primitivism for the first time is not when the you-know-what is rolling down the hill towards you. That’s why we at Holistic Surviv...

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Thou Shalt be Self Sufficient

In this modern culture of interdependency, some of us may find it almost impossible to even imagine what it means to be entirely self sufficient. The idea may seem laughable but it won't be very funny if a crisis comes to pass. A good approach might be to break it down into one day and come up...

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