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HS 302 – Getting Through a Divorce Intact with The Divorce Diva Vikki Ziegler

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Vikki Ziegler, The Divorce Diva

Jason Hartman talks with The Divorce Diva, Vikki Ziegler, about how to best protect yourself in the event of divorce. Vikki reminds listeners that protecting yourself from divorce starts before you’re even married, with everything from the state you live in to a prenup to your mindset when you start your divorce proceedings.

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] What you need to know to “do divorce right”

[4:57] Some tips to make mediation more successful

[11:41] With Americans constantly moving around, which state law applies when divorce happens?

[15:04] The best way to bring up the idea of a prenup with your significant other

[16:55] The growing trend of a social media clause in prenups



Episode: 302

Guest: Vikki Ziegler

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