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HS 453: The Shattering of the All-American Town with Brian R Alexander

Jason Hartman talks with Brian R Alexander, author of the new book Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town, about the state of today's world and the impact Wall Street investing has had on us. There has been a steady decline in community and a massive disconnect be...

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HS 452 FBF: How to Save Your Home, Business and Life by Peter Yanev

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 33, originally published in September 2010. Jason Hartman talks with Peter Yanev who has more than forty years of experience in earthquake and structural engineering, and risk management. In 1981 he co-founded EQE International, a global risk manage...

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HS 451: United in Hate, The Left’s Romance with Tyranny & Terror with Dr Jamie Glazov

Jason Hartman talks with Dr Jamie Glazov, managing editor of Frontpage Magazine and author of United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror and the new book Jihadist Psychopath, about the left's love of tyrannical ideas and why it's hard to be a conservative these days. There's a cul...

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HS 450 FBF: Neuro Leadership with Dr. David Rock

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 80, originally published in March 2012. Join Jason Hartman and co-founder and director of Neuro Leadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, as they explore conceptual issues of the brain as it pertains to work, such as focus, managing distractions, why ou...

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HS 449: American Injustice & the Age of the Wealth Gap with Matt Taibbi

Jason Hartman talks with Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and author of books such as Griftopia and The Divide, about bubbles. The two explore how Fed policy has been leading to bubbles throughout the years, how Wall Street is designed to take advantage of the average citizen and...

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HS 448 FBF: Gun Owners of America with Larry Pratt

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 135, originally published in April 2013. Larry Pratt is the Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America. He and Jason discuss how magazine limits are a violation of the 2nd Amendment. They also go way back to talk about what mistakes King George...

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Dr Jerome Corsi, author of Goodnight Obama

HS 447 – Dr. Jerome Corsi – Silent No More, How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt” World Net Daily

Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of the new e-book Silent No More, How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller's "Witch Hunt", about his experience being interrogated in Mueller's investigation into the Russia collusion. Jerome explains how the government attempted to bankrupt h...

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Charles Goyette, author of The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments

HS 446 FBF: Inflation and Economic Woes with Charles Goyette

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 216, originally published in July 2014. Charles Goyette is the Host of "Ron Paul's America" radio show. He joins the podcast to give his dramatic solution to prevent the coming financial ruin. Goyette believes the longstanding practice of crony c...

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HS 445 – Untangling the USA with Etienne Deffarges

Jason Hartman talks with Etienne Deffarges, author of Untangling the USA: The Cost of Complexity & What to Do About It, about some of the most pressing issues facing the country, such as health care and our banking system. They look at what exactly is causing the issues, but don't just focus ...

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HS 444 FBF – Secret Garden of Survival with Rick Austin

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 422, originally published in April 2014. Rick Austin is known as the Survivalist Gardener, and is a preparedness, homesteading and off grid living expert. He is the author of Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest which is n...

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