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HS 54 – “Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs”

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Dr. Harvey Bigelsen

The United States is ranked No. 49 in healthcare by the World Health Organization – below some so-called third world countries.  Why is this?  According to Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs:  How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health – And What to Do About It, nearly all surgery is elective surgery, and germs do not cause disease.  Most doctors focus on treating illness and disease with surgery and drugs, “fixing” rather than curing patients.  Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Dr. Bigelsen regarding his more nontraditional approach to medicine.  Listen at: http://HolisticSurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ for a discussion of Dr. Bigelsen’s simple, if radical approach to healing chronic inflammation, why germs do not cause disease, and how even so-called “non-invasive” surgeries and procedures can harm you.  Learn what Biological Medicine is and how it differs from alternative, functional medicine and modern scientific medicine, and why the AMA and Big Pharma are threatened by non-traditional medicine.

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., served his country in Vietnam as a commanding officer in charge of mass casualties and as a trauma surgeon. He had a successful ophthalmology practice in Princeton, New Jersey, before moving to Arizona and following a more nontraditional medical philosophy. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, and was appointed by then Governor Babbitt to establish a board, and while acting as president, to set the standards for holistic medicine. The law gave homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine. He continues to consult in Nevada City, California. Bigelsen is no stranger to controversy. For more than thirty years he has been bucking the medical establishment with his more nontraditional or Lamarckian approach to medicine, and he has paid a price for his opposition.  But this trailblazing medical maverick has refused to be silenced, doggedly advocating an approach to health that avoids unnecessary surgeries and drugs.

Though he trained as a medical doctor and surgeon, Dr. Bigelsen grew frustrated by his inability to help patients through the traditional methods of Western medicine. Dr. Bigelsen’s work is based in biological medicine, and involves a revolutionary approach that evaluates every patient as an individual, and develops a rational therapeutic plan based on his/her past medical and surgical history. He believes that if the patient is not getting better, it is the practitioner’s fault, because “miracles only happen when you know what you are doing.” This philosophy has been the foundation of Dr. Bigelsen’s work and drives him to find the real cause of each patient’s unique problems. Only when a cause is found, can one find a cure.

Episode: 54

Guest: Dr. Harvey Bigelsen

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