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HS 536: Coronavirus – Black Swan Theory

Today, Jason is joined from across the world with Shenzhen, China local, Gary Halmbacher to discuss Black Swan Event Coronavirus. Gary shares his experiences with self-quarantining, and local changes just north of Hong Kong. 

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HS 535 FBF: New World Order with A. Ralph Epperson

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 142, originally published in April 2013. Historical studies of countries, governments, economics, populations, cultures and more offer numerous insights into how the world reached its current state. A more traditional view is The Accidental View of ...

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HS 544 FBF: The Need for Criminal Justice Reform with Bernard Kerik

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 262, originally published in July 2015. Bernard Kerik was an NYPD Commissioner who was sentenced to 48 months in prison for an ethics violation. For over 30 years, Bernard put bad and violent criminals away, but when he was on the inside he noticed ...

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Alfred Adask

HS 533 FBF: Alfred Adask: We the People and Sovereignty

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 62, originally published in November 2011. Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Citizens for Legal Reform founder Alfred Adask about being jailed for 344 days in a Level 5 maximum security prison with no warrant or charges ever filed against him, and...

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HS 532 FBF: Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm with James Davidson

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 296, originally published in March 2017.

Jason Hartman talks with James Dale Davidson, co-founder of Agora Publishing, Founder of the National Taxpayer’s Union, co-editor of ...

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HS 531 FBF: The War on Football: Saving America’s Game by Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn is the former Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia and Editor of the weblog FlynnFiles. He's the author of the new book, "The War on Football: Saving America's Game." In this interview, Flynn responds to Malcolm Gladwell's thesis that football should be banned because player...

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HS 530: Your Magic Key with Sharon Lechter

In this week's 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with Sharon Lechter, former CEO of Rich Dad & Pay Yourself First and author of Success & Something Greater: Your Magic Key, about her experiences with both the Rich Dad company and the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Sharon provides unique ins...

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HS 529 FBF: Out of Range with Hank Steinberg

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 158, originally published in July 2013.


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HS 528 FBF: Self-Governance With Tea Party Co-Founder Mark Meckler

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 242, originally published in January 2015.

Mark Meckler appears on today's show with Jason Hartman. He is the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots and is the first tea party member to appear on Jason's show. Mark breaks down why the ...

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HS 527 FBF: Your Doctor is Not In with Dr. Jane Orient

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 247, originally published in February 2015.

Jason Hartman welcomes Dr. Jane Orient to the Holistic Survival show. Jane is an author of the book entitled, “Your Doctor Is Not ...

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