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HS 134 – Balance Your pH with Dr. Robert Young

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Dr. Robert Young

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On this episode, Jason talks with Dr. Robert Young on how maintaining an akaline body will help keep diease and sickness away. Learn more at http://HolisticSurvival.com

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Start of Interview with Dr. Robert Young

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Robert Young. He is co-author along with his wife Shelley of the PH Miracle: Balance your Diet, Reclaim your Health. Dr. Young, how are you?

Dr. Robert Young: Well I couldn’t be better. This is, I think, the best day of my life.

Jason Hartman: Well, I have to just ask you, are you normally such an optimist or are you saying that for a particular reason today?

Dr. Robert Young: No, the weather is incredible, the sun it out, I feel extraordinarily good today, and I put in my 6 miles today, I had my green drink and I’m feeling great.

Jason Hartman: Alright. Good stuff. Well we’re going to delve into that and how to make people feel great. I know most of our listeners have probably heard about this issue of having an alkaline body or an acidic body. And of course we all remember from probably high school chemistry the PH scale and that kind of stuff. But I don’t understand it very well, and I don’t know that other people understand it very well.

I remember being with one of my friends one day and suggesting that we go for coffee after lunch, and he said oh no, I’m trying to be on an alkaline diet, and I guess coffee is bad. Well, I’m drinking coffee now, and I hope that’s not a bad move. But what is it? Just explain at the high level what’s going on with our bodies. I know some people drink this alkaline water and stuff? Let’s dive into that.

Dr. Robert Young: Yeah. Well let’s keep it really simple to start off with. I use this metaphor – I call it the Fish Bowl metaphor. It starts out with this question: If the fish is sick, what would you do? Would you treat the fish or would you change the water?

Jason Hartman: Interesting point. So that’s the issue of context and content, and that’s a good point. So obviously our environment is impacting us. The water, in your example, is impacting us. The air we breathe, the food we ingest. Good point. So changing the water would be a good move.

Dr. Robert Young: We change the water. In other words, the fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in. The fish is a metaphor for the human cell. The human cell is only as healthy as the water it’s bathed in, both on the outside and the inside. And it just so happens, that bath is an alkaline bath. You’ve heard about alkaline shampoo or PH balance shampoo. You’ve probably, if you’re at your neighbor’s swimming pool, if you have a swimming pool, or if you’re at the county or the city swimming pool, somebody’s always coming out and testing the PH. And they’re trying to keep it alkaline.

Even in our water purification systems around the world, they’re filtering it but they’re also chemically trying to alter the water to give us an alkaline water. Because algae and bacteria, microorganisms thrive in an acidic environment. So where do we see algae? In acid water. Where do we see molds and bacteria? In acid water. The president’s message on environment was about acid rain – it was about global warming. Global warming has everything to do in the macro world, about acid. We look at the forests in Denali. What is happening to our forests? They’re being destroyed. They’re literally destroyed by acid rain.

Where is this acid rain coming from? It’s coming from animals, it’s coming from humans, it’s coming from cars, it’s coming from our own waste products, which is polluting the earth. And a lot of that is going into the ocean. The ocean absorbs that acidity. The carbon monoxide – what is being lost? The coral calcium. The reefs are being destroyed in order to maintain the alkaline design of the ocean.

Could you imagine, the PH of the ocean at 8.3 has now declined – it’s now 8.2 and what is happening? The ocean is trying to keep up with the demand of acidity because of our dumping waste products into the atmosphere and into the waters. It’s polluting it. And of course when we look at the water that fish swim in, they swim in an alkaline water.

You have a PH scale, a scientific scale from zero to fourteen. Seven is midpoint. And what that scale is basically sharing with us is the concentration of hydrogen. Now this may be too much information, but hydrogen, when it’s concentrated or saturated, produces an acidic environment or acidic water. When you have less hydrogen, then you have more alkalinity. Our bodies are slightly alkaline at 7.365 to 7.4 and the body has to stay that way, if not we die. If we go into a 7.2 we go into a coma. So it doesn’t take much for our bodies, when we decline to an acid state to actually die. So the body is constantly trying to maintain the alkaline design of the body. I’m going to say that one more time. The human body and all of its aspects is alkaline. When we go out and we buy batteries, what kind of batteries do we buy?

Jason Hartman: Alkaline.

Dr. Robert Young: We buy the alkaline batteries.

Jason Hartman: Do they sell an acid battery?

Dr. Robert Young: They don’t…

Jason Hartman: Well certainly, batteries have acid in them, like batteries that have liquid – car batteries are full of acid, right?

Dr. Robert Young: Yeah, but here again, if we’re recharging our phones, what are we recharging them with/ electrons. So you’re charging it with energy. It’s losing its life force, we recharge it. That’s what we do with our own bodies. When our bodies are saturated with alkalinity, saturated with electrons, then we have life force energy. And when we lose that life force energy, we have to recharge it. We get electron ions or energy from the foods we eat, from the sunshine. We absorb those ions to absorb into our bodies. We are electrical beings. We run on electricity. The biochemical are the waste products of that energy utilization.

So one of the byproducts of that would be something like sugar. Somebody says well you have sugar in your body. Well, that’s true as a biological metabolic waste product. Can you live without sugar? Well some people don’t think they can live without sugar because they’re addicted to it. But the body doesn’t run on sugar. It runs on electrical energy from live foods, life force that we get from the universe, that we get from the sun, that we get from our foods. And of course, if we don’t get that, we die.

So PH, once again, I affectionately refer to PH as an acronym that means, perfectly healthy. And when we’re in an alkaline state, we’re in a perfect state of health. When we become sick, the PH of it drops and we can measure that by measuring the urine. When we measure the urine, if the PH is below 7, we’re going to feel irritation and inflammation.

We may even feel it on an emotional level. When we’re over acid with our thoughts, we build up more acid. When we’re in our thoughts, 80% of all heart attacks are caused by thought attacks. Because thoughts create acidic waste products and those acidic waste products if not buffered or neutralized or eliminated can cause the heart to stand still. So not only what we eat, not only what we drink, but our thoughts even turn to biology.

So we have elimination organs. We have built in systems to manage the delicate PH balance or the alkalinity of the body, because that’s our design. And when we’re not alkaline in design, we’re depressed, we’re tired, we’re sick, we’re then feeling that. When we over exercise, what is the acid that is produced when we over exercise?

Jason Hartman: Lactic acid.

Dr. Robert Young: When someone has a gout attack, what’s the acid?

Jason Hartman: Don’t know that one.

Dr. Robert Young: That’s Uric acid. It comes from animal protein. When we overeat sugar or overeat carbohydrate, what’s the acid? Fructose, dextrose, glucose, these are the acids that when they build up in our bodies, they make us sick and tired. So managing the PH much like we’d manage a swimming pool, how about a salt water aquarium? What do we have to have to manage those fluids at 8.3 when we have those fish that if that PH drops, they die? And it has to be managed. We have to manage.

One of the most important single factors that needs to be managed for good health is the PH of our internal fluids. And the one that measures the health of the glands, the organs and the tissues is the urine PH because the urine is a product of the glands, the organs and the tissues that is dumped into the blood to be eliminated through urination. So when we’re measuring the PH of our urine we’re measuring the PH of our heart, our brain, our muscles, our bones, and when that’s acidic we’re setting the stage for sickness and disease.

Jason Hartman: And so, what does someone have to do to do this right? They have to not ingest acidic things?

Dr. Robert Young: People that are ingesting acidic things have good elimination. Because what happens is acids can break systems down, and when filters and elimination systems break down, this is when you start getting sick. You say, well what about my next door neighbor? That next door neighbor may be doing all kinds of things that are harmful.

We all know that drinking alcohol is acidic and it can cause a condition called Cirrhosis of the Liver. Well, alcohol is an acid from sugar. It’s a byproduct of acetaldehyde and ethanol alcohol. When we drink alcohol it damages the tissues because you cannot have a sickness or disease without an acid. So you can’t have liver disease without alcohol or acetaldehyde. Just like you can’t have neurological conditions without acetaldehyde or ethanol alcohol.

So when we’re ingesting more carbohydrates we produce more acid waste, and of those acid wastes or sugar, in all of its different names and forms, if it’s not eliminated then guess where it goes? It goes out into the connective tissues. Because the connective tissue is the acid catcher. Kind of like in baseball, there’s a catcher that catches the ball. Well, what catches acid if it’s not eliminated? Because the blood has to maintain its delicate PH remember? If the PH doesn’t stay constant at 7.365, it starts dropping, you die.

So what does the blood do? It pushes it out through elimination and if it can’t push it out through elimination, it goes to the acid catchers. And the acid catchers are all the connected tissues. Well, what about Lady Gaga, with synovial membrane disorders, right? It’s breaking down. Why? Because the blood is trying to purify itself, pushing it out into the connected tissue and so she’s got all of these connected tissue problems.

Jason Hartman: I didn’t know about this. I don’t know anything about that.

Dr. Robert Young: So she had to cancel her tour. So she canceled her tour because of some synovial membrane degeneration. Well there’s only one thing that causes degeneration: A bucket full of acid. And you say, what is acid? Well you could say, what is smoke? Smoke is a byproduct of something breaking down. Well acid is a byproduct of metabolism. It’s a breakdown of foods.

So when you’re eating foods, acid is released so the salivary glands secrete sodium bicarbonate to neutralize that acid, to prepare the food in its alkaline state so it can be transformed into stem cells in the grips of the small intestine. But once you understand the new biology and how important it is to hydrate and drink alkaline fluids, then you’re drinking for the right reasons. Not just any water, but the kind of water that will actually benefit you and help neutralize the acids which are continuously being produced while you’re awake and while you’re asleep. Because the day you stop producing acid is the day that you’re dead. So the body naturally produces a waste product.

It’s kind of like a car. A car, when it’s running, produces carbon monoxide. Well we heard about somebody on the news who, and this has happened before, they closed the garage door, they turned the car on, and they’re death by carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a tragedy, but acid kills. If we hold out breath for more than 3 minutes, we pass out from carbon dioxide poisoning. It’s an acid. So acids kill.

What is cancer? Cancer is nothing more than the body’s inability to remove its own waste products. It’s cause and effect, and that’s the beauty of PH Miracle. Because PH Miracle describes the pathology or the pathway of all sickness and disease. Or this natural phenomenon between the cause and effect relationship. What is cancer? It’s an effect of what? Acid. What acid? Well it could be lactic acid or uric acid. Uric acids cause colon cancer. Lactic acids cause sarcomas, causes breast and prostate cancers. So just like gout causes uric acid, just like muscle soreness and inflammation is caused by lactic acid.

But inflammation is a precursor to something more serious. Any aches and pains are always associated with an increase of acidosis. So the body is trying to protect itself and maintain that alkalinity. So my first premise in this new biology theory, is that the human body is alkaline in its design. In a perfect, healthy state, you are perfectly alkaline, at 7.365 on a scale from zero to fourteen.

The second premise is that all functions of the human body are acidifying. So breathing, thinking, eating, moving, all produce acidic waste products, if not eliminated by through the four channels of elimination, which are what? Urination, perspiration, defecation, and respiration. If we don’t remove our own waste products, the same effect happens as if you take a potato or a rag and stuff it in the exhaust pipe of a car while it’s running. The car shuts down. In other words, when acids build up, the body shuts down. So what does the body do to protect itself? The body will release cholesterol to neutralize the acidity. You don’t want to lower your cholesterol, you want to lower your acidic lifestyle and diet.

The same thing happens with bones. What causes arthritis and osteoporosis? It’s the body doing the same thing the ocean does – pulling calcium and magnesium from the bones and the muscles to neutralize the excess acidity so it doesn’t kill you. But what’s the effect? The effect is osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. Is this a disease? Absolutely not. It’s not a disease, it’s a symptom of over acidity. What causes it? Your own personal lifestyle and dietary choices. So if you’re dealing with a serious health challenge, or even something not so serious. Maybe it’s just a skin blemish. Maybe it’s acne, maybe it’s a little sore this, sore that.

These are signs or precursors to something more serious. What it’s saying is the body is not removing its own waste products and it needs help.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so it’s amazing that all disease, this is the fundamental issue it sounds like.

Dr. Robert Young: It’s the foundational theory that all sickness and disease is due to an over acidification of the blood and then tissues, due to an inverted way of eating and living and thinking. So we now know the cause of cancer, the cause of MS, the cause of type one and type two diabetes. We know the cause of heart disease. How are we going to reverse it? On a drug-free, alkaline lifestyle and diet. What does it mean? Less stress in our life, getting proper and adequate sleep.

What does that mean? At least six hours a night of restful sleep. Exercising at least an hour a day, because if you don’t make time to exercise, you’re going to have to make time to die. Because if you’re not moving your body, you’re not moving the acids out of the connective tissue through the pores of the skin. The most important thing about exercise is sweating. And if you don’t exercise and sweat, you’re not really exercising. All you’re doing is moving acid toxins around through the body. You’ve got to open the pores, and you’ve got to literally urinate through the pores of your skin.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so what does one do? We get adequate sleep. Is this really difficult? it sounds really difficult to do. Like do we have to drink alkaline water?

Dr. Robert Young: That’s simple. It’s as easy as purifying your water and then structuring it either by using PH drops to raise the PH, or running it through a patented process that I created called the Water Mark System that puts it through four filtrations and then creates just like a dam of pressure that pushes these water molecules and breaks them apart creating more surface area, more surface charge, and so that creates more alkalinity, it creates more energy.

It’s kind of like when the ocean breaks onto the shores and it crashes and all these splashes come up of ions, you breath that in. you’re breathing in more energy, more life force. We do the same thing through pressure. We know through pressure, we can create energy. That’s why we have dams that produce electricity. I’ve created the same system in a water system to break up the molecules and create electricity and ionizing the water to create more electrical energy and potential. So when you drink water, you’re actually energizing your body.

Now when you’re drinking coffee, you’re not getting saturation of electrons. You’re getting saturation of protons which pulls energy out of your body. And so when you drink coffee, it’s more of a stimulant and the body has to create resources or take resources from other parts of the body to neutralize the toxin that you just put into the body. You feel energy from that, but what you’ve done is you’ve poisoned yourself and they body’s reacting to that poison and you feel it as an outcome of energy. But in reality, you just pulled energy out of your energy bank. And eventually this will catch up with anyone, and this is why we eliminate these types of beverages out of our diet.

Probably the worst beverages that are even worse than coffee, coffee is probably the best of them all, would be these energy drinks. They have a PH of around 2.5 to 3 and then on top of that, soda drinks which can take carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, and then on top of that they add sugar just so you’ll drink it. But you’re literally poisoning yourself. And the body responds to that by trying to neutralize it, and you feel it as the body’s reacting towards this acid in the form of increased energy.

But what is happening is the same thing as if you got bit by a rattle snake. If you get bit by a rattle snake, all of the sudden the body reacts to that poison and you feel a rush of energy, they call it adrenaline but it’s a rush of energy to literally neutralize the poison that was just put in. And this is the problem with energy drinks, sports drinks, sugary drinks, and then stimulant drinks all the way from the sport drinks up to coffee, that really do not provide a source of electron energy. So what you do is you rob from your energy bank and eventually rather than being an alkaline battery, you become an acid battery and eventually you die from it.

Jason Hartman: By the way, there’s new talk about how these energy drinks cause cancer, so that’s very timely that you say that. I was just reading about that. But how long does it take to get one’s body in this state? Is it a progressive thing? Can you be a little bit good at it? Can you go halfway by cutting down or is it an all or nothing proposition?

Dr. Robert Young: I was just reading about that. But how long does it take to get one’s body in this state? Is it a progressive thing? Can you be a little bit good at it? Can you go halfway by cutting down or is it an all or nothing proposition?

Dr. Robert Young: Yeah. No it’s not an all or nothing. It’s only an all or nothing if you’ve gotten yourself in such a deep black hole that you have to pull yourself out. And yes, you have to then go all the way. You have to eliminate all acidic contributing factors. Beef, chicken, pork, fish, dairy products, all acidic grains to cheese, to eggs, to peanuts, to corn, to vinegar, to all fermented foods. If you’re in a cancerous state or you’re trying to overcome a condition of diabetes, and you want to get off your insulin, then you have to get off your ass-id. Excuse me, you have to get off your acid. That was kind of a little pun.

Jason Hartman: Yeah I get it. I caught that.

Dr. Robert Young: You’ve got to move away from the foods that are pulling you down, and the lifestyle that’s pulling you down. You’ve got to get moving the body and get the elimination organs clear again. So a detox for two weeks is going to begin this process of eliminating the buildup of acidic toxins. Whether it’s bound to fat, or if it’s in the muscle, or whatever organ it’s being held in, the connective tissue, we get that released and the body is very forgiving. So you can begin the process by simply, if you don’t change anything, start changing the type of fluids you drink, start drinking more alkaline water. And as you start feeling the alkaline change and the energy that comes from that, then you can do more.

You can transition – okay I’m going to give up beef, pork and chicken but I’m still going to have fish, like trout or salmon or sea bass or tuna. And then rather than having a piece of meat with a side salad, you have a big salad with a side of meat. You just changed your portions. You emphasized more green foods, and the reason green foods is because they’re rich in chlorophyll and chlorophyll is similar in its molecular structure as hemoglobin. So if you have anemic conditions, that’s a gut problem because stem cells and blood are made in the core, core blood is made in the gut. It’s not made in the bones. That’s when you’re starving to death it’s made in the bones.

But when you have good health in the core, because that’s where health begins, then you’re making, healthy stem cells. You do that with a plant based, green food, alkaline diet. And that’s what the PH Miracle book describes. It describes those who are serious about their health that want to improve the quality and the quantity of their life. They want to feel younger, they want to look younger, they want to act younger. And if they want to do younger, they want to improve that quality and quantity of life, then the PH Miracle will take you there because it reveals the secrets for the fountain of youth. And that is, how do I maintain the alkaline design of our bodies? Because that’s the way I was born. I was created as an alkaline being and I die when I become over acid. It is that simple.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Very good points. Okay so, do you want to dive into a little bit more on the steps one needs to take to do this? A convenient thing for listeners might be for them to have a “this is the first steps that you can take now” and then later to go to the more advanced stage, take another tear off and get closer to the ideal.

Dr. Robert Young: Well if you’re a professional athlete or an amateur athlete, and I have many that I work with and they’re looking for that edge. They want to swim faster, jump higher, run faster. Then it depends on how you want to play. If you want to transition into this, the best thing to do is incorporate more green plant foods. Broccoli, spinach, celery, cucumbers, avocados into your diet. And try to begin eliminating the acid foods. Less pasta, less rice, smaller portions of beef or fish. Never chicken, never turkey, never pork. Those are totally out. Chickens do not have a urinary tract system, they absorb their own urine, and of course that’s what makes them more juicy. But this juice is their own urine. Do you still want to be eating chickens? They’re a filthy animal.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I’ve always thought chickens were a dirty bird.

Dr. Robert Young: They are a dirty bird. That’s why they call them fowl. So if you’re going to change, just change the portions. You can transition into this. As you start feeling better, you can do more.

Jason Hartman: I’ve got to ask you though before you go on, about fish. Fish is bad?

Dr. Robert Young: I’m not saying fish is bad in itself. It’s got some great things. Fatty fish like sea bass or cod or tuna contain omega oils that are helpful in minimizing acidity. But the fibers, the proteins of fish do not liquefy it. All food, in order to be used by the body, has to be in a liquid state. It cannot be in a solid state. If it’s in a solid state it’s going to cause congestion and damage of the small and large bowel. And you don’t want to damage that because that’s where the core blood, that’s where the core stem cells are made – in the grips of the small intestine. And we need those to be healed.

If you want to be healthy, you’ve got to heal the gut. Now that’s my gut instinct telling me this. I’ve proven this scientifically, and when we improve health of the core, we improve everything from that. When we look at a plant, the plant has roots. When we look at the human being, the human being has roots. The roots are our intestinal delay. These are appendages that come off, 27 feet of small intestine. And the surface area of this root system is over 7,200 square feet. This is the size of a tennis court.

Jason Hartman: Amazing.

Dr. Robert Young: So this is a large area, and it’s the focal point where health and disease begins. If you want health and vitality, this is where it begins. If you want to be sick and tired, this is where it begins. And so when health comes back to the core, this is when you get health in. this is another thing that a lot of people don’t know: you have more brain cells in your gut than you do in your head. The primary brain that controls everything is the small intestine. And it controls what the brain does.

So when you have cravings, that’s coming from the gut. Your brain is picking that up and then you act on it and signals are sent out through the body. But everything is coming from the core. And so, new blood, new cells, new life begins with core blood. And so when we focus on that area, when we say look, this gut that we have as men tend to age, they end up with this girth of acid fat. Because the body retains fat to park excess acidity that’s not properly eliminated. Somebody says “I’m overweight”. No you’re not overweight, you’re over acid. So when you reduce the acid load of the body, then the weight comes off. That’s why I don’t like dieting. Because it’s not about losing weight, it’s about losing acid. And you can only lose acid when you stop living an acidic lifestyle and diet. And this is how you build health.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Good points. So we were, I just want to give those clear steps out. So, tear one, the first steps, and then maybe the second level.

Dr. Robert Young: Okay, tear one, first steps. Start incorporating more green fruit and vegetables into your diet. Start increasing those up to six servings, up to nine servings, up to twelve. In other words, increase those as you’re decreasing foods that are acidic like beef or like fish, and you’re decreasing a lot of the carbohydrates, the acidic grains like rice, or pastas, dairy products. So you’re eliminating those and increasing those foods that are most alkalizing to you. Those are all the green fruits and vegetables. I mentioned those.

Avocados, you may start out by saying, well everybody loves guacamole. And for a man, guacamole is the perfect prevention for prostate cancer because it contains lutein and lycopene which is contained in tomatoes and avocados. And these compounds are vital nutrients or antioxidants help to protect against acids that break down the reproductive organs and keeps them healthy. These are things you can do. You want to improve circulation. Because what the body does is it will solidify acids and it builds up on the walls of the arteries and that’s where strokes come from.

So how do you protect yourself? You start taking a compound called L-Arginine. This is the second thing you do. L-Arginine will help improve circulation to your feet, to your hands, to your penis. A lot of people as they age, they can’t get it up because there’s no circulation there. And you’ve got to have blood circulation.

Jason Hartman: Well isn’t that what all those ED drugs do? Don’t they just increase circulation?

Dr. Robert Young: They do. They improve circulation. But here again in a program, you have something like a protein, like L-Arginine, an amino acid, that helps to improve circulation through the whole body and this is very, very helpful without any negative side effects.

Jason Hartman: Well, certainly pharmaceutical drugs cannot be good for you. By the way, do you have anything to say about those? Of course there’s a bunch of drugs, but…

Dr. Robert Young: I think the people need more education, not more medication. I promote a drug free, either recreational or pharmaceutical, drug free life style and diet. I get high on life. I get high getting an absorbent amount of life force energy to my body from the sun, and from the foods and from the water I drink. Those are the sources. And I know the proper sources to get that. So I begin my 62nd year March 6. And do I have healthy bones? Have I checked out using ultra sound all of my organs and glands? Are they healthy? Are there any solid masses or is there any calcifications or solidifications in the arteries? Absolutely not. I have the body of a 20 year old. And I know that because I know what my liver looks like. I’ve seen it. And I know what a 20 year old liver that hasn’t been saturated in alcohol.

So we know that the portal vein is healthy, we know that the gallbladder doesn’t have stones. We know that the prostate doesn’t have solid masses or calcifications. We know that and we can find this out simply by doing an ultrasound, a whole body ultrasound with no radiation. For women, mammograms are out. They’re radiation. They’re harmful. They’re cancer causing. This is already a proven fact and it’s been published. So what do you do? You do an ultrasound. No radiation, yet you can see calcifications, you can see cists, you can see tumors if they’re there.

You can get it in advance. You can see this stuff coming so you can do something about it. This is where true prevention comes from. You can flippantly say prevention, but what does it mean? It means I understand how to take care of my body and I know what’s good for it because I’m educated and empowered with this knowledge. And this is what we need. We don’t need some fancy health insurance policy to ensure everybody in the same way we’ve been insured in other ways. We’re not preventing more sickness and disease.

Cancer is on the rise, diabetes is on the rise, heart disease is on the rise with the same health care. We don’t need more people covered under that health care, we need to teach people how to take care of their own problems and their own bodies and teach them how to eat, and take responsibility and take all those trillions of dollars and pay off our national debt.

Jason Hartman: That’s a great point. Couldn’t agree more. So you didn’t talk specifically about alcohol, you mentioned it just now. And I wanted to, I assume alcohol is bad, however what about all those people that say the French are living so long and successfully because they’re drinking all this wine? Just want to touch on the topic of alcohol really quick.

Dr. Robert Young: Well a study that was just released, I’ve published it and put it on my blog. Alcohol causes cancer. And it increases the risk of cancer for esophageal cancer, stroke cancer, tongue cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer. Alcohol is an acidic waste product of fermentation. It ferments and breaks things down. People that are living longer and drinking alcohol are only living longer because their elimination organs are clearing out their acids and a lot of that has to do with less stress and exercise. You can get away with this for a while.

But what is the biological life of a human body? Minimum 150 years. What is going wrong? What is going wrong is the way we make decisions about what we eat and what we drink, and how we live. So the French don’t impress me with their life style and diet. They’re fermenting and rotting just like everybody else around the world.

There’s a select group that are empowering themselves with education because ignorance is killing people. And when we empower people with the right information and they apply principles that not only work, but intuitively make sense… and this is my gut talking again, where my brain cells are, this is what works. And when we continue to do what we’ve done in the past, thinking that we’re going to get some different outcome, that just doesn’t work.

So things have to change. The way our health care system operates, the way that we take care of people has to change. And I believe the new biology. This new way of living, eating and thinking, is the way to solving so many problems. Because I heard it in England, what are we going to do? We need to turn our health care back to the private sector and take it out of the public sector. Because England is not taking care of their people. They’re just as sick as ever before, they have people waiting in lines, their health care is dismal, it’s just not working.

The system is broken, but not only that, the science doesn’t work and the basis of the science is wrong. It’s based on a theory of Pasteur, that germs cause disease and now we know germs don’t cause disease. Germs are just the manifestation of cellular breakdown, just like things rot and deteriorate. We put it in the refrigerator to preserve things so they don’t break down. It’s not like there’s a bacterial virus or a virus or a bacteria that somehow gets into the kitchen or into the refrigerator and breaks things down. Things deteriorate from the inside out and bacteria, yeast and molds are byproducts of cellular breakdown, not the cause of it. It’s all environmental. When we take a contextual approach to our body’s health, this is when we’ll start understanding the cause of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and stroke and some of the leading causes of death. We’ll start managing those because this costs a lot of money to manage and treat these conditions.

Jason Hartman: Hey listen, we’ve had guests on and I completely agree. Western medicine is reactive rather than proactive. It’s really, once again, follow the money, the pharmaceutical industries and the medical industry is profiting off sickness. I had one guest on that said the average chemotherapy patient is worth about 500,000 dollars to all the providers of the care. It’s a scam, like so many other things in life. You get these big entrenched interests, you create these iron triangles whether it be the public employee unions in the socialist republic of California, or the AMA and the insurance companies, and it’s all a big scam. Especially the pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Robert Young: So how do we free ourselves from this? We free ourselves with knowledge. We free ourselves with education. Because we need to take back our health freedoms. And we need to take responsibility for our health. And people need education. We need to teach the parents and they can teach the children, because the children are our future. And if they don’t understand how to eat and how to live, we’re going to keep compounding this problem and our medical system, which is overtaking our federal budget, is going to keep growing and growing and eventually… well, it’s already happened. It’s broken. Giving people more health insurance doesn’t resolve the problem.

Jason Hartman: It obviously doesn’t. One question for you: did we ever get to the tear two?

Dr. Robert Young: Tear two is we have to go 100%.

Jason Hartman: And what do we do there?

Michael Kirsch: We don’t have any room for compromise, we don’t have any time to transition into an alkaline diet. We’re in a condition of disease. We’re in pain. We’re in a cancerous condition. And we want out of it. This is the time we have to say look, I’m ready to renew my body. I’m really ready to take care of it and sanctify it and cleanse it and purify it, and give it the opportunity it needs in order to repair itself.

And this is where we go into a 12 week detox: liquid foods, pureed foods, alkaline foods, preferably green fruits and vegetables. And we prepare these in a way. We have shakes, we have soup recipes, we have juice recipes, when you start eating this way, within two weeks your whole genetic expression changes. In the science of epigenetics, which is the new world of science studying how genes express themselves, that they can alter the way they express when we change the environment.

Just like water can turn to a solid or to a vapor, so all things from within can change if we change the environment from within. So we can reverse inflammation, we can reverse ulcerations, we can reverse degeneration if we have enough time, if we have someone that has the right attitude and is motivated, and committed to making these changes, and we have enough of the vehicles and tools in place to remove the toxic acidic waste products that need to be removed. And I’ve outlined this in chapter 11, in the PH Miracle revised and updated book. Everything is spelled out from 6 AM to when you go to bed, everything you need to do to begin restoring health and vitality to your body.

Jason Hartman: And so you say that if someone does this, within two weeks they will really notice a difference. Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. Robert Young: Absolutely. In fact, sometimes it happens faster. Sometimes it’s 72 hours. We have hundreds of posted on YouTube and on our PH Miracle YouTube channel. From reversing, wait a minute, you’re talking about an incurable here, type one diabetes. People that have been taking insulin for many years, ten, twenty, thirty years, literally get off of the need for insulin because they understand how to restore the context, the environment of their bodies. And then when that happens, the body starts functioning properly. Reversing something that has no treatment or cure, such as inflammatory ductal cell carcinoma, the medical approach is surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

You see, there are other choices. These choices need to be available to every citizen of the world so they can choose health freedom. Whether it be traditional allopathic or whether it be complimentary alternative. Or a alkalizing approach, a dietary approach. This freedom needs to be ours, so that we can make the choice.

Jason Hartman: Okay, good. One more question for you, how long has this thinking been around about acidity and alkalinity? Is this science ten years old, a hundred years old? When did people start talking about this?

Dr. Robert Young: Acid based chemistry has been around over a hundred years. And many scientists have talked about this.

Jason Hartman: But as it applies to one’s diet and health?

Dr. Robert Young: Well I’m the only scientist in the world that has taken the last two and a half decades and studied the effects of what we eat, what we drink and how we live, on the effects of the internal fluids of the body and the blood. That is my research. That is my contribution to the world. And what I have discovered is the human body is alkaline in its design and acidic in function, and if we manage and maintain the alkaline design of the body perfectly, in perfect health, then life can be extended and death can be postponed. How long? We don’t know.

Jason Hartman: Great. Good stuff. Well, hey thank you so much. Give out your website if you would and tell people where they can learn more Robert.

Dr. Robert Young: You can learn more by going to phmiracle.com. When you go there, you’ll come to our front page. Sign up for our free information, our free newsletter. It gives you free information on an every other week basis, an article that I’ve written and some great tips to help you with this protocol. There’s also scientific or whether it be complimentary alternative. Or a alkalizing approach, a dietary approach. This freedom needs to be ours, so that we can make the choice.

Jason Hartman: Okay, good. One more question for you, how long has this thinking been around about acidity and alkalinity? Is this science ten years old, a hundred years old? When did people start talking about this?

Dr. Robert Young: Acid based chemistry has been around over a hundred years. And many scientists have talked about this.

Jason Hartman: But as it applies to one’s diet and health?

Dr. Robert Young: Well I’m the only scientist in the world that has taken the last two and a half decades and studied the effects of what we eat, what we drink and how we live, on the effects of the internal fluids of the body and the blood. That is my research. That is my contribution to the world. And what I have discovered is the human body is alkaline in its design and acidic in function, and if we manage and maintain the alkaline design of the body perfectly, in perfect health, then life can be extended and death can be postponed. How long? We don’t know.

Jason Hartman: Great. Good stuff. Well, hey thank you so much. Give out your website if you would and tell people where they can learn more Robert.

Dr. Robert Young: You can learn more by going to phmiracle.com. When you go there, you’ll come to our front page. Sign up for our free information, our free newsletter. It gives you free information on an every other week basis, an article that I’ve written and some great tips to help you with this protocol. There’s also scientific articles, there’s information, video information, both testimonials to research papers to scientific videos too where you can learn more about the science, and it’s free.

Jason Hartman: Good. Excellent. Well, good stuff. Thanks so much for joining us today, and there’s a lot to think about here and you’ve definitely motivated me and I’m going to see if I can get to tear one.

Dr. Robert Young: There you go.

Jason Hartman: Thank you so much.

Jason Hartman: Thank you for having me on your show.

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