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Make a Hot/Cold Compress from Unused Diapers

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Disposable-diaperWhen you’re the type of person who has the awareness (and sense!) to earn extra money through Jason Hartman’s technique of investment rental properties, you are probably also known to “save” seemingly worthless items. But you never know when these currently useless items could come in handy. For instance, perhaps your grandchild has been out of diapers for over a year, but you still have a half-filled box of disposable diapers. You should just throw those out, right? Wrong.

You can turn a disposable diaper into a hot/cold pack for sore muscles or other aches and pains.


Hot: To make a hot compress, you should heat water – either in a pan or teapot on the stove or by letting the tap run hot – and then you can pour the liquid into a new disposable diaper. Don’t make it so hot that it burns you! You’ll want to only add a little water a time, remembering that diapers come in different sizes are only capable of holding so much liquid. Gently squeeze to remove any excess water and then apply the hot pack to your sore muscles to relax and soothe them. You can leave the diaper open to wrap it around your neck or use the tabs to affix it to a sore knee or elbow. Unlike a washcloth, a diaper retains heat for a longer period of time. It can also be reheated by placing in a microwave for a few seconds and then reused.

Cold: Similar to a hot compress, a clean, unused diaper can be turned into an ice pack by pouring cold water onto it. You can pour it directly from the tap, from a pitcher of water kept in the refrigerator, or even from a cold outside water source, like a nearby stream while hiking. If it doesn’t feel quite cold enough, or starts to warm after use, simply place into the refrigerator or freezer long enough to regain is chilly temperature. You should not allow the diaper to freeze solid, or it will be too cold to use. Also, do not apply the cold pack to open cuts if you have used water from a questionable source, such as a stream.

You will feel some moisture where you have applied the pack, so don’t place it over clothing or on material that you don’t want to be wet. However, disposable diapers, unlike cloth diapers or swim diapers, hold moisture in, allowing you to create hot or cold compresses from those unused diapers.

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