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HS 553: Hospital Pricing, Patient Rights Advocate (PRA), Stem Cell Banking Dr. Cynthia Fisher

Dr. Cynthia Fisher, Patient Rights Advocate joins Jason Hartman today to discuss the issue of hospital pricing transparency. If this issue is ever forced into action, will cash pricing or insurance pricing be the better deal in hospitals? As well, how does this issu...

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HS 552: General Robert Spalding, Stealth War – How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept

How much influence does China have on American institutions? China expert General Robert Spalding joins Jason Hartman today to discuss the relationship that China has had with the U.S. What has the Chinese Communist Party done to take advantage of the openness of th...

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James Altuher

HS 551: James Altucher, The Altucher Report, COVID-19 Population Migration

James Altucher joins Jason to share his viewpoints on the economy, stocks, and more specifically the stimulus. As well, listen to the seriousness of this pandemic from a New Yorker’s perspective, and what it’s like managing life in the most challenging U.S. coronavi...

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Lab Girl

HS 550: LAB GIRL, The Story of More, Price of Progress by Hope Jahren, University of Oslo

Jason Hartman discusses the impact that the spike in unemployment will have on mortgage delinquencies and how one feels personally about job security. Real estate listings are at a staggering low, what does this mean?

Hope ...

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HS 549: COVID-19 & Universal Basic Income UBI Economy Is Chronically Short of Money, Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown is today’s guest here to discuss Universal Basic Income, UBI. As well, she shares some interesting details about what happens to the money when a debt is paid. How did China increase its money supply by such a large percentage in two decades? 


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HS 548: The Person Who Loses The Least Wins with Doug Casey, Past Recession Home Price

Doug Casey, author of Crisis Investing: Opportunities and Profits in the Coming Great Depression, joins Jason to discuss the biggest hysteria since the Salem Witch Trials. Casey shares his opinion on The Great Recession and the role it might play in the pot...

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HS 547: Telemedicine, Steve Hochberg, The Phillips Curve, Elliott Wave

Today, Jason Hartman discusses the Phillips curve and its relevance to our current economic situation. While we are all challenged in ways to adapt to our shelter-in-place advising, several benefits are being popularized out of necessity. Telemedicine, or telehealt...

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Elliott Wave

HS 546: Why Companies Fail, Conquer the Crash, Elliott Wave

Jason Hartman shares sound advice on the top four reasons that a company fails. Steve Hochberg joins Jason to break down the methods of the Elliott Wave Principle. Listen to how the Elliott Wave Principle used collective investor psychology to predict 2020 stock ma...

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HS 545: Crisis Investing, Supply & Demand Shock, Turning Inflation Into Wealth with Dan Amerman

The big talk right now is that of supply & demand shock. Jason walks us through the current market trends and the developments leading to the inevitable supply/demand shock. Simple at-home lab experiments, like watching the prices change in airline tickets help...

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HS 544: Global Oil Prices, Scarcity & Utility, The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens by Chrysta Castañeda

Jason interviews Chrysta Castañeda, author of The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens. Get the oil and gas industry insight from Chysta, the go-to lawyer for high stakes litigation i...

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