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HS 298 – How to Win in Court with Jurisdictionary’s Dr Frederick Graves

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Dr Frederick Graves, Jurisdictionary.com

Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Frederick Graves, founder of Jurisdictionary.com, about the importance of understanding the basic concepts and terminology of the legal system. Jurisdictionary.com was created in 1997 to help regular people understand basic processes and jargon in the legal world, and avoid high priced mistakes.

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] How Jurisdictionary began

[6:04] Our court system is broken, and we need to remember how they used to work in order to get back to a functioning system

[11:11] 3 legal tools that all people are eligible for

[18:02] Understanding simple concepts can save you thousands of dollars

[21:30] Why it pays to seriously consider whether you want to agree to arbitration

[24:20] Why not having a court reporter is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot

[27:57] What Jurisdictionary is designed to teach you



Episode: 298

Guest: Dr Frederick Graves

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