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Elliott Wave

HS 546: Why Companies Fail, Conquer the Crash, Elliott Wave

Jason Hartman shares sound advice on the top four reasons that a company fails. Steve Hochberg joins Jason to break down the methods of the Elliott Wave Principle. Listen to how the Elliott Wave Principle used collective investor psychology to predict 2020 stock ma...

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HS 545: Crisis Investing, Supply & Demand Shock, Turning Inflation Into Wealth with Dan Amerman

The big talk right now is that of supply & demand shock. Jason walks us through the current market trends and the developments leading to the inevitable supply/demand shock. Simple at-home lab experiments, like watching the prices change in airline tickets help...

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HS 544: Global Oil Prices, Scarcity & Utility, The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens by Chrysta Castañeda

Jason interviews Chrysta Castañeda, author of The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens. Get the oil and gas industry insight from Chysta, the go-to lawyer for high stakes litigation i...

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HS 543: SBA Loans PPP & EIDL COVID-19 Bailouts

Beware of the 'invisible tax,' inflation. Jason Hartman discusses inflation, poverty, and work-from-home lifestyle and advantages. In these challenging times, what professionals ...

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Dr. kaeberlein

HS 542: Dr. Kaeberlein – Coronavirus Treatments & Life Extension

In preparation for our show this weekend, Jason brings up the potentially forgivable loans from the SBA. Also, Jason discusses inflationary forces due to Trump's initiative for de-globalization.  In part II, Dr. Kaebe...

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COVID-19 Media

HS 541: The COVID-19 Media, Creative Destruction, Pat Donohoe, Harry Dent

Jason Hartman and Pat Donohoe discuss action steps and dealing with the media and coronavirus. Will we make the most of a creative destruction situation, and how can we benefit from it?  In segment two, Harry Dent shares hi...

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Kerry Lutz

HS 540: COVID-19 Brings Money to US, CEOs Resign, Nationalism, Commercial RE Collapse, Asset Deflation & Price Inflation

Kerry Lutz returns to the show to discuss the looming recession due to the coronavirus. China is coming back online with products, but who will be on the receiving end? Jason shares predictions on the rise of suburbia and the ever-diminishing desire to live in high...

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HS 539: Population Density, ‘Federal’ Reserve & The Economy, 1031 Exchange Alternative

Today, Jason Hartman unlocks one of the most powerful investment tools as an alternative to the 1031 exchange. The great thing about coupling an unsecured loan with a qualified intermediary installment sale is that you start with a new property and a new depreciatio...

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HS 538: The Coronavirus, Tax Deadline Changes, The Doom Vortex, Oil Crash & Guest George Gammon Part 2

Is the Coronavirus a big enough issue to push back the April 15, Tax Deadline?

Wash your hands and pay attention to the economy, oil, the repo-market, the Coronavirus, and Be Prepared! Today, Jason and George pick up with <...

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HS 537: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Supply Demand SHOCK, Debt Defaults Coming, George Gammon Part 1 of 2

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is spreading and so are the stories about it. Jason Hartman and guest, George Gammon, discuss the health and economic differences between the Coronavirus and the normal flu. If the health problems weren’t enough, it’s good to understand the e...

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