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HS 125 – Energy and Space with Sir Charles Shults III

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Sir Charles Shults III

Jason Hartman interviews scientist and inventor, Sir Charles Shults III, regarding the world’s energy technology and his research on Mars and why it is important. Sir Charles explains the problems with some energy technologies, including the environmental issues and financial costs. He points out that the companies producing these technologies are not scientists, only really understanding the price side of things. Jason and Sir Charles talk about solar, nuclear, wind energy and more. Nuclear energy is thought of as a dangerous alternative due to disasters around the world, but the designs and the answers exist to make this energy source safe. The problem is that the government has made recycling of nuclear waste illegal, except by the military, for fear of the creation of nuclear weapons by anyone in the private sector. Our biggest problem with solar and wind industry is a lack of storage. Sir Charles explains that we can harness more than enough power for the world, but we don’t have the storage capacity. He encourages more research in the energy field.

The second half of the interview moves from our planet to space. Sir Charles states that we have answers to every problem. People don’t understand the importance of learning to survive in space, which would bring us the means to survive far more efficiently on the ground. He and Jason also explore weather control and advanced weaponry and defense systems already invented and in use. For more about alternative power systems, personal automation and sustainability, please visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com. We could easily support 50 billion people on this planet through technical advances, many of which already exist, without threatening the environment or the biological diversity we are losing presently.

Sir Charles Shults III worked at Martin Marietta Aerospace for 10 years on weapons systems and computer based automated test equipment. He wrote the nuclear EMP test software for the Pershing II missile system, worked on Patriot, the Copperhead tank killer, and Advanced Attack Helicopter systems. Charles has performed research under grant on nuclear fusion, was knighted and received a long term grant for his present research in robotics and artificial intelligence. He has written many technical publications and magazine articles on space, astronomy, the atmosphere, and space resource development. In addition, Charles has also appeared on several TV and radio programs.

Episode: 125

Guest: Sir Charles Shults III

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