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HS 362 – Fake News In the Vegas Shooting Aftermath? with Jenny Worman

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The Las Vegas shooting was a terrible tragedy, but there’s some things surrounding the shooting that aren’t making a lot of sense. Jason Hartman talks with former Congressional candidate Jenny Worman about some of the aspects that just don’t add up. The two discuss societies views on conspiracy theories, and why we can’t just rely on mainstream media to give us the whole story.

Key Takeaways:

[2:12] Some of the things about the explanation of the Las Vegas shooting that seems strange to Jenny

[5:41] We shouldn’t marginalize conspiracy theories immediately

[8:40] There were some strange movements in the equity markets in the days leading up to the shooting

[11:57] Some of the more conspiracy theories that make the most sense to Jason and Jenny

[15:08] The media just doesn’t mention a lot of the irregularities about the shooting

[18:52] ISIS seems like a great candidate for who is responsible for the shooting

[23:25] The government is clearly covering something up, even if it’s just the fact that they’re doing a terrible job protecting us

[25:31] Google and Facebook are the scariest companies in the world to Jason

Episode: 362

Guest: Jenny Worman

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