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HS 5 – When Technology Fails: An Interview with Matthew Stein

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Matthew Stein

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With innovative luxurious such as the computer, refrigerator, washer and dryer, iPhone, electric light, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), etc. we have become acclimated to a technology-dependent lifestyle. Visit https://www.holisticsurvival.com/podcast-with-holistic-survival.php. As mentioned in the first episode of The Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman states, “Thou shalt practice the primitive annually – be able to sustain life without current technological advances.” This modern survival concept is extremely important to those who rely heavily on modern technical equipment to perform their daily routines. Matthew Stein is the author of the highly praised book, When Technology Fails, a comprehensive manual on sustainable living skills which addresses this very notion of surviving in today’s society when technology may not be accessible. In recognition of his expertise, Stein has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and is a repeat guest on Fox News, Lionel, Coast-to-Coast AM, and the Thom Hartmann Show. He has also written several articles on the subject of sustainable living and is a guest columnist for the Huffington Post. Listen in as host Jason Hartman, a prime example of someone living their day to day life immersed in the latest technological advances, and Stein discuss the NECESSARY measures “one must take to live without!”

Episode: 5

Guest: Matthew Stein

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