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HS 203 – The Bilderberg Group with Daniel Estulin

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In this episode, Jason talks with guest Daniel Estulin about the Bilderberg group and what thier plan is for world domination. Daniel also talks about what transhuman means and what the future holds for mankind. Daniel is the author of many books, including Shadow Masters and The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. You can find Daniel at:www.danielestulin.com

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Start of Interview with Daniel Estulin

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Daniel Estulin to the show. He is a very interesting guy with a few books out and one of them is The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, but that prompted him to write another book about transhumanism. And I think you’ll find this interview interesting on about 3 different levels as we delve into the Bilderberg group, the financial crisis and transhumanism, and let’s define what that is. But first, Daniel, you’re coming to us from Madrid, Spain today. Welcome, how are you?

Daniel Estulin: Thank you so much for the invitation. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be on your show. And very well, blaze of glory, as we say on this part of the world.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. You’re an international bestselling author who wrote the book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. And there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Bilderberg group. And then I guess a report you found prompted you to write a book about transhumanism. Tell us how that all came together.

Daniel Estulin: You’re absolutely right. As we discussed a little bit before the interview, there are a lot of crazy conspiracy theories out there and I would like to dispel some of them. Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy reality I guess you would say it. It was a very important element of the oligarchical structures of the cold war period in the 50s and the early 1960s. And that, in and of itself, is a pretty significant factor because what it meant was that Bildeberg was a vehicle which private, financier oligarchical structures were able to impose their policies on what is normally sovereign governments.

And I guess the biggest scandal part of the whole Bilderberg conspiracy was that it was heavily populated by people who came out of the old World War II Nazi apparatus, people such as Prince Bernard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group, or Walter Hallstein, the key Nazi [00:03:19] legal papers, the whole concentration camp philosophy of Hitler was based. And Hallstein became the first president of the European Commision. And so these Nazis who are basically cleaned up and dusted off and employed by these super national organizations become a hardcore element of the cold war anti-Soviet structures in the west.

Now, that said, I think it’s also very important to dispel some of these conspiracy theories. No, Bilderberg is not a secret society. It’s not an eveil all-seeing eye or Jewish Masonic conspiracy. There is no conspiracy but a lot of people (their infantile fantasies) see it as such. And as I said before, no group of people, I don’t care how powerful they are, sit around a table in a dark room holding hands, stare at a crystal ball planning the world’s domination. Bilderberg trilateral commission counts to foreign relations, [00:04:17] Circle, Bohemian Grove, and all these other organizations, private and semi-secret – none of them are secret. If they were secret, we wouldn’t even know that they exist. It’s a meeting of people who represent a certain ideology. And Bilderberg, in a sense, is a medium of bringing together financial institutions which are the world’s most powerful and most predatory financial interests.

And the idea they’re after has nothing to do with one world government which you hear that a lot – one world order. It’s a concept of one world company limited – corporations that have a lot more power than any government on the planet, and that is something we see all around us today.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, very interesting. And so where did the transhumanism part come in, though?

Daniel Estulin: Back in 2005, I started researching Bilderberg back in 1995 really. I got my first word that these people existed in 1992 when a friend of mine with connections to a Russian secret service and Canadian government told me, matter of fact over lunch, in Toronto, how in 1995 – that’s 3 years in the future – there’s going to be a referendum in Quebec which is a French speaking part of Canada and Quebec is going to try to separate from the rest of Canada and that this extremist right-wing, almost Nazi party, from Western Canada, was going to actually become the 2nd most important political force in the country and that the conservatives, the traditional number 1 party in Canada would simply disappear. It would be just like saying the republicans will disappear and Ku Klux Klan will take over and become the opposition to the president, the democratic party.

And I kind of looked at this and I said to myself why would they do that? And he said to me “Because some very important people in Washington needed to balance their books.” I forgot about that conversation as soon as the lunch was over. 1995 comes around and suddenly all these things, which this man was talking to me about 3 years earlier, are happening right in front of my eyes and I thought to myself I the prime ministers and presidents really are powerless to control anything, then who the heck is running the world? So that’s really how I started researching Bilderberg.

And then 10 years later, in 2005, from one of my well-established sources at the Bilderberg conference, I got part of a report which later became a secret source document on the future of humanity and the document was called Strategic Trends Report 2007-2036. And this document literally dealt with the future of humanity.

When I read this document, I realized that we were looking at a document that will forever change the face of humanity, that we’re literally standing at the cusp of the greatest evolutionary change in the history of mankind, that in one generation, the generation of my children, kids who are today 15-20 years old, they are one final generation of 100% human beings on the planet. Their children and their children’s children are going to be trans-human, they’re gonna be post-human, they’re going to be machines, cyborgs, beings who are not totally human as a result of this incredible technological revolution we’re living through right now.

Jason Hartman: Explain what transhumanism is then. Is it the mating of human and machine? Is it that simple or is there more to it? And when I say mating, maybe that’s the wrong word.

Daniel Estulin: No, it’s a very good world. You’re actually right. It’s a very good word. One of the difficulties about defining all these concepts and explaining it to people is because we’re dealing with a future. . .With Bilderberg it was easy. You read the book and these bad guys or semi-bad guys orchestrated coup d’état and why the prices of oil went up and why the president of a particular African country lost his reelection bid and all these kind of different things, we kind of figured out who these guys were. We saw the pictures, the documents there, meeting points, so on and so forth.

But with this book, Transevolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction, we’re dealing with the future, so we’re extrapolating what we know now into the near future. But still, we’re extrapolating. Now, transhumanism is an ultra-high tech dream of computer scientists, philosophers, neural scientists, and many other futurists. And what they do is they seek to use radical advances in technology to literally change the definition of human being, augment the human body, augment the mind, and ultimately the entire human experience and to change us and turn us into post-human man/machine. What part man, what part machine? We don’t know at this point.

But the ideas that these people have go from everything such as, for example, they believe by 2035. . .And when I say “they”, I don’t mean some nut bar living in the middle of the rainforest and who lives off plants and animals who live in the forest. No, I’m talking some of the most important scientists, philosophers, thinkers, Nobel Prize winners, physicists, nuclear physicists, synthetic biologics in the world. And these people are convinced that by 2035, science will be able to transfer one’s personality to an avatar of your choosing. They call this the period of cybernetic immortality, the beginning of that period. They are convinced that in one generation, Jason, bodies made of nano-robots will be able to take shape or rise alongside hologram bodies and by 2045 we will have reached the era of neo-humanity.

And the idea is, again, to incrementally move the human mind into more disembodied and, no better way to say it, futuristic vehicles such as avatars as in the avatars in the films that we’ve seen – first, a humanoid robot controlled entirely by human brain via brain machine interface, then a conscious human brain transplanted in a humanoid robot, and then consciousness uploaded into a computer. These are the kinds of concepts because, again, most people, and when I say most I mean really most people – I don’t know, 99-98 percent of the world’s possibility – technologically illiterate. And so they don’t understand these concepts. But these concepts are about forever to change the very face and the definition of humanity.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so is this the fountain of youth in essence or then it begs the question, Daniel, when you transfer one’s personality to a cyborg or some sort of a new form that may be immortal, is it really you? Is it your soul? We have to define all that. But just the simplistic question is is that the fountain of youth?

Daniel Estulin: That’s another good question without a concrete answer because we’re dealing with the future. But let me give you a couple of examples. The biggest revolutionary change in science right now is something called synthetic biology. Basically, what the scientists have done is they have taken a cell and modified the genes of a cell by inserting DNA from another organism. And so the bacteria replicated itself, thus creating a second generation of second DNA. Now, what does it mean? It means that scientists today can create a living organism under the control of man. In other words, we’re talking about the creation of beings – and I didn’t say human beings, I said beings that have never existed on the face of the earth.

And this technology has taken mankind across a threshold. It’s a turning point that marks a coming of age of a new science, as I said, called synthetic biology, founded in the ambition that very soon, and I mean within a year or 2 max, that we will be able to design and manufacture a being in the laboratory. And the idea is for these trans-humanists and futurists and the idea of what they’re after is reach what they call singularity which is combination of technology and biology. And singularity would occur at a point in which artificial intelligence surpasses the capabilities of the human brain, from cyborgs with very long lifespans to downloading consciousness into itself, into a machine. Trans-$humanists are completely convinced that they will forever change the definition of a human being.

Now, if you actually analyze the terminology as it was described in the Strategic Trends Report, 2007-2036, the whole concept of transhumanism was born out of humanism which is yet another clever disguise of scientism created specifically so that global eugenics operations could be carried out without being noticed, in other words, population reduction by new scientific menas.

Jason Hartman: Scary stuff, scary stuff. Some people say that the Bilderberg group – and this is one of the conspiracy theories out there – whether it be the Bilderberg directly or the Rockefellers or whoever, want to get the earth’s population down to half a billion people. That’s a huge reduction. I mean, do you believe any of these arguments?

Daniel Estulin: Again, it all depends who frames it and how it’s explained. To a certain extent, very basic extent, some of it is true. But I’ll qualify it. There are 7 billion people on the planet Earth. It’s a small planet with limited natural resources and an ever-expanding population base.

Now, my question to you and to all the audience who is listening to us, what’s going to happen to us, what’s going to happen to us 50 years from now? Are we still gonna be here? Yes, we are. How about 100 years? Yes, we are. 200 years, yes we are. How about 200,000 years from now? Okay, we’re probably not gonna be here because there’s gonna be not enough space on the planet Earth to go that far ahead. I think probably another couple hundred years is more than enough.

As we’re running out of natural resources, the elite, the Rockefellers, who are just a metaphor for powerful people, they understand that more population means less food for them, less water for them. And because progress and development of society is directly proportional to population density, they understand that if there’s progress, if there’s technological advancement in society for all of the human race, then there’s going to be wealth, more people, more children, more mouths to feed and less food. And, again, for them to eat, most of us have to die. But there are ways to kills us and not to kill us off.

Jason Hartman: Okay, but before you get to that, Daniel, just let me address. That Malthusian theory has been around for hundreds of years and it obviously hasn’t come true. I mean, you can argue that everything’s different this time – this time it’s different as you will, as they like to say on Wall Street and the financial markets.

Daniel Estulin: It’s not very different. If you actually look at the financial meltdowns, you can go back to the biggest one in the history of the world was in 1345. That’s when we had bubonic plague in Europe and half the population was wiped out. Well, this one’s actually worse. But if you look at The United States, look at Detroit. Do you think it’s normal that Detroit, which has been the pride of The United States for generations, it’s been the motor city for decades, today looks like a post-apocalyptic shell worse than in this film I Am Legend with Will Smith or something like a Dresden looked like after World War II.

Jason Hartman: Sure. I mean, Detroit’s a disaster. It’s the poster child for big government. Detroit shows so vividly how big government does not work. They tried to put all these stupid programs and all the bureaucrats and they had all these corrupt politicians running the city, and the unions asked for too much and they got too greedy, the union thugs, and they drove the business out and it was a bunch of crony capitalism in reverse in a way as they conspire with government.

Daniel Estulin: I wouldn’t disagree with you there. But let me give you another example. The United States space program – NASA has been the pride not only of The United States but the entire world. It’s been destroyed. Now, why did they destroy NASA? Because space is progress, and the space program simplifies the idea of man having a purpose in the universe. The future of mankind lies in space. It’s going to come to a point where we the people are going to have to immigrate to other planets. And we can do that because what separates us from animals is this divine spark of reason that allows us to discover universal principles of nature that improves the lives of everybody on the planet.

So, when you’re living for what the future of mankind is going to be, then our existence has a reason. On the other hand, the empire of money depends upon suppression of scientific development and knowledge by keeping us backwards and dumb. If you have Bilderberg and company, there’s no such thing as scientific principles of nature. And so the problem here is the concept of what the truth is. In the Bilderberg led system, the truth doesn’t exist because it’s an imperialist system, not truth, only the arrogance of power.

Just to summarize everything I said, on the one hand what we’re seeing is wholesale destruction of the world economy – The United States, Argentina, look at Columbia, look at Venezuela. Spain doesn’t exist anymore – it’s not a country. It’s a protector, Portugal. We’ve all seen Greece, we’ve all seen what they’re doing in Cyprus, we’ve seen what’s going on in the Ukraine, we’ve seen what happened in Ireland a few years back. So on the one hand, they’re destroying progress and development of society because they need to send us all to hell, but on the other hand, they’re using the gazillions of dollars in wealth that they have to develop this super high end technologies which cost a lot of money and to separate us from them even more so.

But I guess the conclusion of all of this, and it’s also one of the unsettling conclusions in the book aside from the fact that technology’s an amazing thing – we need technology – but the technologies which are being developed today by the elite are not being developed for the betterment of humanity and they’re not even being developed to stop the terrorists – they’re being developed to stop us, the people. And the laws to justify these technologies were not written on a whim. They’re specifically designed. We can talk about the NSA, we can talk about anything you want, to give the government complete authority over the people during the chaos and confusion of this period, which in this strategic trends report they call the “Age of transition”, transition to a planetary civilization.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. So you predicted the financial crisis early on. And do you have any thoughts that you want to share about the financial side of this? You mentioned they’re destroying these economies in different countries around the world. I would say that they’re trying to hollow out The United States but it’s hard to keep The US down – it’s got such an entrepreneurial and innovative culture and not in Detroit obviously but in so many places. It’s just part of the American way of thinking.

Daniel Estulin: What these people want is an empire. Too many people believe that in order to have an empire you need money. But money is not a determinant of wealth in the economy. Money doesn’t affect the development of the planet. There’s this delusionary belief that there’s some intrinsic value expressed by money. Now, value is expressed not as a quantity per say, but only as the relative effects of the increase or the decrease of the physical potential relative population density of the individual in society. So, what really affects the development of the planet is the human mind affecting its development. And the idea is that what we see today is a destruction through the base of education and destruction of social welfare and everything else. We’re seeing this taking place in The United States but also in Europe through such treaties as the Lisbon Treaty which replaced the European constitution.

These are the governments around the world which are using, in the case of Europe, the supposed independence of the Central Bank as a decisive control mechanism for private financial interests which historically [00:21:33] has been installed as an authoritative instrument against an economic policy of sovereign government oriented towards the general welfare. And this is the same in Europe, this is the same in The United States and it’s actually implemented worldwide. And, again, the destruction of the world economy is an objective. And people may say “Well, that can’t be right because if they destroy the economy, people have no money, then Rockefeller won’t be able to sell anything to anybody.” The powerful people who run the world, they already control 90% of the world’s wealth and the world in general.

If you don’t believe me, anywhere you go in the world on holidays, any nice place out there is already owned by somebody wealthy. So, the point is that they don’t need you to buy their trinkets. What they need you to do is to die so that they can have enough water and food for themselves. It’s truly that simple. Now, whether it’s a billion or 2 billion, it doesn’t matter. The point is the only truly renewable natural resource in the world is not oil, it’s not gas, it’s our mind.

Jason Hartman: That’s exactly the point, though. I don’t know – you seem like you’re kind of arguing on both sides of the thing because if the powers that be that have the ability to sort of run most of the world – I mean, they don’t control everything but they do control a lot – they would have to look at all these people the way that the radical environmentalist movement looks at them: people are the scourge of the earth. People are a cost, a liability. But some people look at people as assets. They think people are assets and all this great innovation comes from the human mind. And the Malthusian ideal that was so popular a couple of centuries ago, it’s been largely disproven in a way because people are resources.

Daniel Estulin: Account of Rome in 1972 wrote that big, famous report in the limits to growth. It may seem like I’m arguing both sides, but actually I’m arguing on one side because they have the brightest, the best minds. They pay them and they work with them and for them. I’m not saying that they’re part of this conspiracy – not at all. The fact is that the institutions, think tanks, foundations, research centers, universities can hire because they have the money, the best scientists and the best minds. And the innovations, what these people discover, obviously benefit a lot less society than they need because they have the money to pay and to move this forward.

But because there are 7 billion people out of which almost 4 billion people live on less than $1 a day, to the elite, to the Rockefellers of this world, these 4 billion people are useless eaters. These are the people they want to eliminate. They don’t say “We don’t want them.” What I’m saying is, no, we have to build up because our human mind, the potential and the capacity of 7 billion people to discover this is equal. All we need to do is nurture these people, nourish them intellectually, culturally, physically, and emotionally, and then we have these 7 billion people to discover this and help humanity except the Rockefellers of this world. They’re not thinking for the better of humanity, they’re thinking for the betterment of themselves and the expense of 99% of the population.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. A very interesting discussion, Daniel. You’re very passionate and you’ve got some fascinating ideas here. Give out your website and also tell people where they can get your books. Do you just have the two books or do you have others?

Daniel Estulin: I have 12 books. I have 5 international bestsellers. I’ve sold over 6 million copies worldwide in 67 countries. The site is DanielEstulin.com. The latest book is called Trans-evolution, the coming age of human deconstruction. People can buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or any store basically in the country. They can go right on my publisher’s site, TrineDay.com and my site is DanielEstulin.com. And also, for the Spanish audience, I have a television show in RT Russia today in Spanish. It’s called Desde la Sombra and it’s actually the highest rated Spanish language show in the world with over 7 million audience per week. And these is the kind of passionate subjects that we deal with. It’s a new TV show on a weekly basis.

Jason Hartman: Fascinating stuff, fascinating stuff. Well, Daniel, thank you so much for the very interesting interview today. And let’s have you back on the show as new news develops, next book, whatever. We’d love to have you back. Thank you for joining us.

Daniel Estulin: Thank you for having me, so much.

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