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HS 131 – Forecast for 2013 and Beyond with Astrologer Jeff Harman

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Jeff Harman

Astrologer Jeff Harman is a second-generation astrologer with over 36 years of experience consulting with people from around the world on personal and business needs. Jason Hartman and Jeff Harman engage in a discussion of the world’s possible economic future, and Jeff forecasts several future events based on global cycles, including a global electronic, cashless society by 2020. He says the next major alignment that is coming into play is 2020 and there is a big disruptive cycle coming up between now and 2015 that could bring a lot of turmoil in the financial markets that will lead to this cashless society. Jeff also explains how astrology has been used throughout history for advice on wars and other events, and the validity of ancient astrology versus the sun sign astrology that came about in the ‘60s. As Jeff explains, just like with physics, if an event or phenomenon is repeatable, it becomes something that can be relied upon or something that works, and it does have a very high degree of accuracy. Visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com for more information.

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Astrologer Jeff Harman is a second-generation astrologer with over 36 years of experience consulting with people from around the world on personal and business needs. Jason Hartman and Jeff Harman engage in a discussion of the world’s possible economic future, and Jeff forecasts several future events based on global cycles, including a global electronic, cashless society by 2020. He says the next major alignment that is coming into play is 2020 and there is a big disruptive cycle coming up between now and 2015 that could bring a lot of turmoil in the financial markets that will lead to this cashless society. Jeff also explains how astrology has been used throughout history for advice on wars and other events, and the validity of ancient astrology versus the sun sign astrology that came about in the ‘60s. As Jeff explains, just like with physics, if an event or phenomenon is repeatable, it becomes something that can be relied upon or something that works, and it does have a very high degree of accuracy. Visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com for more information.

Jeff spent many years in Beverly Hills and has clients in all areas of the entertainment industry. He is a member of the Council on Vedic Astrology, the American Federation of Astrologers, and the National Center for Geocosmic Research. He utilizes Classical, Vedic, Kabbalistic, and Astro-location Astrology. Jeff has appeared on many radio shows including Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, as well as many other shows.

Besides being a life-long astrologer, Jeff Harman owns Conjunction Entertainment, a new motion picture company. Jeff has a diverse career in the entertainment industry and a technical background in the areas of audio forensics, audio engineering, electronic design consulting and acoustical consulting. Jeff has taught physics of sound and acoustics, electronics, and advanced acoustical design, testing and audio engineering. He has held classes at such places as the renowned Riverbank Acoustics Laboratory in Geneva, Illinois, which was involved in secret work for the military during WWI and WWII and Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. Jeff has worked in production, filming and recording with such diverse people as George Carlin, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Greg Morris from Mission Impossible and one of Hollywood’s directors of classic westerns, Budd Boetticher, as well as many others. Jeff was once consulted as an analyst of the JFK assassination footage. He has also conducted forensics work in voice print analysis and other audio technical capabilities with many federal, state and local agencies. Jeff’s website is http://www.jeffharman.com/.

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Start of Interview with Jeff Harman

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Jeff Harman to the show. He is a forecaster and he uses forecasting and several tools involved in his forecast and his consulting work with businesses and you’ll hear about those here in this interview today. And he is a frequent guest on radio shows. I actually became familiar with him on Coast to Coast with George Noory and really liked what he had to say, so I wanted to welcome him to our show. Jeff, welcome, how are you?

Jeff Harman: Very good. Thank you, Jason.

Jason Hartman: Good. Hey, the pleasure is all mine. And you’re coming to us from Tucson, Arizona, right?

Jeff Harman: That is correct.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. First of all, I’d like to ask you what is the difference between a prediction and a forecast.

Jeff Harman: Well, it’s a matter of semantics. The word choice is because I believe in very practical usage of this material. And the stuff that I used is very ancient. It’s been handed down literally for the last couple of thousand years plus. And a lot of politicians and very high level business people use my services because it’s a practical application. And when the word prediction comes up, it often connotates predicting the future.

And as we know on a lot of predictions that we’ve seen on the television shows, etcetera, a lot of things don’t happen as predicted. Why I like the word forecast better is because I believe, like a good airline pilot, if I know my conditions I can make much more informed decisions.

Most of the clients that I deal with, they’re very practical people in very nuts and bolts type businesses. Some of them are in the entertainment business. Some of them are in personal pursuits. The issue is they want practical usable information that can help them make informed decisions. And I think the more you can assess what’s going on both in the world financially and also in your personal life in terms of cycles, the more you’re going to take note of that and make I think informed decision, that’s probably the best way.

Jason Hartman: Sure. So, I’m going to ask you to delve more deeply into these tools that you used, that you say even George Washington used. But, before we do that, give us a little forecast of what we can expect this year in 2013 if you would.

Jeff Harman: I would say not only just this year, but we are in what we would call a very powerful cycle phase this year all the way up to 2015. And particularly late spring this year as well as the fall next year, there’s two points, particularly the end of May and to June and then also this November, I would say late October into November, I would expect some pretty serious alterations. And patterns are already seeing that. In fact, NASA has said that we right now are in a solar maximus cycle which happens approximately every 11 to 12 years. And we’re seeing. I mean, this year, the weather is quite strange. We’re getting very cool weather in places we should be getting much warmer and very warm ready in places that should be much colder. So, it’s certainly been consistent.

This cycle we’re in right now consistently has caused a lot of disruptions in financial markets and also in weather patterns throughout history. In fact, on my website I have an article that outlines a historical background in what has happened over the last few hundred years every time these cycles come into play. And that’s what I would say is right now expect the unexpected of coming here, particularly this summer and as late as fall.

Jason Hartman: Well, what is the unexpected?

Jeff Harman: The unexpected, I think we are looking at more disruption in the financial markets, particularly in the stock markets and international problems. Particularly, there’s a trend right now where real estate appears to be going up. What I like is the fed appears to be holding the USD where it is even though I think there’s a lot of international lack of confidence in the dollar, but they’re holding it where it is. And everyone knows that the fed has printed money on top of printing money. It’s been a nonstop printing game. In fact, they’re not even required to report anymore.

In a way, I have to say it’s kind of a good thing they’re doing that even though I think it’s a very precarious house of cards had they not done that, and the bailout’s up and done, I think we’d probably be looking at a situation worse than 1929.

Jason Hartman: My theory on that is had we been willing to take the hard medicine, we’d be at a real recovery now. Instead, because we didn’t want to take the hard medicine and we never want to take the hard medicine of course, and politicians, their tenure is short – they never want to take the hard medicine between election cycles, so they always pander to the easiest way out and they just keep kicking the can down the road – and long term they actually make it worse. They make it more painful. Like, if you keep ingesting caffeine, you eventually become immune to it. Now, they just have to print so much more and you have to drink 10 cups of coffee instead of 1 to feel anything after a while. The same thing with a drug user. They gotta have a bigger and bigger fix to feel it. And that’s what happens with the economy. They just keep juicing it up so much. And yes, you’re right. It would have been ugly had we done the right thing and not printed our way out of it, but here we are.

Jeff Harman: I don’t agree with them, but I think had they not we’d have been taking some hard medicine. I agree with you that down the line here – and this may be what we’re going to see here – particularly in 2014, about a year from now, I think there’s going to be financial events that are going to happen late this year, particularly around November, and I can’t give you specific dates, that are going to precipitate into the spring, particularly right around April, the latter part of April of 2014 we have an alignment coming up that’s exceedingly powerful. And if that one doesn’t really bring some huge international disruption…

See, when you take China right now, which is really linked to us financially. They’re not only buying our bonds, but their whole economy is supported by ours. And they’re locked with us. But you take Russia and other countries that are banding together, wanting to trade oil on something that than the UST, sooner or later this is going to cause trouble. And the last couple of major wars, meaning World War I and World War II, yeah, we saw events that precipitated them, but we really don’t know why those events happened. History tells of what happened, but I think there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.

And I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but follow the money. And if we’ve ever had a cocktail for an international event for strong arming, it’s certainly right now. And the question is gonna be whether or not they can make a transition to where I think they’re going by 2020. See, the next major alignment that is coming into play is in 2020. So, between now and 2015, we have a very disruptive cycle which could bring a lot of chaos in the international financial markets which then in turn ripples down to us here in the US. And I think that – this is just a theory at this point – but I think we’re moving to some type of a global electronic cashless type system. And I would bet that if it happens it’s gonna be right around 2020.

Jason Hartman: And let me tell you something. That scares the heck out of me because if we have a global fiat money system, basically nobody who’s holding this global currency is in control of their future whatsoever. The central bankers are because the value of your currency is completely determined by somebody else. They can increase or decrease the value of that currency to suit their own needs and impoverish all of the people holding it. Then we have to become an economy of things, of commodities where commodities that have intrinsic values – of course everybody likes to think of gold and silver initially, but there are many others – those things can’t be debased, at least not as easily as a currency can.

Now, people are free to shift the currencies they hold by trading currencies in other countries and you can play some games there. But if the currency’s global, it’s like controlling the global oxygen supply. It’s everything. You’ve got complete control of the entire wealth of the world.

Jeff Harman: You are exactly right.

Jason Hartman: So, why 2020? Why would that happen in 2020?

Jeff Harman: Well, it’s interesting that you bring that up, because I had mentioned Benjamin Franklin – and I hate to use the word Mason – many of the inner secret societies knew that there was a system that was in place. It was revolutionary cycles that happened every so many hundreds of years, and of course this is astrology, but essentially what they do is they look at the cycles of the societal global cycles by certain conjunctions. And the last big one that we had was in 1702. The historians may fault me for this, but right shortly thereafter is when the Industrial Revolution technically started. And if you look back through history, that’s when steam was really coming in and of course we’ve been on an absolute escalation ever since then.

Jason Hartman: Give us that date again. 1702?

Jeff Harman: Yeah, it was 1702. Now, nothing particularly huge happened on exactly that date, but the trigger point for the cycle. Well, the next what we call mutation cycle is 2020. And we don’t need to be reminded how quick the years go. That’s only just short of 7 years away. It’s a little less than 7 years now since we’re into the first month of 2013. And I believe they are very well aware of this. I was mentioning to you before we got online here today I have some clients at very high places. And they have said there’s no logical reason for the people that print our money and those higher than that why they’re doing what they’re doing the way they’re doing it.
If you’re trying to preserve a culture or you could say a society, no bankers in their right mind would be allowing [0:12:28.8] to not be replaced and so many other things that were in place to keep the financial markets from doing what they did in 2008.

And, by the way, the astrology called that to a tee. I had reported that right before it happened, we knew that there was going to be a huge financial hiccup that was going to come in right at that point and it was almost like clockwork. Now, we’re in a cycle where I think there’s going to be rebellion. And I don’t think this is just going to be rebellion with people in The United States. I think the biggest problem is when you get a country or another culture who is supposed to adhere financially to a system that basically is bankrupt and they want to implement another system, you’ve got a cocktail there for some real trouble.

I hope it doesn’t precipitate into military means. Now, it may not, but it could. Usually, most of these wars you follow the power of control and money and that’s pretty much what precipitates them. This whole thing that’s been going on in Greece, we see Egypt and some of the other countries, Syria. Yes, part of it’s terrorism, but part of it behind the scenes might be financial depression and collapse.

Jason Hartman: You had mentioned to me before we starting recording that you have evidence of George Washington using these same tools.

Jeff Harman: Well, there’s a lot of evidence. John Quincy Adams, his daughter was Evangeline Adams and she had consulted with many presidents. Ronald Reagan used to meet with a gentleman named Carroll Righter, who I knew – he’s now passed away – when he was governor. And there’s no question it leaked out during the Reagan White House years he had consulted with these type of systems a lot. And there’s a lot of people that do now.

Jason Hartman: When people found out that Nancy Reagan was considering astrology and things like that, and I guess Ronald was, too, I mean they were marginalized for that. People use that as a way to marginalize the Reagan White House.

Jeff Harman: I have a lot of clients in the entertainment business, and they absolutely want this kept quiet. And that’s why my business is very confidential. I do not talk to anybody about who my clients are or where they do business because it is frowned upon. This is a science that’s very secret. I hate to use the word occult, but it is. Many of the historical documents that I have – I’m actually working right now with a number of different translators – some of them are professors and some of them are just translators, who I get their materials from and we’re finding a huge corpus of work that was used by many emperors and court astrologers throughout history where they would advise them not to go to war or to go to war or when coronations would be held, etcetera.

Again, this stuff is frowned upon in secular society. It always has been and I think it always will be because people think it’s woo-woo or they think it’s unethical. It’s anything but that. In fact, what is fascinating, and I tell a lot of clients this, you can actually get your guardian angel from your birth chart. And the sad 1960s sunshine astrology that came in is about as demeaning as it can get. The ancient astrology was sufficiently different. It was a much more complex system and it was very divine. In fact, it was all about spiritual experience as a human being. And that has been completely lost.

The Vatican is sitting on an absolutely gargantuan amount of occult materials in its library, so is the British museum and many, many others. And it doesn’t take much research to find this out. And I think the people that use it know that it’s going to be ridiculed, so they keep it secret. A good example, I do a lot of corporate elections, particularly with Delaware, because Delaware, they will go right in at the time we tell them to and file a corporation to meet a particular energetic alignment.

Jason Hartman: Amazing.

Jeff Harman: I have clients who sit in very high places and they will be going into the conference rooms signing documents at very specific times. And their attorneys don’t know or the people they’re associating with don’t know. And they keep it very close to the vest and I recommend that. And there’s an easy way around that. Just say can we meet this day at this time? And everybody says yes or no and we make it work. I have clients who go under for medical procedures.

Jason Hartman: Jeff, can’t people listening just write that off as, okay, some people are superstitious, or not just being superstitious but maybe they’re just hedging their bets. If they’re sophisticated business people, they’re already doing all the other right business stuff. You might as well throw in your lucky number at the same time, right? And I know I’m playing devil’s advocate here for a moment, but I think I’ve got it because I think some of the listeners are thinking the same thing. Does that really legitimize the practice? Are people just throwing in that little icing on the cake, that little extra kiss the coin before you toss it type of thing?

Jeff Harman: I think it’s both. I have a lot of clients who’ve come to me that I don’t think they believe a bit in what I’m doing. In fact, I’ve had some pretty established business people who actually thought this was crazy and they were only brought to me by recommendation or word of mouth. And skeptically, they tried it and it worked. And particularly, one of the things that I use a lot with clients is something called interrogations. Interrogations are literally asking a question. And we can guess charts and look at the efficacy of what they’re asking about. Will it be in your best interest or not? Well, that to the average person would be very questionable. Again, it’s like you said, kissing the coin before you toss it into the well.

So, what will happen is we get a specificity out of this that comes back and the person will say my god, that was right on. I really thought you were crazy I got off the phone. And I’m like I’m not trying to promote you to tell you to believe this. I just read what is there, the energies that are in play. That’s like being superstitious to say if you see a blip on a radar screen there must not be a plane over there. Once you get past the superstition of the art, and it truly is an art, and you just use the tool for what it is…I used to teach a physics class. And when you validate in physics whether a phenomena is repeatable, that’s it. If it’s repeatable, it now becomes something that we can rely upon as a “law” or something that works. I’m not saying this is a law. I am saying it does have a very high degree of accuracy. And when clients see that, they come back.

Jason Hartman: It’s certainly got a very long history, probably the longest of anything. Certainly, there is no longer personality assessment tool than this, right?

Jeff Harman: That’s right. You and I got into this conversation before. I’m more practical about this. People who are motivated, who set goals, who have skillsets, who know their business, whatever that business might be – I don’t care if you’re a carpenter or if you’re a high level banker or a real estate person or somebody doing something in the entertainment business. If you know your business, if you have done the work and been educated properly and you are a motivated individual, this is no different than using a stop and go light. If the light is green and you’re a good driver, you’re probably gonna have a lot better chance of getting through that intersection safely than if you try it on a red light, not to mention you’ll get a ticket.

So, my point is if you use it like that, this art is not gonna improve your skills. What it will do is allow what you’re doing to seek a better time. It’s like a good airline pilot. They analyze what the winds are doing, what their conditions are like, and what the probable energies are in the course of their trip. And the more accurate they are in assessing that, the more they [0:21:13.2] themselves so that they react properly. It’s kind of like if you take off in an airline, a pilot, and he knows we’re in very rough wind, we don’t break out the coffee right away. We wait until we get to a certain level.

So, again, I’m not out to convince anybody that this works. I can just tell you that the ancient astrologers had a good reason. And I always like to tell this story because if you tell the king once he posed an interrogation to whether or not he should pursue a particular course of action like go to war or something, if you were wrong, you didn’t just not get paid. You probably lost your head. They were a little bit more harsh back in those times. And the science behind it is absolutely amazing. Today, modern astrology is all this woo, sun-sign stuff. Back then, and I don’t mean that long ago either – I’m talking in the 17 to 1600s, it was really where it fell out of grace – it was exceedingly mathematical, very scientific and astronomical to the point to where it is far beyond just somebody looking at something from an intuitive standpoint. It’s very scientific.

It’s geometrical, it’s using geometry, longitudes, latitudes, it’s using very specific…The Egyptian astrology [0:22:35.1].

Jason Hartman: We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Why does it matter? I mean, yes, granted, the constellations are in the sky in a certain way, the planets align a certain way. I’ll certainly agree with all of that. But what is it that influences things? Is it gravity?

Jeff Harman: No. I always laugh at that one because that’s one of the things the skeptics will throw at this right off the bat. They’ll say the doctor in the delivery room has more gravitational pull than Saturn does. Guess what? They’re right. You cannot measure something like this. There is no scientific tools in that sense that will give us a read. However, with that being said, I have a dear friend, Dr. Claude Swanson and also many others I could quote where there is some hard science that actually supports this, particularly in the congealing of metals. There’s the Kolisko effect. There’s a number of effects…

Jason Hartman: What’s the Kolisko effect?

Jeff Harman: The Kolisko effect is where some scientists took a number of different metallic substances and they started paying attention to what the astrologers looked at in terms of geometric configurations for the solar system. And they found iron would form much better under certain planetary conditions with Mars – led or gold or silver. The molecular strength was superior when it was in alignment consistent with what the ancient astrology show. And that’s pretty irrefutable. There’s a number of scientific tests.
There’s the Gauquelin effect, too. There’s a bunch of skeptics who said there’s no way that the birth chart energies and the geometrical configurations could mean anything in a birth chart. So, they started running statistical data on athletes, on politicians, on different type businesspeople and different intellectual categories of people, what they pursue as a profession. And they found the percentages were quite high, sometimes as high as 70%, although a lot closer to the mid to high 60s and probable chance would have been down in the I think 40% range. 44% would have been probable chance. Don’t quote me on all this because you kind of l me without the data in front [0:25:48.0].

But I would encourage anybody – Dr. Claude Swanson wrote two excellent books. One is called The Synchronized Universe which is literally like a telephone book full of scientific data. [0:25:58.9]

Like here’s a good example. A lot of times I help people in spiritual cleansing to help rid them of blocked images. Now, psychologists, I think it’s M. Scott Peck…

Jason Hartman: Yeah, The Road Less Traveled. He’s the late Dr. Peck. I really would love it if he were still around. I wanted to get him on my show. I remember reading his works years and years ago. I really enjoyed them.

Jeff Harman: He and Malachi Martin were actually friends near the end of Malachi Martin’s life. And there is overwhelming evidence of particular Dr. Omoto. I’m sure many listeners will know who Dr. Emoto is. Dr. Emoto, for anyone listening who doesn’t know, he’s the man who has people pray over water or he’ll take thoughts of individuals or groups with different emotional or psychological intentions and he freezes water in a petri dish and then under laboratory conditions photograph the images captured in water. Well, what those are, those are literally what we call thought-form elementals. This is why [0:27:07.5] and so many different methods of healing worked. Our thoughts are literally [0:27:13.1].

Well, now we come back to one of my favorite topics and I believe the universe is an interactive consciousness. And I don’t think astrology in any way predicts the future. I think it predicts probable outcomes based on current states of consciousness. And, guess what, everyone drawing breath has the ability to change their consciousness. And that is why the religions I think railed so heavily against astrology is because if it’s used for predicting the future, I agree with religions. Don’t do that. I agree that human beings are exceedingly powerful.

And the one thing we have is our ability to react to something appropriately. This is what they teach us in driving school. This is what they teach us in any skill sets is how do you react properly? It’s the first thing they teach you in martial arts. This is the proper way to use this tool.

I have business people who say, Jeff, I’m going to do X. Tell me what’s in my way. Now, that’s the kind of person I want to do business with because they’re going to accomplish their goal one way or another. They just want to know what’s the road hole between here and there. Now, that’s a very intelligent and I think conscious, self-aware way to approach and use this tool. And I think that’s the way the forefathers used it and there’s strong evidence to that. There’s actually a picture of George Washington in a mural on a library with his masonic apron and one of his assistants is holding an astrological chart for when they laid the cornerstone foundation of the capital.
And this isn’t a conspiracy issue, but Washington, D. C., The District of Columbia, is actually [0:28:57.6] Egyptian temple if you take a good look.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I’ve seen some programs on that. And what you’re talking about with water was illustrated in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? Which was a very interesting, popular little movie about that and some other important concepts like this. Well, super, give out your website if you would and tell people where they can learn more about you and your work.

Jeff Harman: Sure. It’s JeffHarman.com. I always spend time to help people whether it’s a business person or personal. And there’s ebbs and flows that all of us have. One of the things I use that I really like, it’s location astrology where we literally can take a person’s birth chart energy and extrapolate it across the whole globe and you can see longitude and latitude points that are specific to your particular energies. And it’s like gravity. It doesn’t require belief or understanding but it sure does work. And I’ve been doing this since the 70s.

Jason Hartman: So, does that a tell a person should they relocate to a particular city or town?

Jeff Harman: Yes. I have had doctors who I have worked with over the years who said, Jeff, my PSAs are skyrocketing. Now, these are doctors. These aren’t people with the opinion that they’re sick. They know they’re sick. And when all else is failed and they know that they haven’t got much time left. I’ve got scientific data that shows when they moved to a particular positive line, to a sun line, their PSAs dropped. Things really got better. Now, I’m not saying it cured it but it certainly improved it significantly. And sometimes they were cured. And it’s really fascinated.

I mean, it’s one thing to have something happen once in a while, but when you get consistent results with the specific energies that people have in a particular location where they describe it as “Oh my god, that’s exactly what it was like all the years I lived there” consistently.

Jason Hartman: It’s too much to be a coincidence.

Jeff Harman: Right. And if someone wants to be skeptical, fine, then be skeptical. Don’t use it. I’m not out here pushing it to anybody. But it’s a viable tool. And this isn’t crystal ball gazing. It’s very scientific. And, in fact, with my clients, I logged them online these days right where they are. I have clients all over the world and they can log online with me. And we literally will give GPS coordinates and so on and so forth. It’s pretty amazing. And then there’s what we call cycles, transits, and progressions. I’ve had CEOs of companies relocate their head offices and their businesses substantially improved.

I have one story, it’s really funny. I had a gentleman who’s exceedingly wealthy. Just say he’s in the auto industry. And he married and his wife wanted to put up a jewelry store. And I told him don’t ever put it there. It’s not going to be a very good location. Well, “You don’t understand”, he said, “who we’ve got involved with this.” And he had enough money to throw at it to do basically anything he needed to do. Well, they had nothing but trouble there consistently, employees quitting or there’s theft involved. It was just a nightmare for 3 years. And finally, he said “I don’t need a tax write-off that bad” and we just closed it. And the interesting thing is you say, okay, well that’s a coincidence. Well, then why did the other store that was a great location did fantastic and they sold a marvelous profit? It’s pretty interesting. Again, the data speaks for itself.

Jason Hartman: Most definitely, very interesting. I mean, what about on the personality side? I mean, when I read about my own profile as a Libra, for example, it sure sounds like me. And I’ll read someone else’s and that’s not me. I mean, is this a self-fulfilling prophecy issue? I just want to share a quote that I think is brilliant. I don’t know if he’s still around or not, but I assume he’s not – would have been a long time – but S. I. Hayakawa, California senator from the 70s I think it was, he wrote this book on self-fulfilling prophecy and he said the self-fulfilling prophecy is something that is neither true nor false, yet it is capable of becoming true if it is believed and that’s the placebo effect basically. So, how much of that are we putting into it and how much is just empirical?

Jeff Harman: I think “it” you’re referring to is the astrology. First off, I would say the ancient astrology doesn’t even use the same sun science as you’re talking about. Modern western astrology I often refer to as love, light and cluelessness. It’s very airy-fairy. It’s very watered down. Other millions of people are born with a sun and a sign every month. And, yes, you’re right, you can read the newspaper, you can read something, and it will be somewhat generally accurate. If you get into the older systems, they don’t even use the same zodiac.

Jason Hartman: And I’m not saying reading the newspaper or looking at the last page of Cosmo.

Jeff Harman: Even the books, even the Linda Goodman Sun Sign books have some closeness, but if you look at the patterns every individual has when you have an accurate birth time, it’s amazing because there is no two people exactly alike. You can’t get two charts exactly alike. It’s way too complex. I always say to people there’s 10 digits on a telephone excluding the pound and the star key. And with this system you’ve got 360 degrees, 12 houses, 12 signs, a lot of planets and hundreds of fixed stars. The combinations are infinite, absolutely infinite. When you look at a telephone, you can call everybody on the planet with 10 numbers.

Anyhow, the point is that a lot of people don’t have their birth times and that’s where I use interrogations. Interrogations is literally asking a question at that moment and time. And it’s been pretty interesting, I’ll tell you that. I literally have thousands of charts. And I’ve even done forensic work with people in law enforcement and also groups looking at finding individuals and it’s been highly accurate.

Jason Hartman: Jeff Harman, thanks so much for joining us today. Did you want to share any last bit of advice for people before we go?

Jeff Harman: I think the only thing I would say is that we’re definitely in times here that change certainly in the wind here between now and 2020. This next 7 years is going to be some unprecedented changes. I actually think we’re moving into a very interesting and fascinating technology future. That’s where it’s going in my opinion.

We’re moving into what I would call the age of consciousness and mind and I don’t think it’s gonna be without a few bumps and potholes in the road here that we have to steer around, but ultimately I think fear is one of the most dangerous things and as long as we’re all drawing breath and we’re giving to that, there’s always a way we can make something work. And even though there’s many people unhappy, particularly in America right now, there’s a lot of division right now with what happened in the last election, there’s a lot of division with what’s going on financially, I find trying times like this right now, a lot of people lose but there’s also a lot of people who gain.

And I look at it as long as you’re drawing breath, the game’s not over and there’s always a way to find something that can work. And I think the power of positive thinking is [0:36:49.0] it’s one of the most magical, blessed things in the universe. And I think that’s why I tell everybody stay positive. It’ll work out one way or another.

Jason Hartman: Well, Jeff Harman, thanks so much for joining us today, and we appreciate the insights.

Jeff Harman: Thank you.

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