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HS 31 – Essential Guide to Handguns with Bruce Eimer Ph.D

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Dr. Bruce Eimer

Jason Hartman talks with firearms instructor, Dr. Bruce Eimer, a licensed clinical psychologist, a nationally renowned NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and a published author. A “non-martial artist”, Dr. Eimer emphasizes the practical, the realistic and the lawful components of armed and unarmed self defense. More at: https://www.holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ and on iTunes. Dr. Eimer’s work includes: Essential Guide to Handguns, Personal Defense Solutions, a new DVD set entitled Basic Defensive Handgun, the online forum www.DefensiveHandguns.com and a column in Concealed Carry Magazine. His classes teach people what they need to know to use a firearm competently for self protection. He teaches people: weapons operation, safe weapon handling and care, marksmanship fundamentals, basic tactical skills, and the laws pertaining to deadly force.

Episode: 31

Guest: Bruce Eimer Ph.D

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