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HS 44 – Essential Guide to Handguns with Stephen Rementer

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Stephen Rementer

Jason Hartman talks with Stephen Rementer , a Vietnam combat veteran and a 30 year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He is a certified police firearms instructor, SWAT team professional, and bomb disposal technician. More at: http://holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/.  Currently, Mr. Rementer is a licensed private detective who specializes in dignitary protection, explosives interdiction and corporate security consultation. With his wife, Linda, he teaches defensive firearms skills and qualifies civilians, law enforcement, and security personnel at their Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Institutein Bensalem, PA. He is a Glock and Smith and Wesson Certified Armorer.

Comments on the book:
“A one-stop-source of information for the new defensive pistol shooter. I seriously recommend it to my students.” — Gabe Suarez, President, Suarez International and internationally acclaimed tactical firearms trainer and author.

“This book is a definite must for all gun owners, novice to expert. It should be referred to often.” — Steven Silverman, President, Firearms Research and Instruction.

“This excellent text should be read by every gun owner. Thorough and informative, this is a good book to own.” — John Farnam, President, Defensive Training Institute and author of

“This is a great handbook for the handgun owner. Want and expert opinion on what to buy? Get this book.” — Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America.

“This is an excellent resource for beginners and experienced gun owners alike.” — Tim Schmidt, Editor & Publisher of Concealed Carry Magazine

A must for every responsible gun owner! Gun ownership has inherent responsibilities, including the knowledge needed for weapon care, the wisdom to choose the gun that fits your personal abilities plus the skill and training to use it safely. This thorough book includes extensive discussion of a wide variety of firearms ownership and use issues. Also includes instruction on safe range procedures, tactical self-protection tools and tips for ensuring that you re sufficiently prepared to act in self-defense.

With a focus on the safe use of combat handguns as a defensive tool. With violent crime on an upswing and the advent of terrorism, every responsible law abiding adult should be prepared with a personal defense plan. Owning firearms and knowing how to use and maintain them safely should be part of such a plan.

This book is not intended to serve as a substitute for appropriate, personalized, live training. It is intended to help readers in selecting appropriate training for them. It is also intended to serve as a reference that beginning, intermediate and advanced handgun owners can turn to again and again.

The right to personal self-defense is protected and affirmed by our Constitution. This right is basic to a free society. However, along with this right, comes the responsibility to be a good citizen, obey the law, respect other people’s rights, treat others as you wish to be treated, and be well prepared to maintain your personal security responsibly.

As Colonel Jeff Cooper so well stated, “Firearms, most particularly personal firearms, are Liberty’s teeth, as pointed out by the Fathers of our country.”

* In-depth exploration of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

* Psychological preparedness for armed self-defense.

* Safe and effective range and practice procedures.

* Basic tactical self protection tools and techniques.

* Recommendations for quality firearms and accessories.

Prepare to prevail and survive in a dangerous and violent world. Every adult individual is responsible for their own personal safety. The courts have already ruled that the police are not responsible for protecting individuals–just preserving the peace. Time and time again, tragedies are reported in the media wherein innocent lives were taken by violent criminals, and the police responded after the fact. If these individuals were armed, trained and prepared to use their firearms when they were attacked, they might not have become victims. Our goal is to help transform potential victims into responsible, law abiding citizens who have the desire and the knowledge to take responsibility for their own personal safety and security.

Episode: 44

Guest: Stephen Rementer

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