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HS 16 – Very Real Possibilities of Famine and How To Prepare with Steve Shenk

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Steve Shenk

The purpose of The Holistic Survival Show is to help you protect the people, places and profits you care about in uncertain times. A very important aspect of this protection includes human consumption and nourishment. More specifically, food is and was and will continue to be an integral part of human life. Steve Shenk, director of eFoodsDirect, provider of technologically advanced foods that create top level nutrition for over 25 years, joins us on this episode to inform us on the importance of proper food storage. Visit https://www.holisticsurvival.com/podcast-with-holistic-survival.php. Steve is on a mission to help people rediscover the spirit of rugged self-reliance that made America strong.  With his quick wit and Minnesota, country-boy attitude, Steve will leave believing that there’s real hope for the future even in the midst of tough times.  Tune in to this episode as Jason and Steve discuss the first step in becoming fearless of the scary, but very real, possibility of worldwide famine.  Don’t miss how you can use a bulk food supply as a great inflation hedge and feed a family tomorrow at today’s prices.

Episode: 16

Guest: Steve Shenk

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