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HS 174 – Taking Control of Our Country with Joe the Plumber

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Joe the Plumber


Joe the Plumber is a conservative activist who got his name in the midst of the 2008 Presidential Election. He joins the show to explain why the Boston bomber was on the front cover of Rolling Stone. He believes this is reflective of the Obama Administration’s soft approach to dealing with those who seek to destroy us.

Joe is heavily promoting a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. He explains its use.

Find out more about Joe the Plumber at www.joeforamerica.com.

Audio Transcription

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Start of Interview with Joe Wurzelbacher

Jason Hartman: Hey, it’s my pleasure to welcome Joe Wurzelbacher to the show. Now, you may not know that name but you probably know this one, Joe the Plumber. You’ve heard of him and he is a conservative activist. We wanted to get him on the show for many years. And he is here today to talk to us about what he has been up to for the last 5 years since his very quick rise to fame. Joe, welcome, how are you?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Hey, I’m doing great today brother. Thanks for having me.

Jason Hartman: Well, it’s good to have you on the show. So, first of all, let’s just talk for a moment and remind people about your meteoric rise to fame. When you met, now unfortunately, President Obama – I say unfortunately – and you asked him a question, what exactly did you say to him and how did he respond?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Ultimately, about 2 weeks prior to me meeting Barack Obama, my boss and I sat down and started discussing me taking over the business and eventually buying it from him and I would be making payments for a very long time.

Jason Hartman: The plumbing business, right?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Plumbing business, correct. And Sunday, my son and I were watching the football, the Bengals versus the Jets. The Jets started beating up on the Bengals pretty hard. So we went outside, we’re Bengals fans, so we don’t want to watch that. So we went outside and started to toss the football and then a group of people essentially ran down the other side of the road walking very fast. My son and his best friend ran down there and then a couple minutes later came back and said, hey, it’s Barack Obama. And really, I thought to myself well that’s kind of cool.

I live in a very strong union city, largely democrats. But most of my neighbors nary are good friends of mine. But that being said, he started coming back towards us, going door to door just doing some campaigning and preparing for his third and final debate against John McCain. So when he finally got to us, Secret Service asked us a couple of different times to stop tossing the football [0:03:19.2]. And I’m sitting there and he’s sitting in my neighbor’s driveway. And they’re talking and the crowd is just going wild about him. And I’d always thought if I can get a politician in front of me I’m gonna make him answer a damn question, because they always tap dance around the answers. And so that whole plot about my boss’s conversation and the taxes he was talking about having to pay, the city taxes, state, federal, Workmans Comp, unemployment, I mean everything that went into owning a business, essentially your government doesn’t want you to own a business because that shows some independence.

So his whole idea about taxing people that made $250,000 and above really bothered me. I’ve been instructed and encouraged to succeed. If you work hard in America, you’ll succeed. This guy says if you work hard in America we’re going to penalize you more. And so I went up there and asked him. I told him initially, hey, I’m trying to buy a business, it makes this much, and you think it’s a good idea to tax me more, isn’t it? And he came back with a very long-winded answer and ultimately discovered that he was losing his audience and so that’s when he made that great statement that’s followed him around now for the last couple of years is I think it’s good when you spread the wealth around.

Jason Hartman: That sounds like such an innocent idea, but we know from history how scary that becomes, don’t we?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, without a doubt. I mean, that’s the one thing that drives me nuts is people don’t learn from history. It’s all written down for us. This kind of behavior and these kind of theories have been out there for years and they have not worked. And I think it’s very arrogant to sit there and think that you’re gonna make that theory work. Realistically, it never works and will never work because it doesn’t encourage individual success. It encourages poverty and destruction and despair.

Jason Hartman: And that it encourages all sorts of impression to enforce it. And the unfortunate thing, Joe, is most Americans just don’t even know history. They have no interest in it. It’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Oh, it is. It comes back to our education system, our lack of education has not been a good thing for American people or for our young children. Unfortunately, the parents out there don’t invest a lot of time in their children when it comes to history. I was lucky – my dad’s a history buff. And even after my homework was done my dad would assign more homework to us. I was the only 3rd grader reading a local newspaper every day for an hour a day. He really impressed upon me the importance of knowing what was going on in the world.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, very good points. So, how did you get your name? Did the media just dub you Joe the Plumber after that? Or how did that come about specifically?

Joe Wurzelbacher: The first time I saw it, it was either on CNN or Fox News, and the little ticker that goes across the bottom, Joe, a plumber in Ohio, and then one of the media sources ended up shortening it and just said Joe the Plumber. And so the media coined the phrase and since then I’ve been forever known as Joe the Plumber.

Jason Hartman: Good stuff. Tell us what you’ve been up to the past 5 years.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, since my meeting with Barack Obama, I got with a couple different organizations and would speak around the country on the importance of loving your country and being patriotic, learning your history, voting for the person as opposed to the party, which I’m very adamant for – I can’t stand this whole republican/democrat deal. George Washington talked about party politics killing this country, and just look around. The republicans and democrats are constantly at each other’s throats. But even more, it’s almost like big time wrestling. They yell at each other on TV but I bet they’re all friends in the background thinking, man, we’re really screwing the American people and slapping each other on the back.

And so I would speak at different events and encourage people to really look at right and wrong and stop redefining it as it gets in the way, stop, rationalize their behavior, and get involved. Because quite frankly if we don’t change what’s going on, our children and grandchildren aren’t gonna have the same opportunities that you and I have had growing up. And so that’s been a big part of what I’ve done and then recently I’ve started a website about 6 months ago and we’re getting anywhere from 450,000 hits a month and I got citizen writers, everyday people writing articles talking about right and wrong. And it seems to really hit a good crease if you will. A lot of people are signing on and reading it and they’re enjoying it and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. So, that’s been going well.
A couple of years ago, some friends and I got together and we started a veteran’s organization up in Alaska where we take veterans hunting and fishing and helicopter rides and we really do a lot of great things with veterans. It’s called outdoor recreational therapy. And we make sure afterwards that they’re getting the benefits promised to them by the government. We try to help them get jobs. It’s called Alaska’s Healing Hearts and we worked real hard on that.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, great. Good stuff. You’ve got some really interesting articles on your website. And one of them, I thought it was kind of interesting when you look at the culture war perspective. And I gotta say this doesn’t totally surprise me, but I never really thought about it before, and it’s about these female teachers, “Is your child’s teacher available for companionship?” Tell us about that one and I want to talk to you about these female teachers because this has been somewhat surprising in the news the last several years and I don’t know if it’s just anecdotal or I just happened to notice it or it happened all the time but just was never really reported before or what, but the sexuality that has come into the classroom very literally in some cases, these two articles are about different things but I’d like to kind of address both of them if we could.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, that information we get from EAGNews.com which is a great source of what’s going on in the education system from state to state. They tell you what the school boards are doing, what the unions are doing or not doing, and what some teachers are doing that are great and then unfortunately what a lot of your other teachers are doing aren’t so great, especially your 10 year teachers. But ultimately, this article is just sharing what’s the background of some of these teachers and doesn’t come into the classroom. A lot of these teachers are signed up on some of these websites who get men to take care of them for obviously sexual relations on the backside. And ethically, morally, is that something that’s gonna be allowed or accepted and do you want your children being taught by women like this that are going out and have no kind of really moral compass when it comes to doing what’s right and wrong? And now your children are being one way or another influenced by this.

And that’s the argument that’s being made here. I know a lot of teachers, but there’s been news stories out there that teachers were stripping and they’ve lost their jobs or a teacher years ago started in soft core porn and she lost her job. Now, it’s becoming – I don’t want to say commonplace, but at the same time it is happening out there and where does the responsibility lie as far as the parents, the school board, and is this just something that’s acceptable. Is it something that they can do on their own private time and we don’t worry about it when they come into the classroom? I mean, there are some serious questions to be answered.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, there are. And how would you even know about it or regulate it anyway? I don’t know. That just seems like a real difficult situation, because a lot of this stuff happens behind the scenes anyway. I mean, really what we’re talking about is a form of prostitution. It’s not on the street corner type of thing but it’s kind of part of the business deal if you will of a relationship and it’s a sad thing. But the only way you would know about this is if someone happens to see it advertised on a website. But if it just happened between two people that met and know each other, there would be no way to know.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Exactly. And you have to be careful to use the word regulate.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I know. I’m scared to death of anything. God, no more regulations, please.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Exactly. I think this comes down to community. If a teacher is ousted for doing something like that, then I think it becomes the school board’s responsibility or the teachers and then the parents in that community on what they want to do. Do I think the government needs inner seed? Absolutely not. But I do think it’s important that if it comes to light that’s handled in a manner that is gonna be best for the children ultimately, not for the school board, not for the teachers, but for the children. And if it becomes an issue, then it needs to be addressed. But at the same time, I think it’s important to know that it is happening, that it is going on out there, and that’s why EAG News and JoeForAmerica.com has brought it out so that people do know what’s happening.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, good stuff. It’s good that you did that. And then tell us about the other article real quickly. We’re not gonna talk all about teachers and this stuff, but I just want to touch on these two issues because they’re kind of unusual and they’re not much talked about. But you’ve got the other article about sexual favors from teachers. Tell us about that one.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Oh. Again, we got that from EAG News. And this one teacher was caught giving sexual favors to students in high school. If you do well in the baseball game that you’re playing for our school, we’ll have sex in my car or I’ll provide this kind of sexual favor to you. And thank God she was caught. A lot of guys out there will sit there and go “Oh gosh, I wish I had a teacher like that.” They’re missing the point though. When girls are molested by older men, everybody gets in a rage and they think it’s disgusting and they can’t stand it. But when it happens the other way around, it kind of gets swept underneath the rug a little bit and they don’t see it as being as dangerous or detrimental to that male child.

And the problem here is it’s inappropriate behavior, one, by an adult, because a lot of these teenage kids, regardless of the puberty and their hormones going through the roof, and forgive me for being so blunt, but finding a knot in any tree, it hurts them and they don’t realize that. And for these female teachers to be predators and take advantage of their hormones and their confusion at that time is wrong and they need to be punished to the strictest and fullest count that the law provides right now.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I mean it really is a huge double standard, isn’t it, the way the law treats females versus males in this case? No one expects it from a female. It’s only expected from the male to be the predatory side of the equation, right?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Oh, exactly. And I think if they make an example of all these teachers, these female teachers that are doing it, hopefully that’ll help keep it down. I don’t think it’ll ever keep it from always happening, but at the same time a lot of the reason people don’t become criminals is because prison scares the hell out of them. And I think it’s a good deterrent. And I think we need to really use it, especially in cases like that. I mean, taking advantage of children, male or female, is just disgusting and it needs to be stopped.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, absolutely. I’d like to ask you about taxes and regulation. We can talk about your gun right activism, whatever you’d like to talk about really. There’s so many divergent topics.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, I ran for congress and my platform really was about bringing prosperity back to this country, back to America. And the way that we did it was with less regulations and less taxes. Historically, it’s been proven that it works. But the problem with less regulations and less taxes comes less control by the government and that’s less controlled by the republican party and the democrat party and that’s why you don’t see it happening. Republicans talk about a smaller government and less taxes, but they never make it happen. If you look at Paul Ryan’s rebuttal to Obamacare at one point in time, it’s still rue governments, his budget.

We’ve got to back off. You and I and regular folks around the world understand that if you have 5 bucks and something cost 10 bucks, you just don’t buy it. But when it comes to the federal government, they have some kind of funky math that they think they can buy it and keep buying it and putting ourselves in debt. And then the regulations, how they kill small business…And really, small business has been the backbone of this country forever and a day, and yet everything that they do killed them. Agriculture to born on dates for your meat, that way you know where it comes from, that puts extra money and time on our smaller farmers and livestock producers.

And some of your bigger ones that have lobbyists that can go to bat for them, they’re gonna be okay, but your small businesses are getting muscled out left and right and that’s new to regulation. Our energy prices are regulated, and again they hurt the individual and business. Your large businesses are going to be able to get away with it because they’re the ones spinning the millions and millions of dollars lobbying the congressmen and senators and president to give them the loopholes. And the republicans and democrats both won’t get rid of the loopholes.

Jason Hartman: I’m so glad you brought that up, Joe, because what I think we have now, led by Obama, is a socio-fascist government where it’s kind of like this two-pronged approach. I mean, of course it’s more than two prongs, but the big two prongs would be these. It would be on one side let’s increase the socialism component and buy votes and pay people off for voting for largely democrats but republicans do it too – it’s just more so with the dems. So, that’s the one side of it. And then on the other side of it, you have the government quote “in bed” with these large corporations. And that would be the fascist side of it where these big corporations have just bought off the government whether it be Wall Street, pharmaceutical industry. Pick an industry – the food industry. I mean, it’s just such complete hypocrisy that the little guy or the small business person has any chance anymore.

And this thought that Obama is actually for the little guy blows my mind. I mean, there’s nothing he does that is for the little guy whether it be socialism or fascism because both of them hurt the little guy.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Oh, absolutely. Well, if you think about it – I just did an article on Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z – both of them are multi-million dollar people, they made a ton of money, they have different businesses, and they’ve made it to the very top. They have made it. And yet they promote Barack Obama’s economy, what he wants to do, what he wants to achieve, which has been proven to hurt the American people, especially people in their own race. I mean, there’s 48% unemployment in young blacks and yet Oprah and Jay-Z are sitting there backing Obama. It’s right in front of us, happening right in front of us that it just hurts us over and over again.

And yet he’ll still get the support. And the reason why that is is because they won, they know where their bread is buttered.

Jason Hartman: They know where their bread is buttered. And that’s the thing – they’re in an insider deal. And it’s funny how it’s kind of like you talked about the republicans and the democrats, they shout at each other and make a big display in the media, but in real life, they’re all part of the same conspiracy. They’re all going out to the country club together and playing golf together and whatever. And this is the same thing with big business of any type. And they go on the news and you hear them say, well, we don’t want all these government regulations. They’re impeding our business. Oh, that’s a load of crap because the reality is these regulations help them maintain their monopolies. They keep new entrants out of their market. I mean, Joe, do you think you and I could start a pharmaceutical company tomorrow?

Joe Wurzelbacher: No.

Jason Hartman: No way. I mean, you would easily spend millions of dollars to take any drug to market. The FDA puts all these rules into effect. Ostensibly, it’s for our own good, right? We don’t want people making claims, this and that.

Joe Wurzelbacher: To a degree. You can even take that back to the EPA. I mean, any more I think that should really honestly, except for maybe nuclear at the most, be a state issue. I mean, you realize how many Erin Brockovich types are out there now watching these businesses, making sure they’re doing the right thing? The government essentially, EPA especially, won their unelected body that had control of the American people – that is something that is unconstitutional. That is something that we need to get away from because these people may cut work just to keep their jobs and get paid by the American taxpayer. At the same time they’re hindering and choking and killing the American system. And so there’s no oversight by the American people. We need to bring that back down to a state level.

A lot of the things that the federal government has taken over needs to be taken back to the state level. In fact, I mentioned that in a couple of articles I wrote. It’s not The United States of Washington, D.C. The United States of America and the government was created by the states. The states need to take a lot of that power back. And in Ohio, for example, where I live, they need to guard their own and protect their own and defend their own and make sure what we’re doing in the state is right and not the federal governments.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, no question about it. What do you think we have to look forward to, whether it be good or bad? In so many ways the future looks bright and in so many other ways the future looks really bleak. We’ve got this huge debt hanging over our heads. Do you think we have inflation coming our way? What do you look forward to in 2016, etcetera, etcetera?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, I’m not [0:21:19.2], pretend to be anything other than what I am. I’m just a simple guy who works hard and tries to keep a little bit of what I earn. But as I travel the country and see what’s going on from day to day and hearing the stories of the hardship and heartache of our neighbors and then friends, as far as the recession they say that we’re out of it but most people aren’t experiencing that. As you print money, make it weaker, it’s one of the reasons why gas is still expensive.

Years ago, back in the early 80s, mid 80s if you will, a barrel of oil was about $35 bucks. Anymore, that same barrel is still $35 but we gotta spend $110 to get it because the dollar’s gotten so much weaker. I don’t see any change in what’s going on in the economy other than the rich getting richer, and that’s a republican/democrat thing. That’s not a middle class versus lower class or anything like that. That’s just the politicians feeding their buddies and keeping the rest of America down.

The only way we’re gonna get control back over this is if states rear up and take back control of what they need to do. It’s not gonna get changed through Congress, through Senate, but it will get changed through strong state governors and strong state representatives. That’s how I see change taking place. Without that, my advice to most people is keep working hard, save well, live below your means, and make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Jason Hartman: Well, speaking of being ready for whatever comes people’s way, tell us about this zombie apocalypse survival kit. And it’s a funny phrase but actually the Center for Disease Control finally got some attention. That was a pretty good marketing ploy actually on their part. You don’t usually see that out of a government agency. But to get people to pay attention to some of these concerns about disease, what is the survival kit?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, the survival kits, an AR15 that were given away on JoeForAmerica.com and we also give 1000 rounds of ammunition away, that kit and a trauma kit. Ultimately, we’re just having fun off the zombie deal. I mean, it’s very popular right now in the last couple of years. And I enjoy watching the show with my son as well. But I want every American to be armed.

One of the things when I lived in Alaska years ago, you didn’t have drive-by shootings because everybody was packing. If you had a gun on you, 99% of the time you’re gonna be safe unless you come across some dumb criminal. But ultimately, your law abiding citizens need to be armed because that helps keep everybody safe. And that’s what I encourage, is gun ownership. Obviously, gun safety and the right way of caring for your gun, my son was raised shooting all his life and he knows all the safety procedures and he had something important. But I want all Americans owning a gun, so we could just give away to encourage that, and being prepared for what may come your way, natural disasters or, unfortunately, manmade disasters where some court case doesn’t go the way of popular opinion and then society breaks down, they start roaming the street and breaking doors and windows. It’s important to be prepared and be able to protect your family.

I have 3 cops that write for me on my site. And they say don’t depend on the cops. Arm yourself, protect your family. We’re just there to pick up the body. And so I want people to be armed. And I also want them to be prepared because they can’t get water for 4 or 5 days, 6 days, they’re gonna have to have some kind of kit available to them, either a supply of water or a way of getting the water. And it’s just important for people to understand how to rely on themselves as opposed to relying on the government or the community. And that’s what it comes down to. Ultimately, you’ve got to be able to rely on yourself and that’s what built this country and that’s what we promote, the self-reliance and the can-do attitude that built this country and we need to bring it back.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. Well, I couldn’t agree more. They say an armed society is a polite society. And that doesn’t mean we have to live in the wild west, but when that question mark is out there in a criminal’s mind “Might this guy have a gun on him?” they’re gonna look for another victim. And that’s the great equalizer is it’s funny that the left side of the political aisle is always shouting about equality although all of their policies make massive inequality when you look at the big picture. But they’re always shouting about equality and guns are the ultimate equalizer. A little old lady with a small gun on her person walking down the street at night is equal, in essence, to a big strapping gangster that might assault her or rob her or something. And you want equality, you want equal rights? There you go.

Joe Wurzelbacher: All day long. And my mom was a waitress for many years at a couple of different bars and she carried a gun because she had to pull it out a couple of times. She didn’t shoot anybody, but she had to pull it out a couple of times just to let these big old boys know that hey, I mean business. It’s 2 o’clock, I’m going home. And that was the end of the story. And I’m glad that my mom carried that gun.

Jason Hartman: And guess what? Those guys learned a lesson. I bet they didn’t go around threatening other people after that.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Exactly. So, I encourage all Americans to own guns. Obviously, be safe about it, but it’s a lot of fun. And it also children and men parents together. My son and I go out and shoot all the time, we go hunting together. And my son’s a straight A student. He’s gonna graduate the senior year early and go off into the military and then college. And he’s captain of the football team, he’s done a lot of great things, and I really give a lot of credit to the fact that him and I spend a lot of time together outdoors, doing things together, shooting together, fishing together. Lead by example. And that’s one of the things that brought us together – it’s a lot of outdoor activities. And I’m very proud of the man that my son’s becoming.

Jason Hartman: Sure, good stuff. Well, hey, Joe, can we talk about maybe one more issue just quickly, and that is the issue of environmental regulation. And you’ve got an article talking about carbon dioxide, the gas of life, on your site, and what do you think is behind this whole global warming movement? I mean, certainly there are literally 1000 arguments against that and issues you can take up. But it’s funny how the left just makes so many leaps in logic with this kind of stuff. But of course it’s to regulate everybody, you know?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Exactly. And everything comes back to two things, money and power. And with every law they pass, it comes back to money and power. For everything they try to take away from us, money and power, we’re losing liberties left and right because of money and power and it has nothing to do with solutions and making America a better place to live. We’re making it to where Americans have more opportunities because, if you look around, we have less opportunities every day.

And you said it yourself, a leap in logic. And that’s what it comes down to. If you do your own independent research, which I really suggest – I mean definitely look at the articles that I’m putting out because they’re not opinionated. It’s not slanted because I want to help republicans out. I’m an outdoorsman, I want clean air, I want clean water, I want to be able to make sure when I shoot my deer I can bring it home and eat it, so I’m the last person that wants the environment in any way shape or form to be not bad. But at the same time, all these regulations that the EPA are putting out are hindering business growth, they’re hindering individual liberty, and it all comes down to power. And then really that’s all it is.

And so with global warming, they’ve been unable to approve it all day long, and that comes back to regulations, comes back to taxes, comes back to money. So, really, it all comes back down to money and power.

Jason Hartman: Well, it’s amazing. I mean we breathe in mostly oxygen. We exhale mostly carbon dioxide and that’s what plants breathe in. So, isn’t that a good scenario? Yet they’re saying too much CO2, at first when I didn’t understand the whole global warming issue years ago, I thought they were talking about carbon monoxide that comes out of your car. And I thought that makes sense, but that’s not what they’re against. They’re against carbon dioxide. So the natural conclusion of that is that people have to go, people are the scourge of the earth, people are the problem, so I guess we need some tyrannical dictator to decide which people get to stay and which people have to die, right? This really leads to an incredibly ugly conclusion.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Well, if you look at the science of it…I’m trying to recall all the information from this article, but ultimately the level of carbon dioxide is parts per million is how they talk about it. And the CO2 concentration, if I remember correctly, is 400 parts per million. And it increased in the last couple hundred years by 100 to 200 parts per million. Now, if we actually tried to decrease it, actually that would hurt the environment if we actually decreased it. So, if we actually did what they want to do, it would actually hurt the environment more so because of everything that we got planted now, how the ecosystem is working, it’s leveled off and balanced.
And so if we actually went through the liberal agenda that’s not really backed by scientific proof, it would actually hurt our environment, and in doing so hurt people around the planet.

Jason Hartman: And the bigger question we need to ask ourselves is, okay, let’s say global warming is true. Let’s even say it’s manmade. So, if we give them those two points, then the question we’d have to ask ourselves is is it bad? Because think about it – that would make so many more crops in the far northern and far southern climbs arable. We could grow more food. It’s just unbelievable.
And then this whole concept of ocean levels rising, I guess most of the ice is in the water already. Now, if nobody has ever had a glass of water with ice in it and they just sat it on the table and didn’t drink and they let the ice melt eventually, does the glass overflow? No, it doesn’t.

Joe Wurzelbacher: These are very simple common sense equations you’re making, but you talked about growing more food. That would be a problem if we grew more food. I mean, right now they pay farmers not to grow food. If we grew more food, then the prices would drop and that would create a problem economically worldwide. And they don’t want that. God forbid that we could get our food cheaper.

Jason Hartman: You’re being sarcastic when you say that, right?

Joe Wurzelbacher: Yes, I’m being very sarcastic.

Jason Hartman: Go ahead. But the ice melting does not cause the tide levels to rise unless the ice is currently on land and melts into the water. So, that’s the only way the tides would rise. So, we’ve got those two things covered. Yeah, so more people could be fed and in helping the environment, more food could be grown more locally, closer to the source of consumption. And so that would save on transportation costs. It would be very good for the environment ultimately.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Exactly.

Jason Hartman: Look at what the government is regulating now. We’ve got all these laws regulating everything. Now they’ve got control of the environmental politics which means they can restrict the way you use water, the way you grow food, the way you manufacture, and a zillion other things related to environment. And more recently, unfortunately, they got control of the health care system which means they can then say, well, you can’t eat this. You have to eat that or you don’t deserve this treatment because it’s just not economically worth it, so we’re gonna do a math equation on whether you should live or die or the doctors who are just running to leave the business – literally I’ve talked with dozens that say that – we’re gonna replace them with lower quality doctors from third world countries and, like in England, people will just die waiting in line for treatment. It is really mind boggling.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Let me address two of the things you just said. When you’re talking about EPA and over-regulations, I can’t stress it enough. Those are organizations that the American people have no oversight. We have no control. These people get to have policies which essentially become law which govern how you work to live. That is unconstitutional. That is something that essentially Congress offloaded their responsibilities. The reasons why we voted, they’ve offloaded those responsibilities to the EPA. And again, the American people have no control over it and we have to live by it. That’s wrong.

Secondly, Obamacare, let me give you a little background on some of the taxes that are being exacted in order to help with Obamacare, and this affects most of your outdoorsmen, is every new carbon arrow out there, once everything goes to place, each arrow is gonna be taxed at an extra $0.48 an arrow. That’s a lot of money when you start thinking about it. And then your fisherman, your fishing rods, your lures, they’re all gonna have an extra 10% tax on top of that.

So, Obamacare affects everybody and people just don’t realize it because it’s not out there on the news. It’s hard to understand, it’s hard to read. I went through the pages myself, and thank God I had a heritage foundation with me to sit there and explain it to me. I was on the phone with them off and on for 3 weeks at least, trying to understand exactly what’s gonna happen when Obamacare’s implemented and it’s very confusing. Obamacare hurts everybody. It’s not really gonna help anybody. It’s just gonna hurt America more and more.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, it’s amazing. And you see all of these companies, of course the big businesses getting waivers. Here we go with the cozy relationship between government and business and the fascism. So, all of the crony capitalists are getting special deals. So, it’s just falling apart. Companies all throughout the nation are not willing to hire full time employees because they want to be exempt from the law. They’re hiring contractors only. They’re cutting hours, making everybody part time so they don’t have to comply with all the massive regulations.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Be careful what you ask for is what it comes down to. A lot of these businesses got behind Obama thinking it was going to be great. Now you have union members out there saying hold on, this isn’t how I thought it was gonna work. So, if people don’t have the proof in front of them now, I don’t know if they’ll ever understand it in the future. But this sweeping law called Obamacare is really gonna be detriment to the American people.

Jason Hartman: It sure is. Let’s just watch it play out and we can all say “See, I told you so” to the people who are the believers in it.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Unfortunately, it’s gonna hurt us in the long run, too. I tell you what – really what it comes down to – I’ll leave you with this – it all comes down to right and wrong. That’s what my website’s about. That’s what I’ve been about all my life. I’m a very black and white individual. Not a lot of grey in my life. And some people can live that way, some people can’t. And I know it rubs a lot of people the wrong way and, hell, I don’t care. If I offend you, it happens. But really, we gotta stop redefining right and wrong as it gets in our way. Republicans and democrats , neither party has a pigeonholed on doing what’s right or what’s wrong. It comes down to the individual and really if they’re going to maintain their integrity or if they’re gonna unfortunately, like most people, bend when it gets tough.

And so if people could start go back to right and wrong – and people know what it is, they just don’t like living that way because it’s hard damn work. That’s what I told my son all his life. It’s hard work doing what’s right, but in the end it does pay off. In the end, it will pay off. And we gotta get back to that kind of thinking.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I agree. Well, the website is JoeForAmerica.com and the tagline, as you alluded to, Joe, “It’s not about right and left, it’s about right and wrong.” Joe the Plumber, it was fantastic having you on the show today and keep up the good work.

Joe Wurzelbacher: Hey, thank you very much, brother – really enjoyed it.

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