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HS 163 – “Lessons from Unarmed America” with Mark Walters

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Mark Walters

Mark Walters is a nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio and author of, “Lessons from Unarmed America.” He joins the show to discuss the measures taken by Obama to reduce. gun violence and if any of them are realistic. Walters has been penning The Ordinary Guy column as a regular contributor to “Concealed Carry Magazine” for over 5 years.   As a freelance writer for a local industrial trade publication and a vocal second amendment activist in Tampa, Florida, Mark’s letters and opinions appeared many times in the Tampa Tribune.

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His book, Lessons From Armed America, co-written with Kathy Jackson ( forward by Massad Ayoob), was released in October 2009 by Whitefeather Press and highlights the stories of those who found found themselves the victims of violent crime and either used a gun or wished they had one when they needed it most, including his own story.

In November of 2002 just two weeks after the birth of his daughter Lindsey, Mark found himself the intended victim of an attempted carjacking while approaching a traffic light on E. Fletcher Ave. in the Suitcase City section of Tampa, FL at 6:20 am on his way to work.  A well known drug and crime infested area bordering the University of South Florida, Mark passed through the area every day.

Luckily on that November morning he was carrying a Glock 36, 45 caliber handgun resting in a Sidearmor Kydex IWB holster.  When the criminals… both of them…found themselves unable to get into the vehicle stopped just off of his left bumper, they turned their attention to him.

Watching the frightening events unfold in front of him and happening at a frantic pace, Mark un-holstered his weapon and leveled his 45 at the criminal standing just feet away from him and approaching his vehicle.  When confronted with a gun pointed directly at his chest, the closest attacker waved off his partner and both men retreated to their vehicle.  Fleeing like the cowards they were, Mark was able to make it home alive that day.

That frightening experience became the subject of his first column with Concealed Carry Magazine titled “The Importance of Carrying Your Gun 100% of The Time”, now listed as one of Concealed Carry Magazines “Best of.” Since that time, Mark writes about ordinary folks like you and I who have used a weapon to defend themselves as well as interviewing some of the nations biggest news makers and activists.  The list includes rock stars, country singers, radio personalities, national and local politicians, TV stars, internationally recognized trainers, weapons experts, criminal psychologists, television hosts, authors, real people who have used a firearm to defend themselves against violent attack and regular, ordinary folks who make a difference.

Mark was one of the headline speakers at the Second Amendment March in Washington, DC on April 19th, 2010 joining other guests such as Suzanna Hupp, Sheriff Mack, Dick Heller, Mancow, and others who proudly proclaimed the birthright of every American to keep and bear arms.  He has appeared numerous times as a guest on local and national radio shows including a co-hosting appearance on the nationally syndicated G. Gordon Liddy show.  In addition, Mark was a recent guest on Fox Businees Channel’s The Stossel Show, with John Stossel to discuss the topic of More Guns, Less Crime and appears weekly as a guest on the popular live web TV program, American Trigger Sports Network with host James Towle to discuss the right to self-defense every Wednesday afternoon at www.atsn.tv.

Mark is a member of the NRA, an NRA Certified Instructor in three disciplines, a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation as well as a card carrying member of GeorgiaCarry.org, the Gun Owners of America and a vocal 2nd amendment activist.   In the spare time of his “real life,” he ran his own successful business for over 13 years and now works full time to bring you Armed American Radio.

He also believes that anyone who has been suckered by Al Gore is, well… a sucker.

Mark defends our freedoms on AAR with the RIGHT voice at the RIGHT time and brings a frank discussion of the right to defend your life to FREEDOM loving Americans EVERY week.

Listen to Armed American Radio at www.ArmedAmericanRadio.com. Visit Delta Defense at www.DeltaDefense.com.

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Start of Interview with Mark Walters

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Mark Walters to the show. He is a nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio and author of Lessons from Unarmed America. And we’re here to talk about a very topical subject; you can probably tell what it is. It is the topic of our liberties, second amendment, gun control, etcetera, etcetera. Mark welcome, how are you?

Mark Walters: I’m doing wonderful Jason. Thanks for having me back. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you.

Jason Hartman: Well thanks for joining us. You’re coming to us from the greater Atlanta area today?

Mark Walters: That is correct.

Jason Hartman: Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to nowadays.

Mark Walters: Well, we just finished as you mentioned, my upcoming book Lessons from Unarmed America. That book will be available, I believe if I heard the publisher correctly, will be available on the Kindle in a couple of weeks. About the second week of July it goes to the printer and should be out by the end of the month or the first week or two of August. And what I do in that book is I tell stories, if you will, true crime stories of people who found themselves in violent confrontational situations and found themselves unarmed, needed a gun the most and didn’t have one.

But I also tell a couple stories in there, that being unarmed Jason, doesn’t always mean being without a tool. Being unarmed can also mean being without the knowledge required necessary to get out of a particular situation. So, not necessarily violence. I’ll leave potential readers with that and they can pick the book up. And Lessons from Unarmed America, then my individual stories are followed by a professional trainer and worldwide recognized international self-defense expert, Rob Pincus who comes in and analyses the story from a professional standpoint behind me, and gives his take on the should have/could have/would haves of what happened. What the individuals did wrong, what they may have done right to put themselves in a better situation. And this is the actual follow up book for the original, Lessons from Armed America which is out now.

Jason Hartman: Mark, it is just mind boggling to me that the media only covers things like Trayvon Martin. They only cover questionable uses of guns, and negative uses. They never, ever cover, and when I say that of course it’s a figure of speech, almost never, like a miniscule amount of the time, any positive result of a citizen using a gun legally to protect themselves, their property or their family. And I think I know why, I think we all do, but I’d love to hear your take on that.

Mark Walters: Well sure. I’m glad you brought that up. Boy, am I glad you brought that up, and I’ll tell you why. I used fire arm to defend my life about ten years ago, eleven years ago now it being 2013. Never had to fire a shot, but I drew my lawfully carried fire arm at a traffic intersection when I was stopped in traffic on my way to work in Tampa, Florida back in November of 2002, on two individuals who were attempting to car jack a car that was stopped off of my left front bumper getting ready to turn left. When they couldn’t get in that vehicle, one of the individuals turned his attention toward me. I drew my fire arm, stopped that action against me, both punks took off and went the other way.

And as a result of that, this is a debate I’m willing to have with anybody, any place, any time about my right to carry a fire arm. But I became one of the statistics that University of Florida researcher, Gary Kleck, puts at over 2 ½ million times per year that a fire arm is used by a law abiding citizen to stop a violent attack and in over 95% of those cases his research showed that a shot was never fired. Now what I want to do is point to the left comes after that statistic and says that’s crazy.

So what do they do? The Clinton justice department commissions its own study through the bureau of justice statistics. They found back in the early 90s about 180 thousand of those individual cases that they found were reported. So they think theirs is a better number. This year, just this past month, less than three weeks ago a 2013 study which goes through 1993 through 2011, bureau of justice statistics report is out and by its own finding, commissioned by Eric Holder’s justice department 237,500 cases that the bureau, that the justice department and their justice statistics report just out last month found that a law abiding citizen used a fire arm to defend themselves.

Now, if you divide that – that’s the period that they used, between 2005 and 2011 – if you divide that out by 18 hundred and 25 days in that 5 year period, you come out with approximately 130 defensive uses of a fire arm, what we refer to as DG, defensive gun uses. Every single day in this country as compared to their own statistics from the FBI’s uniform crime report and the bureau of justice statistics, report just out, 32 murders committed in this country by guns every day. Yet again, proof positive. Even on the left side of the equation that a fire arm in the hands of a good, law abiding citizen is used far more often in this country to defend life, limb and property than it is to take a human life. And let’s not consider those other factors in those 32 murders.

These are not just kids that are being shot in drive-bys. These are gang-bangers, drug dealers, murderers, homicides, thieves, robbers, car-jackers, so let’s put this all in perspective. Guns are good. Guns are righteous and guns save lives in this country far more times every single day than they are ever used to do harm, and that’s by the bureau justice statistics own numbers, Jason.

Jason Hartman: Well and you know what you didn’t even mention, and I hope some people are thinking of it, but your car-jacking example, the car-jacking attempt that you thwarted without firing a shot, without hurting anybody, in fact…

Mark Walters: Went unreported.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, not just the question of reporting it or not, but the fact that that happened I bet is a huge deterrent to those scumbag criminal punks who tried to car-jack you. They will think twice about doing that again, or committing any sort of crime again.

Mark Walters: I would like to think so. And I’m glad you brought that up because it’s something that I was just discussing on Armed American radio on the national show of last week’s program. And I’d like an opportunity to mention this now. There’s a case making national news this week, in fact last Sunday, just days ago that at 5:30 in the morning, individuals were waiting at a shoe store called Wish in downtown Atlanta not two miles from where I broadcast the national program. At 5:30 in the morning for the release of the new Lebron James at about 180 bucks a pop these people get these sneakers and can resell these things on eBay as such for about 500 to 600 plus. So I like capitalism, that’s a good thing and if people want to spend their hard earned money on that particular product and make a buck off of it, more power to them for doing that. That’s what makes this country go. It’s supply and demand.

And in this particular case, we had an opportunistic scumbag armed with a fire arm who decided to show up and strip these good hard working people who wanted to spend this money on these Lebron James sneakers of their cash. At which point a law abiding citizen in line, who was sitting in a chair waiting for the store to open, drew his lawfully concealed carry gun. I don’t know what kind of fire arm it was. It was semi-automatic from what I saw from the film clip-it was caught on video. Lawful Georgia weapons carry license permit holder, fired at the punk and killed him. The punk took two steps, turned around and fell down face down on the pavement dead.

Here’s my take on that. I hope the last thing he saw was the muzzle flash and I hope that the last thing he heard was the pop and I hope he felt the pavement when he fell. Because when you attempt and when you make a decision to attempt to steal someone else’s hard earned money or their life, you instantly give up your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This man got what he deserved and it was done and taken care of by a law abiding lawful carry permit. Such a clear cut case of self-defense, Jason, after the police cleaned up the scene he waited in line and got his sneakers at noon.

Jason Hartman: Yeah.

Mark Walters: He didn’t even get out of the line.

Jason Hartman: That’s amazing. I don’t want to sound like a radical vigilante here, but you’ve got to just note that in that case, look at all the money the tax payers saved too. And look at how it might not have been just a robbery. It might have been where there’s a scuffle and an innocent person would have been killed. Who knows what the guy’s true intentions were after he started to go and accost people for money. You just never know what it would have turned into.

Mark Walters: And the fact of the matter is, I hate to preface it with the vigilante, nobody wants… this is not vigilante justice. This is the right to lawful self-defense. Everybody interviewed, even in the streets of Chicago, my god, we can get to Chicago in a minute, what’s happening in Rahm Emanuel’s bastion of gun control is a bloodbath. That city is more dangerous than Baghdad. This is an American city. It’s insane. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not vigilantism, it’s to defend your life.

Jason Hartman: Vigilantism is more like after the fact, like revenge usually. And certainly we don’t want mobs of people going to extract their revenge. But in the moment, people have to have a way to defend themselves. You know what’s amazing to me? There are so many things that come out of the left that just make no logical sense at all.

Mark Walters: Where do you want to begin?

Jason Hartman: The left… they say they’re all about equal rights and equality. Well what could be more of an equality tool than a gun, if you think about it? The poor little old lady walking out of her house to go get her medication at one in the morning from CVS or Rite-Aid or Walgreens because she ran out and has to have it that night, versus the huge thug who’s 6 foot 4 and weighs two or three times her weight and maybe is with a bunch of his thug friends… it makes them equal. It levels the playing field.

Mark Walters: It is the great equalizer. There’s no question about that and any clear thinking individual knows that. But you hit on something very important when you talked about the argument from the left. And let’s get the kidding aside, and get very serious about this. Because this is destroying America as you and I know it, as we grew up and our parents, and grandparents, and those who came before us would not recognize this country today.

The fact of the matter is that this is an emotional… this is liberalism, progressive, is an emotional argument. It’s very easy to be a liberal. It’s easy to feel a certain way. But it’s very difficult to think about the consequences of one’s actions and the ramifications of what one is doing. It requires intelligence and it requires a thought process, a thorough thought process to come to a conclusion. It hits on and defines our ability as human beings to use logic that separates us from other animals. And the fact of the matter is, when all you do is react on emotion you come up with these ridiculous laws that kill people. You come up with gun free zones.

Let’s discuss gun free zones for a minute. Chicago is a gun free zone. I’ll tell you, when they factor in Chicago’s murder rate from January 1st 2013 through December 31st 2013, you’re going to see that bureau of justice statistics report go through the roof because of one city. A city that is gun free. The fact of the matter is criminals don’t follow the law. If it were that simple, we could put a sign up…

Jason Hartman: By definition they don’t follow the law. It’s so simple to figure this stuff out. They’re criminals. That is the definition of being a criminal, someone who breaks the law. So what makes anybody on the left think that a criminal cares about gun laws or any other law for that matter?

Mark Walters: Well, if it were that simple, we could end and eliminate… why stop at gun control? Let’s put a big sign up on an interstate highway at the entrance to every city in America that says no crime allowed. Let’s just end all crime with a sign. Let’s make every place a crime free zone. They look at you cock-eyed like a Chihuahua. They don’t understand the logic behind it. And we could get into the argument that liberalism is a mental disorder. Some psychologists have found that to be the case. I’ll leave that to greater minds than mine.

Jason Hartman: Well, I have a friend, and I’m really beginning to agree with him, who thinks that there are real physiological and structural differences in the brain structure of a liberal versus a conservative. Because you just can’t debate these things, because with some people you can present every rational piece of logic and they just still will not see it. And I have liberal friends as I’m sure you do, and there are some things on the left that I really do agree with. But the gun control is not one of them.

Mark Walters: No. It’s just common sense. It’s common sense as a human being. If you’ve studied anything in college about psychology you understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Every human being is trying to get to the top of the pyramid and that’s the point that we refer to as self-actualization. Maslow referred to it as self-actualization. We never actually get there but we spend our time and our entire lives striving for that self-actualization to be everything that we can be. Yet nobody really, truly makes it to the top no matter how high you get, you can still go a little bit higher. On the left side of that argument, to try to expose common sense to this, and it is mind boggling. I simply cannot wrap my head around what makes them tick, and I don’t bother trying.

I can say this: you cannot argue with stupid, and you cannot argue with dishonesty. And if you’re arguing with a liberal who is both, and in many cases that’s the case, you’d best just walk away from that argument. You cannot have that argument. Save yourself the time and effort.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, that seems to be the case.

Mark Walters: And it’s the same on the right too. Let’s make that a fair statement. It’s the same on the right. It works both ways. You cannot argue with stupid, and you cannot argue with a liar, period. And that person is both [00:16:00].

Jason Hartman: There are some radicals on the right that don’t make any sense to me either, okay? So to be balanced I’ll definitely point that out. But I want to ask you, and let’s parse this up a little bit if we could, Mark. Because when we get into the issue of gun control, it is a slippery slope in taking away liberties. But then you ask yourself, what about background checks? What about these various interim things? You hear people say, why does anybody need an AR-15? Why do they need an assault weapon? And the funny thing I find about that, by the way, is that you can do the same thing with a lot of other weapons that just don’t look like assault weapons. It’s kind of like the cosmetics of the gun is what they’re more concerned about. They’re not automatic unless they’re made to be automatic.


Mark Walters: Well this goes to a deeper rot cause. And this argument can be answered very simply. We don’t need anything. We don’t need Hollywood liberal. Justin Bieber does not need a Lamborghini. Justin Bieber chooses to drive a Lamborghini because Justin Bieber can afford a Lamborghini. I don’t need an AR-15. I have several AR-15s because I want an AR-15. It’s lawful for me to own. If that gun is less potent than the Winchester Model 94 30-30 lever action that I have in the same safe that that resides with. What this gets down to is liberals, elitists, let’s get to where we’re going here.

Elitists don’t like certain things, therefore they don’t think you should have them either. And in this particular case, they like to point when it comes to guns and gun control, to the AR-15 because they don’t understand guns. They don’t know guns. And they think the gun looks scary, therefor they don’t like it, therefor you shouldn’t have it because they don’t like it. This is an elitist’s argument from their standpoint. It’s very easy to debunk that argument with simple fact. The only thing they don’t like about an AR-15 is the cosmetic appearance.

Jason Hartman: But to be fair, that bold action gun that you mentioned may be more lethal, but it doesn’t have the capacity of an AR-15 where you can have a 30 round clip. So let’s talk about that. Like them they try to control clips and say that you can only have a ten round or an eight round… I think in some places there’s only 7 or 8 rounds now allowed in some places. I believe in California it’s still 10. But why does anybody, and I’m just taking their side and I want to ask you. I’m not an expert on this. But why does anybody need 30 round clips?

Mark Walters: That’s just a number chosen because that’s what the AR-15 standard magazine holds. If an AR-15 standard magazine was 60 rounds, they would say why don’t we pair it down to 30. It’s a number, that’s all it is. And anyone who’s familiar with shooting, I’ll use the same analogy as I answer the question. When you hear so and so had an arsenal in his house and over a thousand rounds of ammunition, I’m talking to you now looking at a bookshelf in my office which is locked away from my kids, my office is locked with a push button lock and so forth, and there’s thousands of rounds of ammunition in here because I have different calibers of fire arms and many rounds for each one.

Anybody familiar with shooting knows that you buy a box of ammo in boxes of 50 or 100 because it’s very easy when you go shooting to knock out about 3, 4 or 5 hundred rounds as you’re target shooting, practicing, or what have you. If you’re competition shooting, you’ll go through 2000 rounds easy in the course of a 2 day event. If you’re taking professional fire arms training, you’ll go through 15 hundred rounds. I took a Rob Pincus combat focus shooting course in November. 1500 rounds in less than 48 hours because it’s training. Ammunition is sold in blocks because people don’t shoot five rounds and go home. It’s a fun activity. You should try it some time.

Jason Hartman: I have. I’ve gone shooting – I think it’s fun. You don’t have to convince me.

Mark Walters: It’s a tremendous amount of fun. I’ve never taken anybody shooting who said to me later, I never want to do that again. Usually it’s are we out of ammo? Can we get more? When can I come back and do that? Because it’s fun. But to get back to that question, it’s just an arbitrary number because that’s what the standard capacity magazine holds today. It’s not a high capacity magazine. It’s a standard capacity magazine.

Let’s use New York. New York dropped a magazine capacity limit years ago to ten rounds. But that wasn’t good enough. Now it’s 7, after Newtown. Now it’s 7. Soon it will be 5. The agenda is to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms. I refer to that as generational confiscation. Demonize guns to young people today so they don’t want to buy them tomorrow. Give you the right under Feinstein’s rules to own the guns that she says is okay to grandfather in, but when you die you can’t pass them on. This is their way to confiscate guns generationally. And that’s exactly what the ultimate agenda is.

Now let’s go to the bigger question. Because all of this pinpoints to the bigger question. And that is when you hear Mark Barton, the father of one of those young boys murdered brutally and horrifically in Newtown, stand in the rose garden with the president the day the senate rejected this gun control agenda just a couple months back. And you hear that man say, “We know and we understand that this bill wasn’t an answer to everything…it wouldn’t have saved my son” ladies and gentlemen, then you have to be intellectually honest and ask yourself, what the hell was it designed to do then?

Jason Hartman: And what is the answer to that?

Mark Walters: Eventually confiscate your fire arms. That is the ultimate goal of the gun hater.

Jason Hartman: This is what troubles me about the background check idea. The background check includes a list so you know where the gun owners live. And that’s the problem with it. I’m not totally opposed to some sort of background check, but I’m opposed to the government having a list.

Mark Walters: Well here’s the thing, the government already has a list. We all know now that when Obama says nobody wants a list of gun owners, tell that to the NSA. They don’t want your phone calls, do they? Do you trust government? Do you trust what comes out of his mouth now, knowing what you know about the IRS, the NSA, and it’s a lot deeper. I’ll quote retired Navy Seal Larry Yatch on my show two weeks ago. He said “I’ve worked covert. And when a leak comes out, I can guarantee you that what you’re hearing is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t care what the topic is.”

So what he was referring to was, what you heard from the NSA was the tip of the iceberg. What you heard about the IRS was only the tip of the iceberg. It goes far, far deeper. The fact is when you hear Obama say, we don’t want a list, yes they do want the list of gun owners. That’s their ultimate goal; that was written into Schumer’s bill. A list of gun owners. Universal background checks equal registration. That’s their ultimate goal,

Jason Hartman: Yeah, but you listen to the left, you listen to Piers Morgan, who I think has lost his mind to some extent, his obsession with this is just beyond ridiculous frankly.

Mark Walters: It’s a ratings ploy, I believe.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, it has to be because no logical person could actually think like him. No rational person is what I want to think. But you listen to him… okay, so confiscation in a generation or so and then in 25 years maybe they can really confiscate most of the guns so only the criminals will have them. But this is America. We have due process. It’s in the constitution.

Mark Walters: We have a fourth amendment against search and seizures. We have a right to privacy in this country that’s being stepped on every day. And if people think it can’t happen to me, it will happen to you. Let me point to Boston and the incredible search for two men responsible for the Boston marathon.

Jason Hartman: Boston looked like a police state and the people welcomed it.

Mark Walters: It didn’t look like it. It was.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, it was like a military war zone. And it was for two people. And by the way, the guy was caught by a civilian. We should mention that. And so was Christopher Dorner, that rogue cop in LA. And that just bodes even more reason that civilians should have the option to be armed.

Mark Walters: Don’t think a police force has the ability to come and confiscate your weapons? These people went door to door threw families out of their homes and went through them without any due process. so we saw this happen in Boston. What astonished me about Boston, and this is a fascinating thing…when you take a look at this, it’s truly fascinating. We see what happened in Boston. Would that have happened in Georgia or Tennessee, or South Carolina or North Carolina, Florida or Alabama? Would residents have reacted differently?

Jason Hartman: Probably. In Boston they could get away with it because you’ve got a liberal place.

Mark Walters: You’ve got a liberal place that’s been dumbed down for many, many years. You have a liberal mentality that puts up with a certain level of gun control, that gives up certain freedoms to feel safe, and what did Ben Franklin say? “Those who would give up a little liberty for security will have neither” and that’s what we saw happen in Boston. And this isn’t extremism.

Don’t take this from me, but look at the videos. Look at YouTube and watch it for yourself. See what happened, watch the news reports as it unfolded, and ask yourself can this happen? Yes of course it can happen. It absolutely can happen; it has happened. It happened in New York. It’s happening in Connecticut and it’s happening in Colorado right now as we speak. As these states push their political agenda, put politics over common sense and the rule of law, and the will of the people and their constituencies in Colorado.

We now have two recalls going on. And it’s looking every day like the individuals who offered the Colorado gun bans are going to go down and probably be recalled as a result of this. And the response was swift and the same thing is happening in Connecticut right now. And I believe that the Supreme Court did not take the rift between the second and seventh circuit courts relative to the conceal carry law and the requirements necessary to get a permit between shall issue and may issue for the very reason that this played out during the midst of all of this after Newtown. And I think the Supreme Court fully expects to get another second amendment case that can incorporate everything so they don’t have to keep hearing these cases. Eventually these state laws are going to work their way up to the Supreme Court, the second amendment foundation is already pursuing these very aggressively.

Jason Hartman: Of course they will. What else should people know about this issue and actions, what should people be doing if they’re concerned about their loss of liberty? What actions can they take? Write your congressman, vote…

Mark Walters: Oh yeah. This is the number one question that I get in Emails from fans of Armed American radio, it’s the number one question that customer service at United States Concealed Carry Association gets almost every day, and that is “what can I do?” That’s probably the most important question we can answer. Here’s why. Because the media in this country, anybody who listens to my show or reads my One to the Head column in Conceal Carry Magazine knows that I am no fan of the mainstream media. I hold them in utter distain. I believe that they are a root cause of the problems that we face in the country today because of the strength of their bias and the fact that they’re no longer reporting the news but actively participating in it, which turns news into propaganda.

And of course that propaganda is now manifesting itself in leftist agenda from the mainstream media as we see today. And that’s very, very dangerous. So having said that, what people can do is don’t believe the media. Don’t believe that there is nothing going on about gun control because the media chooses not to talk about it today. Trust me, Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama and loudmouth Vice President Biden are very actively pursuing it. Just because the mainstream media is focusing on other topics right now doesn’t mean that the powers to be aren’t actively working on it.

That was a huge, probably his biggest failure as president, legislative failure, was the failure of the gun control in the senate. And he knows it and he will not stop. So what people need to do is, don’t wait until they hear it on the news. It’s too late at that point. Pick the phone up today. Call your local representatives, your state representatives and your federal representatives and let them know hands off my second amendment. Even if that representative is Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.

And the best way they can reach them, even more so than a phone call is, do you remember how to hand write a letter, lick a stamp and put it on an envelope? Send it to their offices. A handwritten letter gets dropped right on that person’s desk. It is read. And even more important than that is let the media know.

Let the media know when you see anti-gun bias anywhere in any editorial, write it. Write the editorial, send the letter to the editor, they may not publish it but they’ve read it and they know they’re being watched and that is more important than you can imagine. In addition to that, the last thing is join your local grassroots groups.

In Georgia we have a phenomenal group, Georgiacarry.org. Virginia has Virginia Citizens Defense League. Illinois has the Illinois State Rifle and Pistol Association. Kansas has the Kansas State Pistol and Rifle Association and so forth. Those are organizations that work for pennies on the dollar and donations. Put your name on their list, put them on your mailing list and get active with them. It takes nothing but a phone call and an Email. It’s that simple.

Jason Hartman: Good stuff. Give out your websites. You have two of them, I believe.

Mark Walters: Yeah, you people can head over to, well the best way to follow the show, follow me, and follow Armed American Radio and then the books and so forth is Facebook.com/ArmedAmericanRadio, you can see us in real time every day. Also visit us at ArmedAmericanRadio.com. You can listen to every past show since the first show in April 2009 when we were a naïve little one hour show in Atlanta.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well Mark Walters, thank you so much for joining us today.

Mark Walters: Jason, thank you. It’s always a pleasure my friend. Any time.

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