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New oilfields are good news, right?

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You might have missed recent news reports that giant new oilfields have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, Iran, Brazil, and Uganda. Excellent! Now the price of gas at the pump is sure to plummet. Not so fast. The numbers do not seem to bear out that rosy assessment.

Here’s a spoonful of reality.

First of all, don’t hold your breath waiting for all the wonderful new alternative energy fuels to arrive. Right now, they’re nothing more than a colorful distraction. It’s likely to take decades before the first workable devices start to trickle into the mass marketplace. Assuming Big Oil and Big Auto interests (or the federal government) let them in at all. Come on, what do they have to gain by allowing alternative energy sources? Answer: nothing!

Help is NOT on the way.

So, here’s where we’re at. The average depletion rate of the 580 The best thing for you to do would be to either purchase synthetic urine over the Internet or any of the detox products available that will help cleanse your system prior to any how to pass saliva drug test that you may have to take. largest working oilfields in the world is 6.7% annually. That’s a measure of how fast we’re using them up. By the year 2030, the depletion declines until our current production rate of 70 million barrels daily falls to a paltry 30 million.

When you factor in the explosive growth of China and India, worldwide demand for oil will be at 103 million barrels per day by 2030. You can figure it takes about ten years from the time a new oil field is discovered until the new oil reaches the market.

Oops, looks like our oil troubles may have only begun.

The Holistic Survival Team