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Adam Levin

HS 171 – Identity Theft Protection with Adam Levin

Adam Levin is the Founder of Identity Theft 911 and Credit.com. He was the former Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Levin shares some money lessons every new graduate needs to ...

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Jared Diamond

HS 170 – The World Until Yesterday with Jared Diamond

Jason interviews Jared Diamond regarding his newest book, The World Until Yesterday.


Narrator: Welcome to the Holi...

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Kenn Blanchard

HS 167 – The Urban Shooter Host Kenn Blanchard


Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a former US Marine, federal police officer, Intel analyst, Christian pastor and gun rights activist. He is a blues ...

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Craig B. Hulet

HS 166 – Drones, Gun Laws, and Economic Discussions with Craig B. Hulet


Craig B. Hulet returns to the Holistic Survival Show to talk about some very pressing matters. Jason and Craig discuss all the new drone laws...

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Bob Maginnis

HS 165 – “Deadly Consequences” with Bob Maginnis

Bob Maginnis is the Senior Fellow for National Security at Family Research Council and author of "Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women into Combat." Maginnis explains how requiring women to participate in the same ground combat as men will lead to a very dangerous compromise of the ...

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Ben Swann

HS 164 – Reality Check with Ben Swann

Ben Swann is an award winning journalist who is currently a prime time anchor on WXIX, the Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, OH. Ben is a rising star and touted by many as someone who will dominate "alternative media" in 2013 and beyond.Ben's weekly investigative piece, dubbed "Reality Check" attempts...

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Mark Walters

HS 163 – “Lessons from Unarmed America” with Mark Walters

Mark Walters is a nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio and author of, "Lessons from Unarmed America." He joins the show to discuss the measures taken by Obama to reduce. gun violence and if any of them are realistic. Walters has been penning The Ordinary Guy column as a regular cont...

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Susan Alpert

HS 162 – “Driving Solo: Dealing with Grief” with Susan Alpert


Susan Covell Alpert is the creator of the “Chaos to Control” program and author of "Driving Solo: Dealing with Grief and the Business of Fin...

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