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HS 168 – Sequester and Gun Laws with Major General Jerry Curry

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Major General Jerry Curry

Find out more about Major General Jerry Curry at www.curryforamerica.com/.

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Having served in a few wars and for different Presidents, Major General Jerry Curry tells us a little bit about his experience. He debunks several fallacies, including why gun control is for our own safety. Under the latest sequestration, defense cuts are widespread. Curry discusses the impact. Jerry R. Curry is a statesman, a courageous soldier, a diplomat, and a government leader. Curry is a man of great intelligence, integrity, honesty, and proven character. He is a person who has taken a stand for his country and devoted his life in its service. He is a person who has lived out in practice what others just seem to talk about.

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Curry wore the army uniform for nearly 34 years of active military service. During that time he rose from Private to General. He was described as “The ablest tactical commander in the entire American army.” General Curry fought in the War in Vietnam. He has seen first-hand what happens when an enemy is given a safe haven to grow, train and export terrorism. He knows from years of experience what happens on the battlefield and he is prepared to be our commander in chief.

General Curry has not only served on the battlefield, but he has also served this country by assisting in the government in three federal administrations. He served as: Military Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Carter administration; Acting Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration; and Administrator of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration in the Bush Sr. administration.

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Start of Interview with Major General Jerry Curry

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Major General Jerry Curry to the show. He is a statesman, a courageous soldier, a diplomat, and a government leader. And he’s a consultant nowadays to the auto industry, and it’s great to have him on the show. Jerry, welcome. How are you?

Jerry Curry: Thank you and I’m delighted to be with you.

Jason Hartman: So you’re coming to us from back east. Are you in Washington by any chance?

Jerry Curry: I’m on a hilltop in Northern Virginia, and I overlook the Bull Run Battlefield.

Jason Hartman: Ah, well you’ve got a lot of history there, that’s for sure. Well, talk to us a little bit about your experience and your background. I know you served under George Bush Senior, I believe it was. And there’s a great picture of you with Ronald Reagan on your website as well.

Jerry Curry: Well, I was with George Bush Senior of course, and under him I was the administrator of the national highway traffic safety administration, which is in charge of national safety. Seatbelts for example, that sort of thing. I’m the guy that made everybody wear seatbelts.

Jason Hartman: Well, yeah. It seemed like such a hassle at first, but now it’s just normal. I would never get in a car without wearing a seatbelt nowadays. It just wouldn’t feel right.

Jerry Curry: I think it is across the board. Before that, by the way, before my time there in that agency, I was the acting press secretary to secretary of defense Weinberger.

Jason Hartman: Caspar Weinberger?

Jerry Curry: Caspar Weinberger. And he of course came from California with Ronald Reagan. So I acted as his press secretary for about 6 or 7 months until they could find a civilian, which they finally did and brought in. And then before that, I was the deputy secretary defense for public affairs under the Carter administration. How that happened is a long story.

Jason Hartman: Boy, that’s quite a mix there.

Jerry Curry: We don’t have time to go through that.

Jason Hartman: It sure is, it sure is. Hey, I wanted to talk to you about some of the issues facing the country nowadays. We are in a time of great change. I feel a lot of it is definitely for the worse. But maybe let’s talk about gun control and gun safety first, and get your thoughts on those issues that are so present in the media nowadays.

Jerry Curry: Well, let me approach it from this standpoint: the gun safety problem, it’s not an assault rifle problem, it’s not the size of the gun clip problem, the problem is that violence has become a societal, a cultural problem to the nation at large. And once human life in America was safe guarded at all levels, in the home, in the community, at the national level. But 40 years ago, we had something that changed all of that, and what changed all of that was Roe V. Wade. Because under Roe V. Wade, the taking of human life became routine. It became casual. It became common place. The supreme court of the United States ruled it that way. They ruled it that way, they decided it that way. And that day murder became matter of fact, and we said a woman has a right to take the life of her unborn child because that unborn child is part of her, and she has the right to dispose of her property in any way she wants to. That sounds like the old Dred Scott Decision in the civil war. Property, you own it if it’s a slave, if it’s an unborn baby. Do what you want… well, since then we’ve had something discovered called DNA. And DNA says the unborn baby is not part of the mother, and will not be part of the mother, and cannot be considered part of the mother. So, at that time, that knocks all of the legal pins out from under the legs.

Jason Hartman: Meaning that the DNA of the child is different from that of the mother, making it a distinct person.

Jerry Curry: A distinct person, and it is not part of the woman under any condition. So, once that happened, then that knocked everything out from under that supported the Supreme Court decision.

Jason Hartman: And when did we…DNA, did that come about in the late 70s? We solve so many crimes with DNA profiling nowadays, and also let some innocent people go because of it. So it’s certainly a great innovation. But when did the whole DNA thing really come up to where we could test it and understand it?

Jerry Curry: I’m not sure. Roe V. Wade came up in ’73. And my guess would be about ten years later, probably in the early middle 80s.

Jason Hartman: I’ve got to say, that’s a pretty interesting connection that you make. I would go to the video games and the movies and the television for the violence and the cultural issue there more than I would go to Roe V. Wade.

Jerry Curry: Yeah, I can understand that. I go to Roe V. Wade because what Roe V. Wade does, is the Supreme Court threw that decision as legalized murder. That is if you kill an unborn baby, you’re killing a cockroach or a piece of property. That’s all that is, and you need not be concerned about it. Well, DNA says wrong. You’re killing a human being, an actual living, breathing human being. And you cannot do that unless you understand really, that this is not just taking care of your property, buying, selling disposing of property; you’re buying, selling, disposing of a human life.

Jason Hartman: Okay, yeah. That’s an interesting connection. I know that the culture of violence and the culture of not respecting life is certainly a part of it. But I wouldn’t necessarily make that connection. I would go to the media, which is just appalling. It’s amazing because if you look at the liberal left, they want to control the guns – that’s their big thing. I think Peace Morgan has gone out of his mind, frankly. But they don’t want to control any of the stuff their Hollywood buddies do, their campaign supporters with all of the really appalling violence you see in the news media and movies especially, videogames too.

Jerry Curry: yeah.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. Now, one would argue, we are where we are. Okay? We have this culture of death, we have this lack of respect for human life, we have the violence in the media. In other words, the cat is out of the bag, if you will. Could repealing Roe V. Wade really make that much of a difference? I mean, when it comes to mass shootings? It’s interesting that in the book, I believe it’s in Freakonomics, they actually argue that crime has declined because abortion became legal. So it’s kind of an opposite argument. I just thought of that.

Jerry Curry: Yeah, well if you can give 55 million lives and it doesn’t bother you, not a problem, not considered violent, consider the 55 million dead babies that are no longer human beings here walking on the earth. That’s okay, nothing wrong with that. That’s only a few – it’s only 55 million, after all.

Jason Hartman: Right, it’s more than any war. That’s for sure. I just want to make sure we touch on one more thing. I don’t want to forget it, but make your point. I want to touch on the original Genesis of Planned Parenthood and that organization as a racist organization. So maybe we can touch on that as well. I’m not sure if you’re even aware of this thinking, but there are many videos on the internet about it that are pretty fascinating. And you notice that these abortion clinics are in low income minority areas, more often than not. Pretty interesting connections I’ve seen made there as well, but go on with your point and then we’ll get to that.

Jerry Curry: Let’s just stay here because it all ties together. This business, you have Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood deliberately set up their clinics in black areas, like Detroit for example. Detroit’s a city that’s falling apart. Every day a brick crumbles and falls to the street in Detroit. But they put it in Detroit and they put it in all sorts of black neighborhoods. It’s something like, I don’t have the exact number, but it’s something close to about 70-80% of all abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. And these neighborhoods don’t really understand that they’re being preyed upon.

And the doctors that are doing these procedures are making lots, and lots, and lots of money. They’re getting rich over killing black babies, and the black parents are saying, or non-parents, isn’t this nice we can get rid of this unwanted baby? This is just absolute murder. That’s what we’re doing. We’re killing children, and we’re killing them and then saying it’s convenient. It’s convenient and it makes the doctor rich.

Jason Hartman: So let’s talk a little bit more about gun control. It’s definitely an interesting point, and I agree – Planned Parenthood is a bit of a conspiracy against minority races. Look at their marketing, look where they are – it’s pretty easy to make that connection really. And I would encourage anyone listening, go check out the videos about this on YouTube and you’ll hear the founder of Planned Parenthood talking. It’s pretty amazing really. It really is. But let’s talk about where we are now if we could with this gun control issue. It looks like Dianne Feinstein at least for now has been put at bay in California with her ridiculousness. Is there any part of the push for more gun control that you agree with, or none at all?

Jerry Curry: None at all. I really don’t agree with it. I think the whole idea is stupid. But we have a tendency in the United States to take things that are very important and relegate them to the ridiculous.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, it’s interesting with your experience in transportation. Pearce Morgan on CNN has made this his cause celeb, this whole gun control issue. And where is his rage against highway accidents, against medical malpractice, against drunk drivers, all of these things kill many more people than guns and they don’t even make the news anymore. It’s unbelievable.

Jerry Curry: Oh yeah, absolutely. They don’t make the news and they do kill. We’re talking unbelievable numbers of people who are being killed each year. Car accidents for example, you lose between 40 or 50 thousand Americans a year, killed on our highways. Compared to gun control, I think that murders with guns, I’m not sure the exact number, but it’s something like 12 ½. That is 12,500 a year.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, and if you narrow…I didn’t even know it was nearly that high actually. But if you take it down to assault weapons used in gun crimes, it’s like 300. In a country of 310 million people, this is nothing. It’s not even statistically significant at all.

Jerry Curry: Assault weapons, it’s something everybody points to that’s meaningless, absolutely meaningless compared to the other violence, the other crimes, the other deaths from rifles for example, or knives or whatever it is. It really doesn’t have any meaning. And as you know, our assault rifles are not assault rifles.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, they just look like military rifles. They don’t do, in most cases, anything more than a hunting rifle does.

Jerry Curry: Yeah. It’s all the same.

Jason Hartman: It’s amazing. They just want to ban them because of how they look, basically. And these little features that are almost insignificant, maybe they’re totally insignificant. Let’s talk about the Sequester a little bit and the economy and the offshoring of jobs. It seems like there’s been this almost like concerted effort to move jobs offshore, through these free trade agreements which in concept, seem like a good deal. Certainly consumers benefit from lower prices, but jobs are just leaving America in mass. And it really seems like it’s a planned, I hate to use the word conspiracy, of the Globalists to do this, to weaken America. And make it very difficult for the middle class. We just see the middle class diminishing in this country.

Jerry Curry: The middle class is. They are. And what you’re saying is they’re being taken advantage of. We started doing this years and years ago, but you’re absolutely correct. The jobs are going offshore. For example, look at the oil pipeline right now. There’s a perfect example of where you can bring the jobs back to America.

Jason Hartman: You’re talking about the Key Stone Pipeline, right?

Jerry Curry: The Key Stone Pipeline. You can’t get the president to go along with bring an industry to life in the United States that would bring American workers back and pay them very high wages. You would think he would be screaming for this. In fact, you would think every time he gives a speech we would be saying, “drill, drill, drill!” That’s where the money is, that’s where the families are. They can buy cars, they can buy houses, they can live like Americans used to live. But that’s not what’s going on.

Jason Hartman: No, it’s not what’s going on at all. It’s really so hypocritical when you look at the cry of the environmental movement. Because all they’re doing is offshoring the pollution. And they ought to take it from one of their own. John F Kennedy who said, “We all breathe the same air”. The pollution in China, the workshop of the world now, where all the American jobs have gone or many of them, is disgusting. It’s just offshoring the pollution to Brazil, to China and to other countries as if it’s not the same Earth, as if it’s another planet.

Jerry Curry: You’re absolutely correct. And I’d never heard that offshore pollution thing, but you’re absolutely right. It’s exactly where we are. It is the same Earth – it is the same air. And the Chinese and the Indians for example, are going at this gang busters. Boy, they are polluting everything they can pollute. Not that they want to pollute, that’s not what it is. They can make money for their populations and they can put their people to work. They can employ them. And they’re smart enough to know. You can take all the pollution that man creates in the world, I’m not sure it’s anywhere near the amount made by two or three volcanoes.

Jason Hartman: What’s interesting about it too, is if we on-shored our manufacturing again, we would control the pollution better here. We would be much more responsible about it than they are in these developing countries. So it’s just totally hypocritical. It makes no sense. No rational person can argue that Globalization is better in terms of the environment. It’s not by any means. But the question is, how would you do that? Certainly, build the Key Stone Pipeline. That would be nice, I agree. But when you look at really bringing a manufacturing base back to America, it seems that it would have to be, you just shut down the free trade agreements, you impose tariffs, and then all of the prices American consumers experience will be higher.

This whole Globalization move really seems to be a way to deny the impact of all the money creation. What they’re doing is they’re importing deflation while massively inflating everywhere else in the economy. So they won’t close the border to the south so we can have the illegal aliens come up from Mexico and take American jobs, and cheapen the cost of labor here, and then they do it with the trade agreements with China for example, where we’re getting all of this stuff at incredibly low prices, and what that’s really doing is it’s hiding the reality of inflation.

If the trade was done the way it was done years ago, and a lot of that manufacturing came back, unemployment would decline here. But we would really see the impact of all of this government spending that has just run amuck, and all of this money creation that has just come out of thin air. Since Obama was elected, just to the end of his first term, 5 trillion new dollars out of nowhere just came into existence.

Jerry Curry: Yeah, you have to start somewhere. And the thing that you get out of drilling for oil and drilling for natural gas, the Key Stone Pipeline and all, that’s a beginning. It’s a small beginning, but that will expand exponentially across all of our industry. You can see what it’s done for North Dakota and South Dakota, for example, what it’s starting to do for Colorado. You’ve got to start somewhere. And the idea that you can come up with some plan and implement it, I don’t think that will work. The thing you have to do, is you have to go where you can go and make progress where you can make progress. I think that the Key Stone Pipelines is where you can make progress right now. And we should go for that, and I would drill everywhere in the United States that we can do that. If we can make the United States the energy capital of the world, then that’s what we should be.

Jason Hartman: Well, we’re pretty close to that. It’s very possible, it’s just the political will to do it.

Jerry Curry: And that’s what we’re missing. We’re missing the political will to do these kinds of things. And this is what we really need to do. For example, what I believe we don’t have is the political will to close the border or to control the border.

Jason Hartman: Right. We want to control the guns, but not the border. Interesting.

Jerry Curry: Yeah, we want to control the guns, don’t want to control the border. But controlling the border is not the problem everybody thinks it is. For example, I may be off a year or so, but it was about the summer of 1961, in West Berlin, in all of Berlin people went to bed and it was a wide open city and you could do whatever you wanted to do, and back and forth…

Jason Hartman: And it was closed up in a weekend.

Jerry Curry: No, they did it overnight. Overnight the Russians and East Germans put in 96 miles of concertina wire border. Overnight they did it. And the next day we had the beginning of the Berlin wall, city out there. That’s the sort of thing you have to do. And they way you do it is not the way that we’re doing it in our southern border. The president of the United States need only call in the secretary of defense, look him in the eye and say “Listen, this is a matter of national security. This is a matter of national defense. I want you to control the border completely and I’d like you to do it in 60 days. Do you have any questions?”

And when I was there, Reagan did that with Weinberger for example. And Weinberger would look at him and say, no sir, 60 days is fine. I’ll take care of it. And guess what? in about 45 days the border would be secured, it would be under control and he would report to the president, “Mister President, the border is now under control.” Reagan would say, “Thank you very much. I appreciate that.” And that’s the sort of thing that we need. We need that kind of decision making, we need that kind of willpower, and that kind of determination to solve every one of these problems one piece at a time.

Jason Hartman: You’re definitely right about that. It’s easy to do after 9-11. We had the chance to finally control the border, and it was completely ignored frankly. It makes no sense. This makes no logical sense. Except to say that there is some greater power outside of our own establishment politically that is really running the world. Because all of these moves, they’re just to weaken America, weaken America, weaken America. It’s pretty mind boggling what’s going on.

I want to get your thoughts on something that really has me concerned. And I was concerned about it right away last year when Obama signed the bill and made it law, and it seems that nobody talked about it. But now, people are starting to talk about it. And that is the issue of using drone aircraft in American airspace. This concerns me. It really does. It concerns me from a privacy standpoint, it concerns me from a first amendment standpoint, a freedom to assemble standpoint. I don’t know how accurate this is, but I hear these drone planes are being equipped for riot control and crowd control, and it seems like this could be a checkmate in a lot of ways. This is why we have a constitution saying that the military cannot be used on American soil and yet… I mean, you’re a military guy. What are your thoughts about this? It seems like we’re moving in that direction.

Jerry Curry: We clearly are moving in that direction. I think that the department of homeland security and the president want to control the American population. That is what this is all about. That’s what the gun business is about. It’s control, control, control. We are going to control the guns because if we control the guns, the second amendment, the population won’t have guns, if they don’t have guns they can’t defend themselves. They can’t violently protest anything that we do, and we and the government know what we’re doing, we are running the country and we are running the world, and everybody better get out of our way because we are the bosses. We’re the people in charge. That is where they’re going.

This idea of having drones, those drones are not for good purposes and if you turn them loose without any control which is what they really are going to end up, we’re going to end up with drones everywhere run by all little departments of government with some bureaucrat somewhere checking on whether or not I smoke camels, for example. Do they still make camels? Boy, it’s been a long time.

Jason Hartman: I bet they probably do. It’s something else. Well hey, give out your website Jerry and tell people where they can learn more about you.

Jerry Curry: My website is CurryForAmerica.com. You’ll find out all sorts of things about me that you don’t even want to find out, but there are all sorts of things, and as was mentioned in the beginning of the program, there is a delightful picture of me and President Reagan in the Oval office chatting about something or other. I’m not sure exactly what it was. I have spent quite a bit of time in and out of the Whitehouse. In fact, can I tell a little short story?

Jason Hartman: Sure.

Jerry Curry: My dear wife, she’s dead now, but she was a wonderful woman. And she was at the Walter Reed Army hospital. She got x-rayed, she got several other things, and they injected this dye in her blood and then you follow it as it moves through the body. And so after the procedure, she was supposed to go down and have lunch at the Whitehouse with Barbara Bush. So off she goes, down to the White House and checks herself in at the west entrance I think it is, it used to be anyway – checks herself in, and then the radiation that’s in her veins sets off the alarm system.

Jason Hartman: That’s funny.

Jerry Curry: It sets off the alarm system for atomic particles, atomic attack… she shut down the entire White House. The secret service came out, blocked everything, the cars came out of nowhere with the sirens, and finally after she explained what had happened and they took her back and did something or other, they finally said okay, you can come in. But she is probably one of the few people who can say that they honestly shut down the White House.

Jason Hartman: That’s a great story. No question about it. Well hey, Major General Jerry Curry, thank you so much for joining us today. And I appreciate your thoughts on these issues.

Jerry Curry: My pleasure, and thank you very much.

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