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HS 166 – Drones, Gun Laws, and Economic Discussions with Craig B. Hulet

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Craig B. Hulet


Craig B. Hulet returns to the Holistic Survival Show to talk about some very pressing matters. Jason and Craig discuss all the new drone laws that are happening, gun rights, and how the economy may never recover. Craig is a regular guest on Coast to Coast.

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Start of Interview with Craig B. Hulet

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Craig B. Hulet back to the show. You heard him on before, he is an expert in so many areas, and he’s got such a fascinating life and he writes about such fascinating topics. Everything from urban escape, evasion and survival, military issues, terrorism, business, economics, security, just a whole bunch of great things. Craig, welcome. How are you?

Craig B. Hulet: I’m doing well, thank you.

Jason Hartman: Well, good. It’s good to have you back on. You’re located up in the Seattle area, is that correct?

Craig B. Hulet: Right. Up around the Old Grove Rain Forest. I actually live in the Rain Forest itself about 7-10 miles back into the Rain Forest.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, I don’t know where we should start. Your work and your thinking is so broad, and you cover so many issues, but I would definitely like to make sure we talk about drones. I am extremely concerned about drone technology being used in American airspace. I was concerned about it last year, when Obama signed it into law. It seems like not too many people were concerned back then. But now, finally I’m starting to hear a lot of concerns about it. I’ve heard that these drones are being equipped for crowd and riot control, and it seems unconstitutional to me. It seems like the military being used on American soil. What are your thoughts and what’s going on with the drone issue?

Craig B. Hulet: Drones are already being used on American soil. That’s one of the disheartening aspects to it. In fact, the Seattle PD was one of the first cities to receive a FAA approved usage of a drone. And that was last year around June. Fortunately, or maybe not all that fortunately, when they introduced the drones to a town meeting, the town meeting was completely over taken by protesters. So that was a good sign. And they were protesters from all areas, all walks of life were there. So that was heartening. The American people are taking drone deployment here domestically very seriously.

Now, the fact that they’re already deployed is one thing. The FAA has already announced, and homeland security simultaneously. Which, by the way, homeland security is kind of usurping all the powers reserved to the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, even the old stalwarts of the FBI are concerned that homeland security is usurping everybody’s power and placing it under one roof, responsible and reporting only to the president. So that’s a concern.

While it hasn’t come to fruition, I can tell you at my work with people in law enforcement, the only people I work with in law enforcement are intel guys. I don’t work with street cops or anything like that. And I’ve never carried a badge. I’m strictly a consultant and an analyst. But I can tell you that they’re very concerned with the reach of homeland security already, including the FBI. And the FAA is predicting 30 thousand drones will be in American skies in less than a decade.

Jason Hartman: Wow. That is just a shocking number. Will these drones be weaponized? Is that true?

Craig B. Hulet: Well, the first thing the Seattle PD police chief asked was “Can we outfit them with 12 gauge shotguns?”

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable.

Craig B. Hulet: So, yes and of course they will be. They can say they won’t be, the can say whatever they want, but these will be assigned specifically to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, backed up by homeland security. So if anybody is deemed a threat to the federal government, and the threat level and the threat aspects that they describe in homeland security documents, are so vague as to be meaningless. In fact, they issued a document recently on domestic terrorism and it included people that would be looked at and considered potential terrorist threats, simply because they were supporters of Ron Paul.

Jason Hartman: Or maybe they’re veterans. I remember, was it Nancy Pelosi talking about that about a year and a half, two years ago? Unbelievable.

Craig B. Hulet: You mean veterans of the war?

Jason Hartman: Yeah, our own veterans. They’re being viewed as potential threats.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, they’ve already, if you’ve come home from the war and you’ve been injured physically, mentally, or are under treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, you’ve already received a letter from the DA denying you the right to keep and bear arms.

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable. This is shocking.

Craig B. Hulet: But listed in the domestic terrorism document includes things like, if you belong to a group who’s religious beliefs are anti-government and you store a lot of food, in other words they’ve perfectly described the Mormons. But the document itself should be perused. I have a copy of it on my website. Everything I’ll discuss here, there’ll be a PDF file on my website, you may have to go into the first, second, third pages to find them, but they’re all outlined, they’re all available for free with all the documentation.

This is the same format I used to use before computers. I would create a document, I would make my argument, and then supply, rather than footnotes for people to have to look up, I’d supply the documents themselves. So nothing I’m saying here hasn’t been documented, if you can refute the documentation then I’ll accept you’ve got a good argument against what I’m saying.

But until that time, all I can tell you is nothing like this has happened in this country in the last 35-40 years that I’ve been public, doing public work about government and policies and my analysis. Almost 40 years, now, and I have never seen anything like the last 3 years of movement towards complete dissipation, infringement of, or elimination of certain aspects of the ten bill of rights. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Obama is less transparent than Bush ever was, he’s violated and infringed upon civil rights far more than Bush ever did. He’s taken what Bush did do to levels that I think would surprise Bush if he cared, but of course we know George W doesn’t care about anything. So we’re in a situation that I’ve never seen happen and I never thought I’d see happen in my lifetime. But if there’s any part of my analysis that I’m critical of towards myself, it’s that I thought I would be probably dead by now before I saw this move to taking this country in a direction where civil liberties, the bill of rights become absolutely meaningless.

Jason Hartman: Very good point, very good point. It’s being trampled on like crazy. In fact, I have a funny thing that a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. And it was a picture of George Bush and he is kind of waving, it’s that billboard, you’ve probably seen it. It says “Miss me yet?” and then the caption below it says “Nope. We can hardly even tell you left”. Obama is the total continuation of the Bush policies and then some.

Craig B. Hulet: If you interviewed me as far back as I recall, it was quite a long time ago, I said when Obama got elected that he fell into the white house, that he was never the choice of anybody, democrat or republican, that because the democrats put forth such a list that included people so distasteful to Wall St, even Karl Rove helped get rid of some of them. So Obama was just the one left standing, he was completely unqualified to be in the White House.

Given that he was black, I can guarantee you that he was not part of many of the brother hoods that I’ve come across that have to be dealt with in your analysis. And then I know that when he appointed every banker he could get his hands on, Goldman Sachs, B of A, he put more bankers in his administration that George Bush Senior, who comes from a banking family. And I knew then that Obama was going to do was take this country further in the Bush W direction than even before, ever imaginable. But I also said that he would be blamed for everything. And one day the American people will forget that Obama took the Bush agenda even further than Bush could have, and the result will be in 3 years and several months, the American people will be prepped and ready to get rid of Obama, and elect Jeb Bush to the Whitehouse.

Jason Hartman: Another Bush… that’s just unbelievable. We’re at a point where we have dynasties in this country. This is ridiculous. This is nothing like a republic or a democracy. What’s with these families controlling our government like this, between the Kennedys and the Bushes.

Craig B. Hulet: Well there’s always been a certain element of families that go back in time. Even the Buchanan administration had ties all the way back to George Washington, but this country was founded by a very small contingent of people that had history in Europe. Many of them came to this country, even though they were nobility, or ex nobility, they came to this country to found a new regime. So it doesn’t surprise me that George Washington can be traced back to some nefarious group on the European continent that somebody would call the Illuminati. These things are irreverent to me.

There’s good men and there’s bad men in everything, including brotherhoods and monarchies. There’s good monarchs and bad monarchs. If you haven’t read Marcus Aurelius, then you’ve missed the point. He’s probably the finest man to ever lead a nation of that size, Rome, and everything he wrote about could be applied, and is in fact applicable to the United States. But in that same mix, you get the Nero’s and the crazies. That’s what we’ve got.

George Bush Senior, I know his connections, I knew what he was about, but he was explainable in the White House. George W, not even the family wanted him to run for president. They were opposed to it. So they had to accept the fact that he took the coat tails Jeb Bush was supposed to ride, and he got on them and managed to get himself elected out of sheer power and Karl Rove. Now, we’re past that. We’ve got Obama, he’s completely unconnected.

So how does Obama go forward when he has no connections, no power base, he’s black, he’s not white. I’m not a racist, but most of the country is. So he’s lacking in a lot of the power structure that you would normally see. So he goes to what? Wall St., the banking community. That banking community is in the end behind everything that matters. The banks, the largest monopoly banks own 30% of the multinational corporations, the Fortune 400 outright. Almost 30% is owned by 11 banks. So you can’t argue against the corporate structure without including the banking structure, which the progressive left has an absolute fit about. Because if you bring up banking in this category, they immediately call you an anti-sematic because they think you’re talking about Jewish banking.

Jason Hartman: Right, yeah.

Craig B. Hulet: And of course, that’s not what we’re talking about at all. I know full well that there’s a damn few Jews left in the banking system in the Western countries including the United States.

Jason Hartman: It was interesting to me Craig, that that’s how they tried to characterize Occupy Wall St., as anti-sematic.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, yeah. Partly it’s because when Occupy Wall St. hit, I understood what it was. And a lot of my clients thought I would back it and endorse it, and go public with it, and I explained to them that by and large, they were Ron Paul followers, Kato Institute and the University of Chicago School of economics, Milton Friedman crowd, and they were opposed to banking for all the correct reasons. There wasn’t even an itch of anti-Semitism amongst them. In fact, many of them were Jewish. So they were opposed for the right reasons. But I also knew that because of the popularity they got so suddenly, and that it was banking oriented, that they would immediately be taken over by the progressive left. And that’s why I said I can’t back them, they’ll be taken over and that movement about Wall St. will simply face away because the left will make it about every other issue, then banking, which they have.

Jason Hartman: Which they have. They’ve succeeded at doing that. One of the papers that you wrote, and I’m referring to the Nowhere to Run or Hide paper, that’s your document. You’ve got some really interesting stuff in here. Loosening up of these passport controls for Saudis. What is going on with that?

Craig B. Hulet: Well, sometime back I produced a paper and the documentation again, the lawsuit and the documents on the Saudi regime are on the website. There was a lawsuit filed by Lloyds of London against the Saudi royal family, the Saudi banks, and the Saudi intelligence community, the secret service, but the Saudi royal family was included because they control everything in the Saudi government. And the lawsuit claims, and if you read it, it’s lengthy, the lawsuit claims that they took the claims and paid off the claims of victims of the 9-11 disaster. All four flights, the victims, the families of people who died were all paid off. Lloyds of London carried the insurance policy.

So Lloyds, it’s called 3500 syndicate, is the branch of Lloyds, filed a lawsuit against the Saudis for recovery of those funds, and they document systematically in a way that nobody else has even come close to, that the Saudi government funded and was behind the 9-11 attacks, not Bin Laden, not anything called Al Qaeda, that it was done by the Saudi regime in conjunction with its intelligence service and charitable organizations. And the documentation is absolutely reputable. It’s incredible how much detail these lawyers put forward in one document, where if you were to try to do a search and find each one of these items, which I did to verify it, it spread all over the place, sometimes it was the FBI, it could have been a single reporter in the Miami Herald, but they got everything and put it in one lawsuit. They released it on a Sunday night, Monday morning is was filed, it was released publically on a Sunday night. I immediately got a copy of it.

By Thursday the Saudis had paid off and made a settlement, paid off the lawsuit, it was dead in the water by Friday. And Friday Obama was seen in a photograph with the Saudi prince and head of the intelligence arm of the royal family and the government saying that we have a special relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Jason Hartman: That’s just… you couldn’t write this as fiction it’s so ridiculous.

Craig B. Hulet: No, you’d have to put George Clooney in it and he’d be dead at the end of it. It’s incredible. Like I said, this is the speed at which the regime is feeling it is necessary to move. And that’s why Feinstein and Obama went after guns so vociferously. And by the way, that’s not over. I understand that it was taken out of the senate bill.

Jason Hartman: She’ll be back. There’s no question about that. She was doing it years ago.

Craig B. Hulet: Every year she submits it. And there’ll be a house bill by someone else – someone else will do a house bill.

Jason Hartman: I agree. No question about it. And where is the outrage against drunk drivers, and highway safety, other issues, medical malpractice…

Craig B. Hulet: Actually, more people die from drowning than from gunshot wounds.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, it’s absurd. It just makes no sense whatsoever. And I’ve read some theories about these shooting in general. And I don’t know if you touch on that at all – it’s probably not worth discussing too much, but how those seem to be set ups and largely staged.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, I ignore those kinds of things because you find yourself in an area of concern that is impossible. These are criminal acts done by people who are whack jobs or… Sirhan Sirhan, his lawyer brought him forward with new evidence to reopen the case on the killing of Bobby Kennedy. And he has got no press whatsoever. And his argument is that he was hypnotized and he was manipulated, that not one bullet was fired from the gun they confiscated from him.

And if you go back and you look at the movie that was done, and I’m not big fan of Hollywood movies, but Emilio Estevez did a movie called Bobby, and if you look at it there’s not hype, there’s no Oliver Stone conspiracy theory, but if you’re paying attention to the movie as well as you should pay attention to reality of things that happen when they assassinate somebody in this country, you’ll see that Emilio Estevez made the argument for Sirhan Sirhan not having killed Bobby Kennedy at all. It was an impossible task. In fact, he tracks where all of the bullets actually went from that particular gun and not one of them hit Bobby Kennedy. So in other words, he proves that there’s a second shooter which is now this lawyer’s argument on behalf of Sirhan Sirhan.

It’s going to go nowhere. I know that. It’s not going to happen, nobody is going to go down. The system is too corrupt now to be taken out by a single entity exposing wrong doing. Like I’ve said, they’re willing to violate the first, second, third, fourth, either amendment right in your face with bills and legislations and memorandums from the Whitehouse saying pass this bill. I’m talking about the national defense authorization act. I have a memo on my website. It came directly from the Obama legislation demanding that it be left in the national defense authorization act. That paragraph, the section that says that American citizens can be arrested, detained indefinitely without habeas corpus with a single issue order from the Whitehouse.

That’s in the bill, they were threatened with veto if they didn’t leave it in, so Obama personally intervened to see that it was there, and of course it’s a violation of the constitution and the bill of rights. Blatantly a violation. And Eric Holder upheld it when he was questioned, and they’ve gone so far as Eric Holder, I have two letters from him, saying not only that but, if the president decides he has to kill an American on American soil because we believe he has terrorist connections or is a suspect, we do not have to reveal the evidence, and we have the right to assassinate him.

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable.

Craig B. Hulet: Without revealing the evidence.

Jason Hartman: It is amazing how little press the NDAA got when it was passed. It’s just shocking to me, and that happened right before the election too, as I recall. I think it was right before.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, maybe that’s why it got so little press. Most of the press are in fact, the mainstream press, a great number of them as editors and reporters, they are die hard democrats. But you’ll notice not even Fox or Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh went after the issue on a nationwide scale either. Nobody really wanted to touch it.

Jason Hartman: They’re part of the corporate media too. It’s like the same power structure. They have to pander as well. It’s amazing.

Craig B. Hulet: Well they do what I call, they’ll make an argument about things that don’t matter – things like abortion, gay marriage, they will take an opposing view on things that I call, things that don’t matter. But on things that matter, like the loss of Habeas Corpus, and the president of the United States Usurping, this kind of power from the constitution where due process is the very crux of the constitution, in fact Habeas Corpus goes back to the Magna Carta. That’s where Thomas Paine and Jefferson derived it from so you couldn’t be arrested or detained or killed for a crime without having the right to be seen before a judge. So on the things that matter, no. Not even a right wing republican will oppose the administration whether it’s republican or democrat.

Jason Hartman: It’s just a shocking time in which we live. Craig, what is with all of these agencies stocking up on bullets and even armored vehicles, this is just crazy. The IRS, homeland security of course, I think even the CDC… what’s going on?

Craig B. Hulet: They’re all stocking up on ammunition because every federal agency has an enforcement arm. Now, the department of education, they only needed 500 thousand rounds so that wasn’t terribly shocking to most people. But when homeland security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of 40 caliber and 9 millimeter hollow points, then even Forbes Magazine wrote an article and said, the editors wrote an article collectively and said, I think it’s time we have a public dialogue about this, because this ammo isn’t training ammo. This is expensive. This is a buck a bullet ammo, and they’ve got enough ammo to fight two gulf wars. And yet, it’s homeland security personally who’s purchased the ammo. Then, after that they purchased 7000 AR15s. The very rifle that…

Jason Hartman: They want to outlaw.

Craig B. Hulet: That Biden, Biden actually said that the American people do not need that rifle. What you need to go do is to go out and get yourself a double barrel shotgun to protect yourself, because nobody needs an M4. But the M4 was stated in the request for the purchase of them, it was stated clearly that the reason for the purchase was because it was an excellent weapon for home defense, it praised it’s 30 capacity magazine because often in home defense there’s more than one perpetrator. And it said the 16 inch barrel and the round, the 2-23 round was excellent self-defense in a closed, confined area as proven by our house to house warfare in places like Iraq. But they refer to it as PDW in the purchase order. So the PDW goes to 7000 homeland security employees for a personal defense weapon. And yet they say the same people say you and I do not have a right to have that rifle.

Jason Hartman: Well some of the manufacturers I just heard recently are saying look, we’re not going to, I love this by the way, they’re saying we’re not going to sell our guns to the government if regular citizens aren’t allowed to buy them either.

Craig B. Hulet: I think that might have been the turning point why that section of the senate bill on assault weapons might have been taken out. Because the rebellion out here on the streets about the second amendment, in part I’d like to take credit for it, many people think I should, but I was on coast to coast, I did Salt Lake, I did Oregon, I did New Jersey and DC and I explained that the sheriffs that the right and the capability to stop any federal law enforcement agency that comes into their county and tries to enforce a law that violates the constitution because I’ve seen it done.

I’ve seen DEA and ATF agents run out of town by a county sheriff. He didn’t like the way they were handling the job in his county. He escorted them to the county line and said get the hell out of my town. And I rounded up enough sheriffs I guess, off coast to coast and a couple of other shows. I did DC Live with Carl Nelson, Bill Crenshaw in Salt Lake. 26 out of 27 sheriffs signed a letter a day later in Salt Lake, 26 out of 27 signed a letter saying that we will take a bullet before we allow federal agents to come and confiscate semi-automatic rifles.

There’s also now 11 states – already three have passed it. Dakota, Missouri, and Salt Lake have already passed legislation that would indicate that if you tried to enforce the violation of the second amendment and confiscate guns already owned by their citizens in the state, the state police, and if necessary the governor will call out the militia and they will arrest those agents and try them for a felony.
Jason Hartman: That’s unbelievable. History doesn’t show that happening though. When push comes to shove, all of the citizens that work in law enforcement and government will oppress their fellow citizens. At least historically, that’s been the way it’s gone.

Craig B. Hulet: That has been true, except of course, the civil war. That’s why a lot of people have drawn the analogy that Obama began violating singular bill of rights, first amendment, third amendment was the only one not violated. And I’ll let you figure that one out. But every other category, the first ten articles of the bill of rights, he began violating and infringing upon them systematically. When he got to the second amendment, now you’ve riled up a different sector of the population, completely different sector.

A lot of people on the right that own guns are not political. That’s one of the great failings of the national rifle association, because other than on gun issues the NRA never opposes the government on anything else. Well, the progressive left does. They opposed the government on the national defense authorization act. The opposed the government when they passed HR3-14 that made it illegal for you to protest any building or presence of the president according to the secret service within 300 yards of the building where they were giving a lecture or having a meeting. Which immediately violates your right to assemble and speak and protest against your very government. Now you can do it in Des Moines, but you can’t do it where president Obama is, so what good is it?

Jason Hartman: You can’t get anywhere near where the action is.

Craig B. Hulet: In other words, you also won’t be anywhere near where the press is. So your approach is just moot.

Jason Hartman: And they claim it’s security reasons.

Craig B. Hulet: Of course they do. And that’s what they’re going to claim the drones are. They’ve already said it in North Dakota, they used the drone to harass and bring down a rancher who had collected some cows on his property and he wouldn’t give them up. His family was armed, so they sent in the swat teams, they issued a warrant for his arrest, but they never issued a warrant for the use of the drone. They used the drone to target the family, separate the family and harass the family. Now, when the question was raised locally that there was no warrant issued by a judge to use that drone, the swat team commander said, well it was here to protect our swat team members, not the people being arrested.

Jason Hartman: So right now though, they have to have a warrant to use the drone? That is the law? Not saying that they’re obeying it, but that’s the rule now?

Craig B. Hulet: That would be the hope, but then each municipality, each state, each agency will write its own management. There’s no over-all principle or plan issued by homeland security or fema or the Whitehouse that indicates how the drones must be used and comply to US law. There’s nothing in writing in writing about any of that, and I don’t suspect there will be for a very long time and if it is initially, it will be housed in the same breath as the use of drones overseas, secret kill lists with no oversight.

Jason Hartman: There aren’t enough words for this, Craig. It’s just unbelievable. It’s unbelievably scary. When this technology is fully implemented, it may close the window forever. Whoever gets control of this, meaning our government in this case, it’s checkmate. There’s no fighting off drones if there should be another civil war.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, actually you know, I’ve heard that often. In fact, let me start by saying this, Naomi Wolf, Michael Moore, Chris Hedges, Ariana Huffington, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, all of these people on the progressive left have articles, they have TV, radio shows, they do interviews, they’re published. They’re well known. All of them are arguing and have been arguing for years that America is becoming a national security state, that we’re becoming a fascist regime, in fact Naomi Wolf just said that in the London Guardian, that American is becoming a fascist regime. Yet, when you raise the question of the second amendment and taking guns away from the American people, they say yes take the guns away. That’s a massive contradiction in analysis.

Jason Hartman: I’ve never understood. The leftist politics have never made any sense to me. I just find them to be completely illogical.

Craig B. Hulet: In the case of the civil liberties, they’ve got it correct. They’ve got the NDAA right, they’ve got the abuse of authority not allowing protest within a 300 yard where the secret service precludes it, they’ve got it right about base closures and realignment, fema camps, they’ve got it right about a lot of things. But then all of the sudden, your second amendment rights come up, they say no ban the guns. So I’ve had to look at that and try to understand that from a completely different outlook. It seems to me that the one thing that the American people are missing, is that they don’t understand the ideological basis for these groups to protest. That’s why the right wing always falls down on the job when it comes to civil liberties. I don’t know why, and if you’re a libertarian like Ron Paul, you’re considered a right wing anti-Semite, homophobic right along with the Klu Klux Klan.

Jason Hartman: Makes no sense.

Craig B. Hulet: But ideologically, I’ve known Ron Paul for 35 years. I cut my teeth. He was the first person I talked to in Houston when I had my corporation in Houston called Pen and Quill. I went to Ron Paul and I wanted to give him money, and I wanted involved in politics because after Vietnam, I was a combat vet, I feared for my country. At that time, because I was in the corporate world and I saw the direction the country was going in the corporate world, and that bothered me. So I went to him and since then we’ve remained friends. He’s none of the things the progressive left calls him, but because he’s against abortion, he has no opinion one way or the other about gay marriage. He could care less, like me, I could care less. By not caring about that issue, you’re immediately a right winger.

So that’s why we have no group forming on the left and the right to oppose the blanket violation of civil liberties. The right wing is isolated because of a few issues that the progressive left cannot allow you to be protesting along with them, because so many of them are in fact gay and lesbian, they are in fact not who they say they are, they are heavily involved in drug usage, so they are of course very vociferous about the legalization of drugs, so the right wing and the left will never come together because of those kinds of issues.

And that’s sad because the argument you just made is that the drones, I’ve heard this from the left all the time, take away the guns because even if they have the right to keep and bear arms, you could never fight the most powerful military in the world.
They have M wraps now, 1600 M wraps, these are giant armored personnel carriers with gun ports have been purchased by homeland security right along with the ammo and the rifles. These are huge vehicles decommissioned from Bagdad and Afghanistan by the pentagon and the marines, that are now in homeland securities possession and deployed all across America to support federal, local and state law enforcement at the homeland level.

Now the left will say you can’t oppose that. You’ll never be able to oppose that. Really? Try Afghanistan. I’m sorry, they’re doing a hell of a job. If you think the American people could not defend itself as a people against our own government, you are sadly mistaken. We have millions of men, military trained. We have millions more that they can outshoot some of the snipers-the elk hunters, the bear hunters. So don’t tell me American is this country that can’t come together, and if the sheriff and the governor calls out the militia and says the federal government can’t come into this state and arrest it’s citizens in violation of the constitution, well you’ve got a civil war on your hands.

Jason Hartman: Well I think what ultimately needs to happen is a succession and a real state’s rights movement. And that I think we may well see in our lifetimes.

Craig B. Hulet: We may see it and it will be violent. Because whether it’s Obama or whether it’s Jeb Bush in the Whitehouse…

Jason Hartman: They’re not going to let it happen, right?

Craig B. Hulet: They’re not going to let that happen anymore than they would allow Texas and Arizona, who are already making rumblings that they’re going to make gold and silver legal tender and issue their own currency. That’ll trigger the federal government.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. It’s unbelievable. Well, hey Craig I’ve got to get running and I know you do soon too. You’ve got a bunch of interviews stacked up, but I wanted to ask you about one final topic and that’s the economy and this financial Nazism that you talk about. If you could just touch on some of the economic points, that would be great.

Craig B. Hulet: Well, I think the economy has no chance of recovering because 43 trillion dollars have been taken directly out of the treasury and the federal reserve and have been given to the largest banks and corporations, that document is document number 628 I believe. It’s a PDF file on my website as well. they’re arguing that about 40 trillion dollars have been bled from the economy, given to the wealthiest banks and corporations, that money has disappeared, it’s overseas and something in the neighborhood of 7000 tax havens never to be returned. Well an economy cannot recover after it’s had that happen to it. And nobody’s admitting it in the media because like I said, the people most culpable for it are Goldman Sachs, former Goldman Sachs employees which makes them former Obama and Bush administration executives.

So we’ve got a government run by bankers, owned by bankers, and we’ve been milked by the bankers. And even though there’s been lawsuit after lawsuit indicting and convicting the banks of money laundering, drug dealing money laundering, taking money, ripping home owners off, and they’ve been found guilty. Not one individual within the financial industry has been arrested or indicted. Not one man or woman, just the banks have been fined, a nickel.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, relatively speaking a nickel, and Anthony Mazzola too, a nickel for him as well.

Craig B. Hulet: So how is the economy going to recover and how do we get out from under the thumb of a financial regime that is scrutinizing every single transaction you make, whether it’s electronic transfer or a dollar, they’re coordinating efforts, the level of surveillance of the American citizens in financial dealings, in Illinois they just made it a law that you have to register every gold and silver transaction you make within the state. I expect that’s going to take place in every state at the federal level. They want to know where every single penny is, because in their thinking, and it’s correct, it’s their money. It’s not yours.

Jason Hartman: That is a scary thought. It really is. Any tips on what we can do about it?

Craig B. Hulet: Well, if you’re buying gold and silver and you’ve got all your debts paid, which I think you should do first and get completely out of debt, protect your family from the IRS and the prospect of any kind of economic collapse, then buy gold and silver. But even if you do buy gold and silver at this point, you better be paying attention to the laws both state and local and federal that would confiscate that gold or make it illegal to use it, except on the black market, which already is illegal according to the IRS. If you barter and don’t file taxes on the profit you make in a barter transaction, you’re in violation.

So yeah, what I refer to in that article or repeated from another person’s statement of it, there is a kind of financial Nazism coming in our direction and it’s coming from the ability to watch you on the internet, within Facebook, national security agency, now according to William Binnie, I have a videotape on my website, William Binnie, two whistle blowers, every single email, every single transaction, every single cellphone conversation is being downloaded and put together in a package in a file on every single American, and it has been doing that for a decade. These whistle blowers have gone public with it and believe it or not there’s an increase in traffic on Facebook, even though that’s one of the targets for the FBI for facial recognition and the NSA for collecting data illegally on all the Americans in all their activities, cellphones, Emails, transactions.

But the American people are completely oblivious that this is even going on. That’s why you can’t generate a law that would prescribe it. No congressman is going to put forward a law prescribing something that the American people aren’t even aware is going on. It won’t have a chance.

Jason Hartman: It is really amazing. I read that a long time ago, that the CIA was one of the original investors in Facebook to use it as a data mining project.

Craig B. Hulet: And of course when you read it, nobody would believe you. But now there are three whistle blowers that have come out publically, all three of them by the way have been harassed, one of them has been indicted, one whistle blower on use of torture is in jail. Obama has prosecuted more whistle blowers in less than four years than all other presidents combined. So we have to face the reality, we’ve got a man in the Whitehouse that is more of a tyrant than George Bush Junior.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, no question about it. And he was the one that promised transparency using technology, the internet, every new piece of legislation will be on the internet for 5 business days so the American people can interact and read all the details, and then one of his first big “victories” was Obamacare, and Pelosi saying well, we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. It’s just absurd and it’s just crazy. Well, Craig, I’m glad there are people out there like you doing what you’re doing. Please give out your website and tell people where they can learn more about your work, and I believe you have a book as well, right?

Craig B. Hulet: I have four books out, one of them is not in print any longer. And I have a new book coming out this year. But you can just go to CraigBHulet.com. Everything is there, my bio is there. You don’t have to pay anything.

Jason Hartman: Speaking of that actually, I saw one of your books on Amazon and I guess that’s the out of print book, the hydro book I think. And it was like $300. That’s becoming a collector’s item, isn’t it?

Craig B. Hulet: Well, that’s a shame. I think I’ll put a stop to that. I’ve been pondering – I just haven’t had time to look at it seriously. But I think I’ll turn the book into a Kindle book and offer it for like $10. It’s an outrage that somebody, actually several people bought up 10 or 20 copies and they’re pedaling them. It’s just outrageous. I don’t even believe the book is worth that much.

Jason Hartman: Well, it’s good that you have control over that. But hey Craig, keep on doing what you do, and I’ll keep listening to you on your other channels and so forth, your media outlets that you’re on. And we appreciate having you on the show. Thanks so much.

Craig B. Hulet: Any time.

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