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512 FBF: Business of Disease & Fusing Mind with Matter with Sonia Barrett

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 115, originally published in December 2012.

On this show, we have talked about food, medication and just about everything that makes us sick. For this episode, Jason Hartman is joined by Sonia Barrett to talk about her forthcoming documentary, The Business of Disease. Sonia is an author and the host/producer and founder of Sovereign Mind Radio. She wrote an article in 2010 entitled “The Marketing of Breast Cancer, the pink ribbon agenda, and received staggering positive feedback.  It led to the production of The Business of Disease. Sonia takes a look at how marketing and media, such as the pink ribbons, drive a huge business for the awareness and treatment of breast cancer. She points out that various businesses make tons of money from different events and fundraisers, and hospitals make more money from mammograms. In the documentary, Sonia took a look at how all of the awareness efforts for breast cancer affect the brain, not just for women, but for their spouses and children.  This is a segue into talking about Sonia’s book, The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter. She explains that our belief system is shaped by society, family, and upbringing, and without asking questions, those belief systems establish what reality is going to look like for each of us. This can make our reality less than authentic and more of “going with the flow.” Reality is what we focus on and whatever each person focuses on at any given moment in their life is what is real to them. Sonia encourages examining belief systems.






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