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America Before: The Key To Earths Lost Civilization with Author Graham Hancock

Jason Hartman starts the show by discussing some potential signs that inflation. As an off-topic 10th show interview, Jason brings on guest Graham Hancock, author of the new book America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization. The two talk about why the Americas were probably settled long b...

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Direct Investing Vs Group Investing With Jim Cramer

Jason looks at being a direct investor versus a group investor. He discusses the benefits fo direct investing and goes into the issues of group investing especially when it's other people's deals, businesses, partnerships, LLC’s, REIT’s, or TICS. He plays a chat with Jim Cramer of Mad Money and T...

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Rent Collection During COVID-19

Jason Hartman brings on a client guest to talk about their experience with a nonpaying tenant. They go into different creative solutions to help both tenants and landlords. Jason and Drew also talk about China’s role in the world. In the second half of the show, Jason chats with Adam, an inve...

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Coronavirus and its impact on Airbnb Investing

Jason Hartman discusses short-term rentals during Coronavirus. He interviews investment counselor Evan about how his properties are doing and they discuss the shift from high-density living to low-density homes. Later in the show, a local market specialist discusses real estate in Florida and Geo...

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Commercial Real Estate Collapse and other effects of COVID-19

Jason Hartman looks at the housing changes as a result of COVID-19. He discusses the pandemic’s impact on commercial real estate and how investors in his network are positioned well to thrive in these challenging times. He gives his prediction on the migration out of high-density cities into subu...

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Global Hibernation During Coronavirus

Jason Hartman gives his financial strategy along with best/worst-case scenarios during the pandemic. Planet Earth is closing and now on a global hibernation. Jason talks about how long it may last and how we will recover from this. He brings on guest Drew Baker as they discuss self-management tip...

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Black Swan Event Coronavirus and the Florida Market with Jeff Twigg

Jason is joined by Gary Halmbacher who is in Shenzhen, China during the Black Swan Event Coronavirus. Gary gives his experiences inside China during the pandemic. Jason is joined by Florida realtor, Jeff Twigg. In the second segment of the podcast the two discuss Dan Amerman’s workshop and predic...

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Harry Dent, President of Dent Research

Harry Dent on Shadow Inventory

Harry Dent chats Jason Hartman about what you need to know about the economy. Harry looks at patterns to predict what’s to come. Jason discusses co-living and roommates in relation to shadow demand for housing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_klJXvIFck Jason Hartman 0:00 Working with ...

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Rent Collection, Forbearance, and Oil during COVID-19

Jason Hartman goes over rent collection numbers and surprises landlords and investors with a high rent collection during the early months of COVID. Later in the episode he looks at the oil and gas industry's historical decline. Jason continues to give listeners more knowledge on pandemic investin...

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Global Oil Prices with author Chrysta Castañeda

Jason interviews Chrysta Castañeda, author of The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens. Get the oil and gas industry insight from Chysta, the go-to lawyer for high stakes litigation in the energy industry and beyond. Chrysta shares her experience with T. Boone Pickens and her knowledge of the current o...

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