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Critical Mistakes the Rookie Survivalist Often Makes

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HolisticSurvival.comThe smart ones among us wake up one day and realize the government won’t (can’t) take care of them. The realization hits with crystal clear clarity that the one person you should put your faith in, and rely on, is you. As far as government goes, have you ever listened to those people stand up and talk? Windbags, imbeciles, and criminals. Is that the bunch you want in charge of your family’s survival? At Holistic Survival, the answer is a hearty no.

But then the questions arises – what are the first steps/mistakes a rookie survivalist is likely to make, and how can you quickly transform from panicked to prepared? Here’s how to keep your mind straight.

Avoid scenario paralysis.
There’s no way you can go from rookie survivalist to squared away boy scout overnight, so don’t even try. Pondering every possible eventuality creates an overwhelming sense of dismay. Where to start? What to do first? Calm down, Exhale slowly. Take it one step at a time. Make a list of the possible scenarios that are most likely to occur in your life, prioritized by most likely. Get ready for the first one and then move on to the next.

Don’t buy everything at once.
Your initial list of supplies probably approximates the word count of Encyclopedia Britannica, and each item might be utterly important. Refrain from buying it all at once, even if you have the money. Haste makes waste and, likely, you’ll end up with crappy stuff. Compartmentalize your needs into areas like medical, food, self defense, or personal hygiene products, then methodically create your caches. Take it from us, one massive shopping trip borne on wings of uninformed panic is a bad idea.

Fail to consider the local.
It’s easy to obsess on Mad Max-style societal disintegration that occurs all at once, to the exclusion of what could happen in your local area. Does a nuclear train roll past your house daily, bringing the threat of derailment on a daily basis? Is there a nearby chemical plant? State or county jail? Do you live in tornado country? In all likelihood, your sources of threat will come from nearby local sources before national or international incidents, so spend your initial time and resources accordingly and prepare for what is most likely to effect you.

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