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Out of oil? Not so fast.

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The prevailing theory regarding world oil reserves goes something like this: millions of years ago all the dinosaurs in the world fell over dead. As years rolled past, their remains were concentrated, compressed, and magically transformed into gas and oil. Since there were, obviously, a limited number of dinosaurs, one could deduce the same limitations on the amount of petroleum available to be discovered.

But what if that theory taught to grade schoolers for decades is wrong?

What if the actual process of oil creation goes something like what was hypothesized by Russian and Ukrainian geophysicists 50 years ago? Their research concluded oil and gas is created in the earth’s mantle and pushed up closer to the surface by natural pressure through faults/cracks until it came to rest in pockets close (relatively speaking) to the surface.

Oil is naturally regenerated by the earth?

That would explain the continued discovery of “super giant” oilfields long past the time earth was supposed to have passed the point of peak oil availability. Back in the late 1980’s, that environmental genius, actor Ted Danson of Cheers, predicted we’d be out of petroleum by now. Missed it by that much, hmm, Ted?

Has the prevailing oil theory been all wrong? Humans have proven themselves to be consumers of colossal ignorance before, like with the Flat Earth Theory. Or is something more sinister at work here? Are oil company profits created by false scarcity? Who knows? The lesson here is clear – get ready for anything.

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