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HS 284 – How Real Estate Investing Will Change Under a Trump Presidency with Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman

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Jordan Goodman is known as America’s ‘Money Answers’ man. He’s written 13 books on topics that range from detecting Wall Street lies to a financial dictionary to retirement planning. Jordan and Jason Hartman discuss what we can expect from Trump’s new presidential administration, how Trump’s mix of supply-side and Keynesian economics will affect real estate markets and whether we’re headed for increased inflation.

Key Takeaways:

[2:49] A Trump presidency is going to cause big changes in tax rates

[4:28] When the deficit increases, which cutting taxes will do, interest rates are going up.

[7:37] The multiplier effect is the amount a home buyer invests in a newly purchased home.

[8:22] Good, qualified people are having trouble getting loans because of all the regulations.

[9:08] It might just be time for an economic downturn in the US

[13:31] This is why interest rates are going higher

[18:18] The Money Answers Man just wants what’s best for the United States

[19:50] The US economy is going to become a supply-side/Keynesian mixture

[22:30] Trump’s proposed infrastructure plans will max out the US workforce

[26:48] Tariffs are not what Trump actually wants to do. His goal is increased exports.

[29:38] Jordan’s commercial real estate lending fund.

[31:35] Commandment #5



Episode: 284

Guest: Jordan Goodman

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