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HS 338 – The Democratic Party Needs to Be Saved From Itself with Dr. Bob Filner

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Jason and guest, Bob Filner debate the Trump Administration, how the remiss government regulators are towards financial institutions, and the need for a complete reinvention of the Democratic party. As the former House Committee Chairman on Veteran’s Affairs, Bob Filner tackled Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan by threatening to press charges for their unethical treatment of military personnel by foreclosing on their mortgage loans. Mr. Filner was also the Mayor of San Diego and this interview comes on the heels of the release of his new book, Trumping Trump: Making Democrats Progressive Again.

Key Takeaways:

[1:28] Bob Filner shares the purpose behind his book, Trumping Trump.

[3:56] Will the Tobin tax discourage trading and betting on non-asset based investments?

[6:50] Bob would like to rebrand the democratic party as the party of the working people.

[8:48] Bob threatened Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan for foreclosing on military personnel’s home while they were serving in active duty.

[14:50] It is pathetic how easily you can buy justice.

[15:42] Does the financial system need less or more regulation?

[25:51] The problem with the Trump administration as Bob Filner sees it.

[30:57] Trump’s policies could have a devastating affect on the US economy.

[32:53] What benefits the American worker more jobs and higher pay or low cost imported goods?



Trumping Trump: Making Democrats Progressive Again

Episode: 338

Guest: Dr. Bob Filner

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