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HS 157 – “Dreams From My Real Father” with Joel Gilbert

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Joel Gilbert


Joel Gilbert is a musician and documentary filmmaker whose 2012 piece “Dreams From My Real Father” blows the doors off the Obama birth certificate controversy. Gilbert’s film, made in a unique format, describes the youth of Barack Hussein Obama and his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, a famous American Communist radical.

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Gilbert’s film puts a completely different twist on the origins of Obama by it examining the man, Davis, who guided the young Barack and shaped his world view. Frank Marshall Davis, as portrayed by Gilbert’s film, was Barack Obama’s real father. Dreams from My Real Father is a fascinating narrative based on 2 years of research, interviews, newly unearthed footage, photos, and provides the first cohesive understanding of Obama’s deep rooted life journey in socialism, from his childhood to his Presidency. To view the trailer and visit official film website, go to ObamasRealFather.com

Gilbert also has a Bob Dylan tribute band as well as being the CEO of his film production company Highway 61 Entertainment, which is located in Hollywood, California. Its name is derived from Dylan’s iconic album Highway 61 Revisited. It was founded in 2005.

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Start of Interview with Joel Gilbert

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Joel Gilbert to the show. He is the producer and director of a documentary entitled Dreams From My Real Father and it is about you probably know who already but that is Barack Obama. Joel, welcome, how are you?

Joel Gilbert: Great. Thanks for having me today.

Jason Hartman: Well, the pleasure is mine. Tell us a little bit about, first of all, what inspired you to make the film.

Joel Gilbert: Well, I started researching Obama’s background after I did a film called Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War and Obama’s Politics of Defeat. This was about the Iranian nuclear program, a film I produced in 2010. And from researching that film, I watched several hundred speeches of Obama’s on video, and I noticed every time he spoke about the rich and the poor he would suddenly get a new personality. He would start screaming and be excited and happy and making all these gestures and then he’d go back to his normal speech pattern when he continued on another topic. So I realized this guy had a passion for class struggle, it was obvious.

Didn’t know too much about him other than he had gone into an exclusive prep school in Hawaii, he went to the Ivy League’s Harvard Law, so I ask myself how could he have those strange feelings with this exclusive upbringing.

Jason Hartman: It’s a very good question.

Joel Gilbert: Yeah, so I read his book called Dreams from My Father, decided to read it. And right away you could see it was just this life journey in the little known world of American socialism and Marxism. He says he goes to Occidental college to study with the Marxist professors. He transfers to Columbia to pursue his interest in activism. He becomes an organizer which is a socialist profession. He goes to socialist conferences. He’s into Malcolm X and on and on.

So I thought that was pretty strange and then he talked about, throughout the book, this guy named Frank who I found out just looking online it was Frank Marshall Davis throughout the entire book, 2500 words over 3 continents, 300 pages worth of references. And I thought that was pretty interesting. And there was also one line where he said his grandfather took him to Frank’s house from 10 years old and he said there was some unspoken, unwritten contract between his father and Frank Marshall Davis. So this was all pretty curious.

I decided to research Frank Marshall Davis and I got his book – he had an autobiography called Live in the Blues. And right away you could see in all the photos that Obama was the spitting image of this guy Frank Marshall Davis. So once I looked at that and saw that he looked nothing like the Kenyan Obama, I did a lot more research and I think I present the case in the film, the film Dreams from My Real Father that Frank Marshall Davis was the real biological father and that the Kenyan Obama was simply a sham marriage at the time to cover this up.

And secondly, Frank Marshall Davis who was a communist party propagandist member of the communist party and a soviet agent is Obama’s ideological mentor, admittedly by Obama’s own words and that he was raised by Frank Marshall Davis. So, in my film I show that Obama followed the footsteps of his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, a communist party propagandist, all the way back to Chicago where his father had joined the communist party in the 30s all the way to the White House.

Jason Hartman: Unbelievably interesting. So, the first thing is it kind of begs the question or at least I think it does, why would Obama want to fabricate the Kenyan story? Because didn’t that fuel his detractors in this whole birth certificate issue?

Joel Gilbert: Well, it did a little bit, but the other choice, either he had to say with the media support say I have a multicultural background, my father was a goat herder from Kenya, and I’m gonna bring people together. That was the narrative. And the media supported that and the average American thought, well, it’s kind of an inspiring family story. But the true story was that he had to do this to hide a deeply disturbing family background, including a father who was a family party propagandist, a Soviet agent under FBI investigation for 20 years. This father was also a pornographer and a swinger who wrote several books about all his nefarious affairs.
And the connection, all his Marxist lifestyle and his Marxist history that he kind of just dismissed later on, you could tie it together and realize that he had a Marxist upbringing through this real father. So, if he was to come out and say my father was a Soviet agent and communist party propagandist and Marxist. Please vote more me. That’s something I think he realized he would have to hide. And he’s done in many ways when the audiobook version of Dreams from My Father came out in 2005, Obama was the narrator. He narrated it himself and he completely scrubbed Frank Marshall Davis, completely removed from the book.

Jason Hartman: I wonder if the audiobook says “unabridged”.

Joel Gilbert: Well, the second thing is, he also, don’t forget, if you look on my website ObamasRealFather.com you can see the evidence, it’s also in my film, that Obama had a nosejob and possibly a lip job back in 2004 before he ran for Senate national office because he was becoming the spitting image of his real father. So he’s had the plastic surgery. Everyone pretty much knows by now the so called birth certificate that he produced under pressure after some years is a very, very bad forgery. A lot of Obama’s obfuscation, physical forgery, face forgery, document forgery, biography forgery, a lot of it is tied to hiding the connection to his real father Frank Marshal Davis because it would reveal that he has an agenda that is completely incompatible with American values, Marxism.

Jason Hartman: It’s not incompatible with everybody’s values in America unfortunately, but go ahead.

Joel Gilbert: American values are constitutional limited government, free markets.

Jason Hartman: I’m just being sarcastic when I say that.

Joel Gilbert: These are American values that grew America to where they became.

Jason Hartman: At least they used to be.

Joel Gilbert: Also, obviously, if Obama had to admit or it was proven with DNA or in some other way that Frank Marshal Davis is his real father, it would reveal a manipulation of the electorate and a failure of the media to look into his background that would be the biggest scandal in American history.

Jason Hartman: You know, it’s just mind boggling that we have someone who is easily the most powerful person on the planet. There are so many questions about his background, the records from Columbia, the issue you raise of who is his real father and the birther issue. I mean, it’s just one thing after another. It’s amazing that all of this can be just ignored, largely ignored – it’s obviously out there. Is it just because of the mainstream media pandering to him and protecting him?

Joel Gilbert: Well, I would say that the election of Obama was not a sudden political phenomenon. It was the result of an American socialist movement that has been quietly penetrating the media, universities, entertainment for three decades. The media was covering for Bill Clinton for years. Don’t forget all of his scandals. They tried to hide the Monica Lewinski scandal in Newsweek. Of course, Newsweek’s now out of business for the most part because they have nothing to report. So the media’s been up to it for a long time but it definitely was a culmination of all these factors and we’ve gotten to the point where even what we think is conservative media, Fox News or Newsmax, they’re too intimidated to cover anything about Obama’s background because they’re afraid they’ll be attacked by the leftists and the leftist media.

I had my own incident where I had been advertising banner campaigns with my films on Newsmax.com for several years. I was a good client of theirs, very friendly with them. And when I launched Dreams from My Real Father, just like before, I paid for a banner campaign in advance on Newsmax.com and then I got a call at the last second that had been pulled at the highest level and I said why?

And they said, well, Newsmax is trying to move to the center. I said what does that have to do with paying for an adverstisment for a documentary? But they refused to cover it or refused to even take the money for paid advertising.

So, the media in this country has collapsed as the fourth estate or as a watchdog of the government. The democratic party has no opposition inside the party that will say anything against Obama. The republican party for the most part, you have a lot of what we call rhinos, republicans in name only like John McCain and maybe Boehner and half of the republican party if not more.

Jason Hartman: No question about that. I mean, I love what Rush Limbaugh said the day after the first election. Why didn’t the conservative have a chance at winning the election? He said because there wasn’t one running.

Joel Gilbert: Yeah. So we were in a very sad state of affairs of who’s gonna protect the first and second amendment? Who’s going to oppose this and tell the truth about Obama and his radical Marxist agenda? Who? We’re down to you and me.

Jason Hartman: I know. I have some hope that the media may abandon Obama, at least to some extent with the AP scandal. I mean, now the Obama regime has become an enemy of the press, disregarding the reporter’s shield, checking in to the backgrounds and the records and keeping these enemies lists and now the whole IRS scandal I’d like you to address all those things, too. But is there any chance that maybe the tight knit media, the way too cozy relationship between the media and the executive branch, is that falling apart?

Joel Gilbert: I don’t think so. I think it’s wishful thinking. The media has nowhere to go. This is their ideological corner and Obama is their guide. And even if he mistreats them, I think they’re going to look at it as an all in the family type of spat because they have five years if not longer of protecting Obama’s false narrative. If they were to come out and tell the truth, they would be admitting that they themselves are frauds. So, I think it’s a little bit of wishful thinking to think that the media’s going to suddenly start doing their jobs and adhering to their journalistic principles which are to report the news and the facts and let people decide for themselves. They’ve turned into simply a storyline – they have a storyline that they use and lie about any facts to support their storyline.

So this is a state of affairs and of course the things that I’ve been warning about and have put in my films regarding Obama’s ideology that he’s an ideological zealot or an ideolog out of Chicago. They have a rat’s nest of Marxists that simply transported themselves from Chicago to the White House and they’re trying to impose this one party system on the country by eliminating opposition. That’s the Marxist game plan. They’ve used it for many years. You don’t have to look too far back in history. They take power and then they use the tools of government to crush opposition to have a permanent hold on power. The republicans for the most part still don’t get it.

I heard Paul Ryan yesterday complaining about the IRS scandal that it was big government. It’s not big government if they’re targeting one political group. It’s an ideological agenda. So, it’s not like they were targeting everybody. It was just one side. So now we have these IRS guys that are trained to not have any opinions and to think that somehow they initiated a system wide vendetta against anyone with a conservative viewpoint is absurd.

The reality is the leftists were allowed to organize in the last election. The leftist groups, George Soros backed groups, they organized and they brought out the vote. The Obama administration I have no doubt ordered the US to squelch and disrupt the conservatives from organizing and from having the ability to spread messages prior to the election. That means that the election was not clean.

Jason Hartman: Oh, no question about it.

Joel Gilbert: The election was stolen. They stole an election, it wasn’t clean because they suppressed one side. I think Obama should resign and call new elections.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. Watching that testimony from the victims of the IRS attack was just unbelievable. I mean, it’s just unbelievable that that could happen in modern America where these people, these groups were denied their nonprofit status when other groups were being approved quickly, the questions the IRS was asking, the things that they wanted to see before they would approve them, I mean ridiculous things. They were a complete invasion of privacy and would allow further, more egregious targeting.

Show us the invitations to your events. Give us a list of the speakers and the members. I mean, just unbelievable – it’s like here’s your list of target. And then you see that the recent news about the head of the IRS coming to the White House 157 times during Obama’s 4 and a half years versus under bush, one visit. How can that not be political? I mean, how can it not be?

Joel Gilbert: It’s so obvious. It came as no surprise to me because I believe I was also targeted. I’ve talked about this recently. As soon as my film came out, Dreams from My Real Father, I got a bill from the IRS for 5 figures. They decided, they said they’re denying all of my deductions for the year of 2009, they’re denying all business deductions. At first I thought that’s ridiculous. It must be a typographical error or something because why would they open old tax returns and deny all expenses? I’m a legitimate documentary filmmaker for over 10 years. By those criteria, you could deny everybody’s expensive for the past several years. My accountant went down to meet the IRS auditor to simply resubmit the same expenses that they already had and the auditor had a copy of the Dreams from My Real Father website printed out on the desk.

Jason Hartman: you have got to be kidding.

Joel Gilbert: Not kidding. And I’ve talked about this. So, that’s when we realize it was some form of intimidation and here we are a year later and it’s still not put to rest. My accounting is actually meeting again tomorrow. Every 3 months he goes and meets them, gives them all the expenses again. They say we’ll have a look at this, then I get a bill in the mail, same, and he makes another meeting, so this will be good for almost a year. It’s not finished.

Jason Hartman: Wait, let me tell you something. I was audited started in 2010 and it’s been going on for 3 years. However, I didn’t really view mine as a targeting thing, at least not initially, because I won. I think I won the audit, although it’s sort of hard to say that you won when you spent 3 years horsing around on it and you spent $30,000 with your accountant. But I discovered a bunch of new deductions and got a bunch of money back. So, I don’t think the IRS is very happy that they came to visit my door. But it still could be argued that they were targeting me. I’m pretty outspoken on all of my shows and so forth as to my beliefs.

Joel Gilbert: I’d like to see how many liberal radio personalities – I guess there’s not very many is why, because they don’t have an audience.

Jason Hartman: They don’t have an audience. I’ll tell you why they don’t have an audience. I did an article on this years ago. I call it the monologue media versus the dialogue media. And in the dialogue media, that’s the blogosphere, the internet, talk radio, where people can actually call in, respond, comment on postings, on blogs and so forth, and the conservative viewpoint can withstand an argument, yet the liberal one cannot.

So they control all of the monologue media, the old media. Newspapers, of course there’s an op-ed page, but that’s no big deal. They get to put out the message through publishing books, movies, television, newspapers, the old media, the three major networks. And people really don’t interact with them. It’s largely a one way conversation. It’s not a conversation, it’s a monologue, whereas the newer media, talk radio and such, that’s a dialogue and that’s why I think that one side controls one largely and the other side controls the other. It’s really separated in that way.

So Frank Marshall Davis passed away in 1987, is that correct?

Joel Gilbert: That’s right.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. So Obama changed his name then?

Joel Gilbert: Well, Obama’s name, I believe from birth was the Barack H. Obama II. They named him the second, not junior. And they did that intentionally because if his name was junior it would have meant son of. The second is a designation which is another person. It doesn’t even have to be related. It’s just another person. So, he was intentionally not named junior. It was a sham marriage to cover up an affair between Obama’s mother and Frank Marshall Davis and there were several reasons. Davis was married at the time. Obama’s grandfather worked for the government. He was not a furniture salesman as has been the lie about the grandfather. So, there were a lot of reasons to cover up that affair. Also, in the early 60s, of course, having an interracial child out of wedlock was considered not socially as acceptable as it is today.

So, that is what they did to cover up the affair. They got a Kenyan student to lend his name to the effort and the Kenyan student was able to apply for a Visa extension. He applied to extend his visa to study for a PhD. If it was a real marriage, he would have simply applied for a green card. But he didn’t. He had a wife and children already in Kenya. And of course, at that time, the state department initially rejected his application for the visa extension. They said it was a sham marriage.

So, Obama, it was an early visitor to Davis’s house. We have photos of Obama at Davis’s house even as an infant, as a young child. And when he came back from Indonesia at age 9, his mother dropped him off essentially. He lived with the grandfather, and the grandfather took him on regular parental visits to Davis’s house, starting at age 10, and the mother went back to Indonesia for a few years before coming back to Hawaii again. So Davis raised Obama from age 10, literally, and he was very close to him. And Obama talks about him extensively in his book. And you can see the ideological connection and the fact that Obama hid his parenting, both biologically and ideologically by Davis with the fairy tale of the Kenyan goat herder is an unacceptable manipulation of the electorate because it hides an agenda.

Nobody voted for Obama to use the IRS to disrupt the first amendment. Nobody voted for let’s disrupt the second amendment. The only amendment Obama likes is the fifth amendment which his father, Frank Marshall Davis, by the way, his father pleaded the fifth. He was brought before the Un-American Activities Committee and was asked if he was a member of the communist party, if he had ever been a Soviet agent, and he pleaded the fifth. So that’s the only amendment Obama likes. And nobody voted for this. They voted for some generic agenda, hope and change. Nobody understood what he was talking about.

Even when he said several times, one was in Colorado during the 2008 campaign, he said we need a civilian national security force just as well funded as our military. Now, that sounds to me crazy. I mean, that’s like the guardia civil in Spain during Franco or the Russians had the Militsiya, or in Iran they have the Mujahedin or all the guard. So, in America we don’t have a civilian national security force. We have local police. This guy should be disqualified. Somebody should have asked him what the hell are you talking about? But the people in the audience, when he said we need a civilian national security force, they just clapped. They had no idea what he was talking about. They just cheered and clapped.

So, that’s why the role of the media’s so derelict that they don’t even ask him what are you talking about? Why do we need a civilian security force? Now, we see the Department of Homeland Security buying up every bullet ever made, buying trucks. It’s a scary time. To me it feels like 1933 in Germany.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I would agree with you. It is a pretty scary time. The only thing is we can all communicate a lot better, at least for the time being than they could in Germany.

Joel Gilbert: Can we? I feel like we’re just talking to each other.

Jason Hartman: Well, that’s kind of a good point, but I would agree that the folks on the left don’t dip in and listen to these messages too often, that’s for sure. Obama’s rise to power is pretty unbelievable. It’s just uncanny. A guy with virtually no experience, no credentials, largely an absentee senator, who put him in office? Is it the Bilderberg group? Do we go into that? Or is this just sort of a fluke in our electorate that this happened?

Joel Gilbert: Well, in our system, let’s start with Illinois and Chicago, if you win a democratic nomination or a democratic primary in Chicago or most of Illinois, you automatically win that position because the democrats control the city and the minority groups and the votes, so they’re able to get in anybody that’s elected. Obama exploited the hole in our system on presidential politics. He ran for the democratic nomination in a year that people were a little bit tired of George Bush and the republicans and the war and we had economic meltdown, which, by the way, Obama contributed to – that’s a secondary story, the subprime mortgage crisis.

So, he happened to run for the democratic nomination in an off year for the republicans and he was able to mobilize his shock troops of acorns and all his supporters and minorities and so on to get the democratic nomination. So, it is a whole in our system when we don’t have a strong media to carefully vet and question these people and expose and tell the truth about their real background.

You could look at the prior election. Look at what a sleazy guy that John Edwards was. He was a trial lawyer out of North Carolina and he became senator. Within a few years, he was running on the vice presidential ticket. If god forbid Kerry had one and god forbid he couldn’t complete his term for some reason, we would have had a real sleazeball trial lawyer suddenly become President of the United States. And we said “How did that happen?” So, it’s been in the system for many years that people are able to run for the democratic or republican, more so the democratic nomination and not be questioned. And it is a flaw in the system that these Marxists have exploited successfully.

Jason Hartman: Well, I would agree. Wouldn’t Obama want a more American sounding name? It seems like that would help his brand. I mean, this guy appears to be so fake in so many ways and there’s so many mysteries, I’m surprised we haven’t heard about a name change. Why wouldn’t he stick with his name Barry, his high school name and earlier life name?

Joel Gilbert: Well, believe it or not, there’s a quote in his real father’s autobiography called Living the Blues. Frank Marshall Davis wrote that black Americans of direct African descent, and people directly from Africa, he believed were much more acceptable to the white population than African-Americans, that they held them in higher esteem somehow. Now, I don’t know to what extent that is true or not, but Obama I believe would have gotten that advice from Frank Marshall Davis along the way if he should stick with Barry Obama, maybe he wanted to become Barry Davis, take on his real father’s name, I don’t know, but I think certainly Obama came to some conclusion, probably with the help of his father, Frank Marshall Davis, that he would be more unique and stand out in a crowd, especially going to Chicago, instead of being Barry Davis that with a more exotic name or background he might stand out a little bit.
Jason Hartman: Yeah, that’s true. Well, what else can you tell us? And do you have any action items, anything we can do? We gotta make it until 2016 here, but is there any chance that all of these recent scandals will just bring him down? I doubt it.

Joel Gilbert: A few things I can tell you, as I have believed for a long time, that United States and its allies are in great danger from this Marxist ideological agenda that’s being carried out against our knowledge and against our will. America’s allies are in the most immediate danger because Obama’s made very clear in his apologies to our enemies in his appeasement of Russia, appeasement of the Islamists, that he has no intention of standing by our allies.

America cannot exist as an island between two oceans, an island of democracy between the specific and the Atlantic. We need strong democratic allies that share our values around the world, in Australia and Taiwan, Israel, the western Europe, all over the world we need strong democratic allies. Without that, if we’re unwilling to defend our allies and stand with our allies, then bad actors like the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese will fill that vacuum and the balance of power to our detriment.

So, I think probably the biggest scandal that’s still to come that hasn’t gotten much publicity but I think is about to come on the scene again is the forgery, the document fraud of Obama’s birth certificate that he released. Obama may be eligible to be president. I think he probably is because both his parents I believe were American citizens, but the cover-up is what gets people in trouble. It is a felony to produce a fraudulent or direct someone to produce a fraudulent birth document. It’s a felony to provide it to election officials as a proof of American birth and so on.

So, I know there’s a lot of activity right now going on regarding the crimes that were committed with the production and submission of Obama’s false birth certificate. So, I’m going to stay in tune for that and see if that forces him to admit that his father was Frank Marshall Davis and tell the truth about who he is, what his ideology is, and where he comes from and who raised him so the American people can understand where he’s taking us and I hope everybody, if you just look at my film, it’s all there. There’s not too many mysteries once you finish watching the film. It’s called Dreams from My Real Father. And you can get the DVD at ObamasRealFather.com. It’s also on Amazon on Demand and please check it out and pass it on to some friends.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic, and maybe even hold a movie night at your home and invite people over to see it and do a little discussion group. I think that kind of stuff would be fun and obviously very, very important. Joel Gilbert, thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it. Just keep getting the word out there.

Joel Gilbert: Okay, thanks for having me today.

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