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HS 343 – FBF – Protect Yourself from Identity Theft with Adam Levin

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 171, from September 2013. Adam Levin is the Founder of Identity Theft 911 and Credit.com. He was the former Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Levin shares some money lessons every new graduate needs to know and explains why...

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HS 342 – The Mindsets of Political Zealots with Dr Lyle Rossiter

Ever wonder why some people are liberals and others are conservative? Is there something different in their brain chemistry or is it just the way they were raised? Dr. Rossiter is board certified in both general and forensic psychiatry. For more than forty years he has diagnosed and treated me...

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HS 341 – FBF – Saving Our Fragile Ecosystem with Marine Ecologist Peter Sale

This week's Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 68 from January 2012. As we embark on the mysterious journey through 2012, many things remain uncertain in our lives, i.e. the economy, employment, our political future. But one thing is certain – our planet needs some TLC. Join Jason Hartman a...

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HS 340 – How Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Sharing Economy All Go Together with Andrew Baker

Jason welcomes income property investor Andrew Baker back to the show to chat about historical data, the future and all things financial. Capitalism is the economic driver in the US and it affords Americans with freedoms and abundances rarely available in other nations. It has allowed the sharing...

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HS 339 – FBF – A Survival Guide to the 21st Century with Linda Schurman

Today's Flash Back Friday takes us back to Episode 77 from February 2012. Astrologer Linda Schurman feels 2012 is going to be a rough year for all people around the world due to physical and psychological conditions and events, based on a number of configurations. Join Jason Hartman as he inte...

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HS 338 – The Democratic Party Needs to Be Saved From Itself with Dr. Bob Filner

Jason and guest, Bob Filner debate the Trump Administration, how the remiss government regulators are towards financial institutions, and the need for a complete reinvention of the Democratic party. As the former House Committee Chairman on Veteran’s Affairs, Bob Filner tackled Jamie Dimon and JP...

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Jonathan Zap, Zap Oracle

HS 337 – FBF – The Abundance of Apocalyptic Prophesies with Jonathan Zap

Today's Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 63 from December 2011. Join Jason Hartman and Jonathan Zap, researcher and philosopher, as they explore the psychology behind apocalyptic prophecies. Prophecies of the end times abound all over the world and have for decades upon decades. Search “e...

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Dr Alona Pulde, author of Keep It Simple, Keep it Whole

HS 336 – A Guide to Optimum Health, Keep It Simple and Whole, with Dr Alona Pulde

Dr Alona Pulde and her husband, Dr Matthew Lederman, both specialize in nutritional and lifestyle medicine. Together they have created the lifestyle improvement program used in their medical center and for patients in the film Forks Over Knives. They also authored Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole an...

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Sherri Kane, Medical Veritas Journal

HS 335 – FBF – The War on We the People by Big Business with Sherri Kane

This weeks Flash Back Friday takes us back to Episode 53, from July 2011. Wherever crisis occurs, Goldman Sachs, also known as Government Sachs, can be found to have a heavy hand in it somehow. Join Jason Hartman as he talks with Sherri Kane, investigative journalist, about the disastrous BP o...

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Dr Jerome Corsi, author of Goodnight Obama

HS 334 – Goodnight Obama, Hello Trump with Dr Jerome Corsi

It might look like a children's book, but Goodnight Obama is more than just that. It's an important reminder that parody is critical in this day and age. Dr Jerome Corsi is author of Goodnight Obama, and is also head of the Washington, DC News Bureau for Alex Jones and Infowars.com. The two di...

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