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How over-population can make you wealthy.

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With the earth’s population creeping ever closer to 7 billion souls, the obvious thought is “Where are we all going to stand?” Standing room is not something we have to worry about right away and, before long, the New World Overlords will implement some sort of infertility program to slow growth but, until then, what can the modern survivalist do to make a little money on the side?

Crass? Maybe. Smart? Yes!

Follow our logic. Rising population leads to a constant upward push in the demand for housing. Everybody wants (needs) a place to live, right? Seems to us that the best way to insure your investments do well is to focus on what we call “packaged commodity investing”, which is nothing more than a fancy phrase for owning rental property.

It makes perfect sense. Invest where the demand will never go away. Do you think companies listed on the Dow, NASDAQ, or any of the other alphabet stock exchanges will ever go away? Some of them will, guaranteed. Do you know which ones so you can stay away from them?

No, you don’t, and therein lies the problem with traditional investing.

Get smart. Invest in what everyone needs. For more information on how to invest for an uncertain future, see out sister website www.JasonHartman.com and check out The Creating Wealth Show.

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