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HS 202 – GMO Foods and The Truth with Carla Lee Johnston

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Carla Lee Johnston is Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods and Managing Member for The Truth Movie, LLC. She starts the show to discuss how Pinterest has changed the food world. Johnston tells us that we would be surprised to learn about the food we are eating because there are so many “things” in our food that we don’t even know about. She shares what we should look for on labels. Johnston then explains what a flexitarian is and how her Nut Burger product has more benefits than meat.

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Start of Interview with Carla Lee Johnston

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Carla Lee Johnston. She is founder and president of One Team Humanity Foods, and managing member of The Truth Movie LLC. Carla welcome, how are you?

Carla Lee Johnston: I’m awesome. How are you?

Jason Hartman: Well, thank you. Where are you coming to us from today? I like to give our listeners a sense of geography.

Carla Lee Johnston: Sunny Newport Beach, California.

Jason Hartman: Ah, well I lived there for many, many years. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic. Well, tell us first of all, if you would, about the truth movie because I think that will lead into One Team Humanity Foods pretty well. Give us a little background.

Carla Lee Johnston: Great. Well, The Truth Movie is a film that’s come out – it’s a message to humanity of a major download that I received in 2006 that basically redefines who we are and what we’re here for. And it really is basically the possibility of getting rid of the existing systems which are designed to enslave us, and move us into more truth and begin to live what we were actually created to be and that is connected, interconnected and aligned to wholesome ways of living and being with one another.

Jason Hartman: So tell us about some of those systems just quickly, if you would.

Carla Lee Johnston: Got it. Well, this can be definitely longer than 15 minutes, but basically I’ll bullet point it. Most of us know that from cradle to grave we’ve been programed into systems that have us in many, many instances serving things that really are about putting food on the table and not really about what we are created to be. So those systems are created by an engineered program, and I actually went in and saw the matrix and saw how everything was stationed down. And I really saw that when we create these new models, humanity is hungry and waiting for them. And so rather than fight against the existing systems, really our new paradigms are about actually just creating them and finding ways to begin to support them. Because when we do things that are of service to humanity, humanity knows that and humanity comes.

Jason Hartman: So are you talking about the career world or are you talking about government, the Federal Reserve… we cover these topics quite frequently on my different shows so I find it very interesting.

Carla Lee Johnston: Yeah, we’re talking about all of the systems. We’re talking about the governmental systems, the money systems, the health care systems, the educational systems. They are all part of the contrived matrix that is designed to enslave us. And it’s designed from cradle to grave to keep us thinking inside the box that we were basically conditioned and programmed into.

Jason Hartman: Talk to us a little bit about the issue with our food supply. That’s certainly a system that affects us all. It used to be all about pesticides, and then it became all about the hormones and the processing of food, and now GMOs. It’s like we have one thing after another it seems like. It’s about all of these things, but GMO is the new hot topic, if you will, with food production. What are some of the problems here?

Carla Lee Johnston: Of course for me coming into the food business and creating a product that really truly is just basic ingredients from mother earth and then doing more research, I’ve been doing studies on water for many, many years and I’m a very strong advocate for the toxins and the neurotoxins, etc. But coming into food, I recognized on so many levels when I started researching and digging in deep that GMOs are really hugely a part and directly linked to a pandemic of disease that is now facing us as a humanity. For me, knowledge is power and I don’t know how many of our listeners are really diving that deep, but just eating a 33% GMO diet has been linked directly to the rise in disease and death, and directly related to cancers in the mammary glands for women and renal cancers for men, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, and the list is continuing to grow as we’re gaining more and more study.

There’s a recent study that was just published out of Europe. And they’ve actually put a moratorium on GMOs in Europe because of this study. So I think it’s just really important for us to recognize that it’s not just GMOs in our food, there’s a lot of deceptive labeling. And really truly until we begin to vote, voice into our money and our decisions and ask our manufacturers to begin to be aware of this, we’re not going to see change. So we’ve got a double edged sword. It’s about bring knowledge into your own family system and then beginning to move that knowledge into a voice that can become a united voice that we can create substantial change and demand for change in our world.

Jason Hartman: So just for a few of the listeners that may not be familiar with this, GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, and that’s making it easier and more cost effective for manufacturers to produce food, but again many people are concerned about dangerous side effects.
Now, to play devil’s advocate here for just a moment, and I’d like you to just distinguish this for the listeners, because for a long time I was thinking, “What is the big deal here about this GMO stuff?” I really didn’t get it, because I thought, I remember from my classes in school, my science classes, even in junior high hearing about the way they modified and bread plants together. A red rose and a white rose gave you a pink rose and all this stuff. That’s been going on for a long, long time – a couple hundred years I guess at least. And certainly people have combined dog breeds for eons to design the dog they want. But this isn’t really the same thing, is it? Tell us what GMO is today.

Carla Lee Johnston: Well, a genetically modified organism, what it was actually created to be and who’s behind this is largely the Monsanto. I just wrote a blog, I said let’s round up our knowledge on GMOs, because what the organism was traded to do was it was a systemic transmutation of a basically fake modified food. And so what they’ve done is they’ve created these plants that are absolutely not resistant to the pesticide round up, which we’ve done tons of independent studies on and we know that they’re directly linked to killing us.

But now these modified organisms, we’re actually ingesting them in almost everything we eat. They’re in oils, they’re in corn, soy, 98% of the crops. They’re in sugar through sugar beets, they’re in aspartame, papaya, they’re in canola, cotton… they’re in our dairy now. So there are so many areas that unknowingly these GMOs are deeply, deeply impacting our health. And I’ll make this quick, but in this study that I referenced a little bit ago they took rats, which have an average life of 36 months, and they wanted to isolate Roundup and they wanted to isolate GMOs.

Now, the FDAA only requires 36 months of testing and of course, that testing is required by who? Guess who. Monsanto, who is the manufacturer trying to sell these products. But what they discovered is what didn’t show up until about the 37th or 38th month, and what started happening was as these rats were developing tumors and genetic dispositions of disease, they started recognizing as they began to run autopsies exactly how these GMOs were affecting the anatomy of these rats, and how that ended up equating at the end of this study is these symptoms are showing up in 8 and 10 year old children with mortality rates 600% higher in adults 40-50 years of age.

So raising our babies on soy milk and thinking that soy milk and all these other things because of the Monsanto, who is the manufacturer trying to sell these products. But what they discovered is what didn’t show up until about the 37th or 38th month, and what started happening was as these rats were developing tumors and genetic dispositions of disease, they started recognizing as they began to run autopsies exactly how these GMOs were affecting the anatomy of these rats, and how that ended up equating at the end of this study is these symptoms are showing up in 8 and 10 year old children with mortality rates 600% higher in adults 40-50 years of age.

So raising our babies on soy milk and thinking that soy milk and all these other things because of these fancy crafty ad campaigns, is really truly moving us into the grave much sooner even though we are exercising now and trying to be conscious about what we’re putting into our bodies.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. A lot of people though say that this stuff isn’t really proven yet. I know that the Europeans, they seem pretty progressive about the whole thing but a lot of the community in the US says nothing is proven that this is bad. People on the other side, they say show us some real, hard evidence that this is a threat. I’m sure you’ve heard that. Your thoughts?

Carla Lee Johnston: Yeah, there is real hard evidence and we also have to look, as we talked about, the system. We started off this conversation talking about the system. As we look who owns the media and we look who’s behind the lobby and we look behind and we start connecting the dots, it’s very clear to see that the people who are telling us there’s no evidence are the ones who are directly benefiting from these things that are killing us.

And there is direct evidence – there’s lots and lots of support, and we’re putting up the links on our site, and I’ll be happy to send them forward to you for your listeners because it is absolutely imperative that we stop telling people lies. This information has been well documented now in very, very non-bias research. So we can’t ignore the facts anymore and we cannot not listen because we have irrefutable facts now that specifically speak to the fact that this is documented and it is killing us.

Jason Hartman: What do we do about it? Vote with pocket book? Vote with our purchasing power?

Carla Lee Johnston: Well, first thing to do is to know what foods to avoid. And then begin really thinking about your decisions because you go out and eat a bunch of French fries, and those potatoes are GMO and the oil that they’re being fried in is GMO. And as much as we love these things, our bodies have become addicted to it, including sugar. It’s really important for us to recognize what they’re doing. Knowledge is in fact power, and let’s get a united front together and let’s get some get some links up and let’s do our homework, and let’s stop eating these things.

Jason Hartman: Can you explain anything about what happens with this GMO stuff. You explained the side effects, if you will (I can’t think of a better phrase to use – maybe you have one) but they’re awful. What exactly happens though in the body when we consume these things. I guess maybe it’s different for every type of GMO, but certainly it’s been understood what pesticides do to us, for example – what Round Up, which is another evil Monsanto invention and all of that, but people know that it’s bad. It’s obvious – it’s poison and poison is bad. But what happens in the body with the GMO? Why is it bad? Is there any more information on that? I think people would be more activist about it if they understood the logic behind it.

Carla Lee Johnston: Well, if we really broke down, and this is really in my mind what our media is responsible to be sharing with us, but if we really break down and start looking at it there are so many facts. What they basically do is create an incredible inflammation in our system. Our bodies were designed to eat things that were created by mother Earth, who created all of the entire world for us to begin to enjoy. And the minute science has started messing with mother nature we have lots and lots and lots of results to say that we have been absolutely affected.

If we look at just the rise in cancers, it’s up 356% in our babies, in their brains. And a lot of that has to do with EMF in our cellphones. Many countries are banning them. It’s just in our busy, busy life that’s part of the system. It’s designed to keep us so distracted that we don’t have time to dig deep enough to connect the dots, and then begin to say enough is enough. And when enough of us start waking up, that’s when we’re going to start seeing change.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. When you say all of that, you’re not anti-science – certainly you believe that science has done some good things too, right?

Carla Lee Johnston: Well of course. When man aligns his heart to his mind, then he’s absolutely connected to the infinite. But when man has been linear trained to believe the science that came before it, and is being fed by a federal grant, which is many scientists today, then in fact how can you live biased when your rent and you wife, maybe your husband and your children’s, in your mind or perception, welfare actually depends on it? In order to move pure science, we need to be in full service to humanity regardless of the results of what’s uncovered.

Jason Hartman: Unfortunately though, that’s just the way it’s always worked. Even a hundred years ago someone was funding something to discover something and we had that problem then too, right? It may be worse nowadays because the scale of this is so much different than it was in the past.

Carla Lee Johnston: It does feel a little overwhelming at times, I agree. I’m in the thick of it, and so I can share that from my heart for sure – it gets so frustrating. But I can tell you that really, truly yes. For as long back as history has given us, we’ve been indoctrinated into these systems. However, there are many, many things thanks to the internet that’s now connecting the dots. So we can no longer be isolated and we can no longer claim ignorance. Because truly, there is way too much information out there that is one piece of information after another confirming.

So the people are the ones who are bringing this information out because they are committed to making sure that we all start connecting these dots. I think we’re going to see a new world very, very shortly. Because I think many of us are over the lies. And we’ve seen it and we know in our heart of hearts that we’ve been lied to. We know that our government is not there to protect us. You’ve got the head ex-attorney appointed as the FDA and the USDA’s czar. There were 14 appointments by Obama from Monsanto.

Jason Hartman: It’s unbelievable. It’s like we really live in a fascist country. The big corporations are all in bed with the government. They’ve got their lobbyists, they’ve got their PR firms, they’ve got their scummy lawyers and accountants… I’m using more of a Wall St. example there maybe. But it’s just unbelievable. They’re running the FDA, they’re running the agricultural department, they’re running the department of education, the department of transportation… it’s just everywhere. It’s unbelievable.

Carla Lee Johnston: Bingo. And so you know what we’re going to do? I’m working with people directly that are actually trading the new models that are creating anti-gravity. It’s already here. We’ve had interest denying it and actually killing people to make sure this information doesn’t come out, but I can assure you it’s coming out. And what we just need to do is pray with our ears and our hearts open and make sure we’re in these conversations. And to make sure that we understand we’re actually co-creating a future with choosing or not.

So in my mind we can no longer ignore this stuff because it’s gotten to a critical amount. And it’s really truly affecting… Look at how many people are out of work today, look at how many people are hungry. Does our government seem to care? So it’s enough for me to see this, and that’s why I’m speaking out against it. That’s why I’m committed to creating food and media that matters so that we can all start getting this stuff and sharing it with each other. And really waking up and saying that’s it, game over.

Jason Hartman: Well thankfully we have the internet, but they’re trying to control that too. And you never know what’s misinformation and what’s not out there in that perspective either. So it’s certainly a challenge. Well, give out your website and tell people where they can find you Carla.

Carla Lee Johnston: Well, the truth site is www.thetruthmovie.tv, and nut burgers is you can read all about us in our mission which is actually donating 100% of the net proceeds to feeding hungry hearts and tummies, so I actually am walking my walk. And that website address is www.nutburgers.com.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, Carla Lee Johnston, thank you so much for joining us today.

Carla Lee Johnston: It’s been a pleasure. Have a blessed day.

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