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HS 579 FBF: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice with Former Department of Justice Attorney, Sidney Powell

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 231, originally published in October 2014.

In today’s Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman speaks to author and former Department of Justice attorney, Sidney Powell. Together, they dive into some of the most s...

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HS 578: The International Man, Casey Research, Anarchism, Doug Casey

Jason Hartman speaks with returning guest, Doug Casey of Casey Research. The often controversial author of many books including, The International Man, is asked about what he expects after this election. Casey shares views on anarchism, the civil, non-violent version, as we...

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HS 577: The Politics of Envy, Radical Social Movements by Anne Hendershott

Do you believe you are supposed to hate rich people? Is this the envy culture that we have moved towards? Anne Hendershott joins Jason Hartman in this discussion on social changes directing how we approach business. Social media is the envy farm, causing tremendous anxiety and fueli...

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HS 576: The Redistribution Recession & You’re Hired! Populist President by Casey Mulligan

4 in 10 Americans want to buy a house because of the pandemic. Jason Hartman talks about what corporations are relocating their headquarters to places in which you have already invested. Vote with your feet.

Jason Hartman talks to Casey Mulligan, a professor of ec...

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HS 575: Monopoly & AntiTrust, Fed Backed Digital Dollar?

Jason Hartman, will this show be censored or not? What company is monopolizing web traffic? 'Google It.' Jason talks about digital-currency. Will the winning crypto be bitcoin or something backed by the Fed?

Key Takeaways:


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Sanjiv Rai

HS 574: The Kardashev Scale, AI, Singularity, MicroFluidics, Sanjiv Rai

Are we capable of destroying ourselves in the journey to beat this reverse Malthusian? Jason Hartman talks with Sanjiv Rai. Sanjiv is Founder, Chairperson, Chief Solver, and Chief Architect of multiple health tech companies, inlacing Genic AI, which has developed cures to SARS-CoV-2...

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John Truman Wolfe

HS 573: The Coming Financial Crisis & Crisis by Design by John Truman Wolfe

Former senior credit officer for two California banks, and editor and publisher of The Strategic Financial Intelligence monthly newsletter, John Truman Wolfe joins Jason Hartman today talking about the coming financial crisis. The question is, will the bubble pop, if so, wh...

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Special Announcement: Pandemic Investing Summit

Zoom Virtual Event: October 17th, 2020

Early Bird Admission: PandemicInvesting.com

Get Instant access to Jason Hartman’s newest report, you'll...

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Ilan Srulovicz

HS 572: GlobeSt, Defunding Police, Identity Politics with Ilan Srulovicz, Walking Dead Actor

Actor from The Walking Dead, and The Big Short, Ilan Srulovicz joins Jason Hartman to talk about defunding the police and identity politics. Ilan talks about group classification and how this can potentially hold the individual back from what they might be...

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Mark Mix

HS 571: National Right to Work Committee Mark Mix

There is nothing fair about forcing a person to join a labor union in order to have a job. Jason Hartman interviews Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Committee, as they discuss the impact of labor unions in the economy.

Key Takeaways:

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