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HS 190 – The Secret Language of Dogs with Jocelyn Kessler

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Born an only child into a house full of animals in Port Washington, New York, Jocelyn Kessler recognized at a young age that she had the ability to energetically communicate with animals. She could somehow “hear and understand” what the animals were saying when she spoke to them. At such a young age she had no idea about energy interpretation or communication with forces outside the physical realm.

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Later in life as a pre-teen, Jocelyn had a “near death” experience that allowed her to access certain special gifts that had previously been hidden and were now in the conscious mind. Her ability to interpret energy in animals increased due to her altered consciousness, and many of her spirit guides – both animal and human – began making themselves known to her. With her heightened awareness, Jocelyn found herself able to feel and see more than ever in humans as well. It was at this time that she began to use her newly found abilities to connect humans and animals. Jocelyn soon discovered that another source of the connection emanated from her physically.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Jocelyn works in California and New York. Her practice is divided between connecting dogs to their humans and hands-on healing. In her new book, The Secret Language of Dogs, Jocelyn tells the story of her professional journey while imparting insights to readers that they can apply to their own human/animal relationships.

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Jason Hartman: Welcome to today’s show. This is Jason Hartman, your host. And as you may or may not know, every tenth show we kind of do a special tradition here that originated with my Creating Wealth show where we do a topic that is kind of off topic on purpose. Something just to do with general life and more successful living. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today with our special guest. Again, tenth show is off topic and it is very much intentional just for personal enrichment and I hope you enjoy today’s show. And we will be back with our guest in just a moment.

Start of Interview with Jocelyn Kessler

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Jocelyn Kessler to the show. She is an expert on the animal/human connection, or maybe I should say the human/animal connection. We’re going to talk about some interesting stuff with her. So, Jocelyn, welcome. How are you?

Jocelyn Kessler: I’m well, thank you. How are you?

Jason Hartman: Good, thanks. And you’re coming to us from Los Angeles where I grew up, my home town.

Jocelyn Kessler: Oh, wow you grew up here. I rarely hear that. I am coming from Los Angeles.

Jason Hartman: There you go. Now tell us, do you have one book on the subject? The Secret Language of Dogs is quite a famous book, actually. Or do you have other books as well?

Jocelyn Kessler: No, this is my first book actually, and a book that just kind of took its own journey. I had no idea where it was going to go, but this is absolutely my first book. I am certainly jotting down some ideas for a second, so I’m trying to move to a second for sure.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, just looking at some of the chapter titles. I’ve heard of this book many times. I have not read it, but I’ve definitely heard a lot about it. And you talk about in chapter one, I wish my dog could speak. Well so do I, but I don’t know the bloom might fall off the rose if the dog could speak. I’m not so sure that would be a good idea.

Jocelyn Kessler: It’s not as bad as you think.

Jason Hartman: Well my mom used to always say that she wished her dog could speak, so I remember when some Japanese company came out with a device that interoperates dog barks and so forth and it turns them into human language. I guess that one never caught on, but I remember buying her that once years ago. Tell us a little bit about what you do.

Jocelyn Kessler: What I do is somewhat twofold. It started off and I was basically on a very basic level. I am able to interpret dogs energy, and in that I can hear them through their energy – what they need, what they want, what maybe ails them and then on a much broader level, what do they need to connect to the human being that is their companion so that their journey is led out correctly as well as the human being. And because I can hear that, as time when on I was able to cultivate a method that I could connect the dog’s energy to the human being’s. So then I can see the neurosis in the animal, and then right into the human being. Because the human being has a broader base on how to deal with that, I go through what we need to do with them and then in turn I speak to the animal, the dog in particular.

Dogs are very simple. They speak simply and they don’t put emotion around what they’re trying to speak to you. They don’t put that around there. It’s very “I need this because I don’t feel well because of this” or “I’m harboring something in heart center ” or “my human companion is crying all the time and in turn that leads me to do this”.

There’s not a lot of static around, so then the dog is in the moment with what they need, which then once I go to the human companion, we as humans have a hard time staying in the moment, and that’s the beauty of this work. The dog represents that energy. So if the human being can take hold of what they’ve been burying for so long and has finally really come to a head and they cannot move forward, not only with their dog but in their life in so many levels, then I need to teach them through the dog’s energy to come back to the moment, take ownership of it and clear it.

If the human being can do that, then the dog is the perfect counselor to keep you in that moment because as soon as you go back to the neurosis that was plaguing both of you to begin with and the energy that surrounds you, the dog will go off track immediately. The dog becomes your mirror image. That means you have to release and get back to the moment.

Jason Hartman: Okay, okay so why do people come to you then? Do they come to you because they have a problem or, to massively simplify it, for dog training, saying that their dog has a problem? I’m sort of having trouble connecting the dots here.

Jocelyn Kessler: They come to me because the dog. It’s usually that they’re finding that there’s a constant issue in the household, the dog has a problem. And it’s mostly a complaint on the dog, but as we’ve moved along I’ve been trying to be so educating that I’m not just working with the dog, I’m also working with the human being. And that’s been a little difficult to somewhat get across. But if anyone comes to me, it’s always with a complaint with the dog in the beginning. Now I’m getting more listen, dog is doing this but I’m in a funky place in my life and I believe for the first time in a long time that I’m really affecting my dog. And if he or she already had an existing issue, I’m amplifying it. How do I change this? So it is originally the dog, and now I’m getting “what do I do with all of us?”

Jason Hartman: The reviews on Amazon are very interesting. What is your background? What did you do before? What is you background that led you up to writing this book?

Jocelyn Kessler: Well, it’s funny. My background is a mixed bag. I think that so often people are seeming to think that this is something that I’ve been out and about doing from birth, and that’s not the case. I’ve had a really hard time understanding within myself to have this, because I had to come into my own to say, “Why can I hear these animals? What do I do with that?” For a while I was not just hearing dogs. I was hearing everything and I didn’t understand it. A lot of people around me didn’t understand it and I was very isolated with it.

And for a very long time, probably from 8-14 on I would be called to side-jobs, I would say my side-jobs to various people who had problems with their dogs, and can you hear what they say? And I wasn’t cultivating what I’m doing now. I would just tell them what I heard and what I think that means to what was going on, and I’d get paid 15 bucks and I’d go in and do that. And as I grew up I didn’t really want to do that anymore for a little while. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I stopped it.

Then I was creative, and then I went back to it again. Then I started to pick up studies on how to work with the land, and I used some shamanic ritual with this, and I went and studied with many individuals on how to heal and how to move this energy and what this all means, and what are my higher powers, who are my guides, why was I given this gift and not to fear it – I was in tremendous fear for a while on that. Once I really took the time to understand it and value it, then a part time job became full time and I started to really work with it. And two years ago I had many of my clients when I was in New York say to me, actually about three years now, you need to write this because this is different and you need to talk about it.

I just thought I’d write a book that I didn’t know could become a book. I just started to write, quite frankly. I sent it out blindly to a few publishers, open submission, no real referrals and one came back to me and said let’s do this. And it’s an interesting process but my background. . .it started since I was a baby. I was brought up with great parentage. Most of my conversations were with the dogs, more so than human beings. And that’s when I started to hear it.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, that’s an interesting point. One of the things you say is, “while our dogs don’t speak English, they are communicating with us all the time”. And just recently I saw an article about how dogs are the only animals that take eye-cues, cues from eye contact in other words. When you look your dog in the eye and they look back at you. Humans and dogs really do communicate that way, and certainly people to people can communicate by looking each other in the eye without even speaking. It’s just amazing the amount of nuance in the eyes, and the part around the eyes. What are they doing? What are they communicating with us? Give us some examples.

Jocelyn Kessler: It varies. I think it’s never just one of the same. They can communicate many things. I can just use a prime example with my dog Emma this morning. I had to rush her on a walk because I had to run to something, and she didn’t get her usual long walk. And I speak to Emma all the time – we work together. And I came home, dropped the leash off, fed her and looked at her and said listen, I apologize today. I know you didn’t get what you normally get, and this evening when we get home I will fulfill that for you. And she sat down and looked at me and said, “You should have done it now”. Now that’s the energy to break down: You just should have done it.

Now, that’s how simple it is. It’s not well, if you could have done your time, blah blah. I was very scattered this morning, I could have used my time wisely – it affected just about everything out from the morning on and she was right. And she looked me right in the eye, she winked on my right side, which I’ve been using a lot of masculine energy today, and she said you should have done it now. So when people say how simple is it? It hits home, because I took that energy in, she sent it to me through her eyes and through energy and she kind of moved her right ear at the same time.

So she really put forth a lot of the right side of her, which is the strong side, and looked at me and said you should have done it. And she’s right. I could have done it and I should have done it. So my point is that most of the time, they’re picking up on a sub-energy that we have already. What held us back from not being able to do the things we should have done, and she called me out on it and she was right.

Jason Hartman: Give us some other examples.

Jocelyn Kessler: I just worked on actually a yellow lab who just had ligament surgery in his rear leg. And they couldn’t get the inflammation down and he was on various forms of medication and his human companion said I don’t think he’s in pain. He’s walking, it’s a slow-go, but I don’t think he’s in pain. Is he in pain? And at that time he looked up at me and said, “I’m in more pain in my right leg” which was his good leg, because he’s putting more pressure there, “than in the left, at the moment.” And the left foot had the surgery. And he kind of moved his body on the right side, which was hard for him, and kicked out his right foot from under his left, so he’s laying down. He kicks it out and his human companion was saying what is he doing, and I said he’s off balance because he’s putting too much pressure on his right. And the dog kept looking down on his right, because you can tell that the human being who I was speaking to didn’t understand and it was at that time that the dog was connecting the energy, and he said, “does he have arthritis in that leg as well?” and I said yes.

So my point is here, that once the human being could connect to the energy and really got aware, he already knew that. So we’re listening and hearing much more. I was the catalyst for the dog to show and then we connected the energy and he said we have a problem in the right leg too. And I said yes, we have a problem in the right. He had no idea, so that’s another example.

Jason Hartman: And when you say you work with the dog, or you mentioned you worked on a lab, what do you do? what does that look like? Describe it for our listeners.

Jocelyn Kessler: It varies. This was something of trauma, so this was surgery. Everyone varies. So I actually was hands-on, which means I was sending energy toward healing through the animal in various spots. I was in his sacral, I was also in his hind, I went through his heart center. So in these cases when I say work on, if it’s in the sense of trauma or surgery or recovery, I’ll get called in to actually do hands on healing for the animal towards that. And I’ll send energy and work with the animal one on one. It has nothing to do with the human being for the first half of the session, which all has to do with getting the dog back into balance and toward healing and what that animal needs to do that. That’s a hands on approach, and I call a lot of animal spirits in at that time and I get quiet. And I move around some energy.

When I incorporate the human beings in, because they’re usually saying to me, what does the animal need to heal, I can then bring them into the process. That’s one aspect. If it’s just to correct something in a dog, such as a lot of biting or perhaps clawing at the door, then I’m not so much hands on. Then I’m all in energy. Which means that we sit down on the floor all together and I go and bring in my guides and get quiet and start speaking to the dog on a very simply level to see where is the disruption of energy in the household and the connection to their human companion. And I don’t do hands on work. I’m just reading the animal for you. And then I bring you in on how this all works. So it varies.

Jason Hartman: Good. What else would you like people to know about this work?

Jocelyn Kessler: Well, I’ll tell you one thing I would like you to know because this is very new and very different. And for so long, a very long time, we have known a dog trainer or a dog psychic. And we have known to go in and say just what our dog needs, or how can we train our animals so we can all live together, and they’re focusing on the dog. And we’ve known that for a long time. And the human beings were taken care of separately. I’m trying to erase the line a little bit. I’m trying to say that we’re very much connected to our dogs, and what we hold energetically and what we store that’s toxic, or what really holds us back that is fear based. That energy is transferred to your dog for sure.

And a lot of the issues that the dog has already come to you with that’s just their own journey, whether you rescued them or not, they’re coming to you for a reason. It’s not random. You’re both supposed to learn from each other. The dog to learn from you, and you to learn from the dog. And that it’s a destined moment. And that if that’s the case, and it’s not just about one or the other, it’s about both of you or all of you, and where you live and how you live, and how you connect to all that is around you. It’s a hard message, but I think it’s a necessity in this day and age. We need to broaden that scope. We need to know that, that we are affecting our dogs that way. And it’s a hard message to get across.

Jason Hartman: Any other tips that you wanted to share as to what we can do to live better and help our animals live better?

Jocelyn Kessler: Well, I would say that the one tip that I would be giving that most people would say, “how can I start this to even know how they’re speaking? Can I hear them too?” And you can absolutely hear them, and you are hearing them. But we let a lot of static and a lot of our own things, and a lot of outside energy corrupt the message or kind of break it up.

So then we’re not trusting what we hear, and then we’re not in instinct mode. Animals speak to us that way, so I would say that we are probably getting more than most think, and to sit quietly for 4-5 minutes (and that’s not a lot of time), quietly with you dog and start, put your hand on the dog’s heart, on their head, and connect and quietly start breathing and really seeing that breath that’s flowing through you and your dog as light and connected energy. Once you’re quiet in those long breaths, and your dog is quiet, all of the sudden you can start picking up more than you possibly think. But we have to get quiet with it. And we can’t look for what we think we need.

Once we’re in that we set our intention: I want to remove blocks from my heart center, I want to be able to connect with you on a broader range, I want to really know what you need. That’s simple. That’s how a dog hears, once the intention is set and your mind is only focusing quietly on that breath that’s circulating between the two of you. If you can do that often, once a day, twice a day, not only does it help your intuition and you’re staying in the moment, you’ll be able to hear and understand much more that your dog is trying to translate to you. Whether it’s through the eyes, through voice, through energy, or just the little messages that they try to give you, they will become clearer. We have that capacity and I think it’s important for people to know that.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, good. Well, Jocelyn give out your website.

Jocelyn Kessler: The website is JocelynKessler.com. You can also get us on Facebook at Jocelyn Kessler LLC, and the book is The Secret Language of Dogs which is on Amazon and also on Hampton Roads, my publisher’s website.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, Jocelyn Kessler thanks so much for joining us today.

Jocelyn Kessler: Thank you so much. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate it.

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